The Nature of Time


Sources for this talk were: The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden, The Keys of Enoch by Dr. J.J. Hurtak, The Universe In A Nutshell by Dr. Stephen Hawking, The Urantia Book and The Dancing Wu Li Masters by Gary Zukav.

The earth’s first peoples were hunter/gatherers and collectors who moved with the game and looked for the wild plants that nature provided to feed them. When these people discovered agriculture, when they learned to trust in the potential of the seed by planting, harvesting and storing those seeds in the form of grain, this profoundly changed the way that they thought about time. They were no longer living moment- to-moment, searching each day for the food they needed to sustain themselves. They could live in one place and build cities and villages with permanent structures.

Beginning with Noah’s seeding of the soil after the flood in Genesis, the Bible is one long story of how humans learned to trust in the wisdom of the seed. The Jews began their history as nomads. They had always moved about on the land with their animals, rarely staying in one place for very long. When they entered into Egypt they encountered the stationary world of the agriculturists. Later, in Canaan they took up that way of life for themselves.

Ancient systems of timekeeping were developed to keep precise records of lunar cycles, eclipses and other events in the skies and in the environment around them in order to know when would be the best times to plant their crops. This level of knowledge was necessary in order to grow the abundant crops that could sustain an entire civilization.

            To plant a seed is to understand clearly that time is divided into past, present and future. It also involves placing one’s faith in that future and trusting that what is not actually there today will, with patience and work, be there in the days to come.

As we can see, linear time is a human creation. We should also understand that we are the commander-in-chief of our own time. Time was birthed on earth to keep us dimensionally safe and fenced in, until we were ready to expand our creative parameters. Time keeps us dimensionally locked into polarity on the earth sphere. The rising and setting of the sun gives us night and day. Time passes.  We experience the aging process.

Polarity enters all aspects of time in its linear fashion, past, present and future. However, time as we know it is under construction. The essence of time is here to obey us. We were not created to obey time nor to be slaves to time because time is not composed of matter, it is composed of illusion. 

According to the Urantia Book, time comes by virtue of motion and because the mind is inherently aware of sequentiality and has a sense of duration. Motion is essential to time, but there is no universal time unit based on motion. Time and space are inseparable only in time-space creations, which are the seven superuniverses. Time without space exists in the mind of the Paradise level of function. Space without time exists, in theory, also at the Paradise level of function, in the higher realms.

Man’s mind is less time-bound than space-bound because of the inherent nature of the mind. Our creative human imagination is comparatively time free. However, time itself is not genetically a quality of the mind. There is also a level of Spirit-perceived time, which is a sense of motion Godward and the awareness of the motion of ascent to levels of increasing divinity.

Over 300 years ago Newtonian physics gave us the concept of a universal, constant time. Einstein’s thought experiments done in the early 1900s showed us that moving clocks change their rhythm. This required abandoning the idea of a universal quantity called time that all clocks would measure. Instead, each observer would have his own personal time. The times of two people would agree if the two people were at rest with respect to each other, but not if they were moving. Einstein’s work showed us that there is no universal time that permeates the universe. There are only proper times associated with various observers.

Einstein’s special theory of relativity shows that two events which happen at the same time in one frame of reference may occur at different times when seen from another frame of reference. This is so especially when the second observer is moving at a different rate of speed than the first. What is sooner in one frame of reference may be later in another frame of reference and simultaneous in a third. Now, sooner, later and simultaneous are all relative terms. They each depend on the state of motion of the observer. In fact, the only motion in the physical universe is motion relative to something else.

To Einstein, the distinction between past, present and future is a stubbornly persistent illusion. According to the scientists, it should theoretically be possible to move forward in time as well as backward. When we view these concepts from a spiritual point of view, we are reminded that all thoughts, no matter what they are, have the potential to manifest. Our belief can create a vibrational wormhole, seducing or coaxing the thought into form.

Time and space are not separate. According to Einstein, something cannot exist at some time without also existing at some place. There is no such thing as space and time. There is only space-time. Einstein’s general theory of relativity combines the time dimension with the three dimensions of space to form what is called space-time. Space and time don’t exist independently of the universe or of each other. They are defined by measurements within the universe.

Space-time is a continuum. It flows continuously, sometimes rushing past at a furious pace, sometimes slipping by quietly unnoticed, and sometimes lying languid, almost stationary. Space also has a ubiquitous quality that belies the common notion that it serves only to separate things. It is space-time together, Einstein said, that forms a realm beyond our familiar 3 dimensional experience: the fourth dimension. Our reality is four-dimensional. The fourth dimension is time. We live, breathe and exist in a four dimensional space-time continuum.

In 1951 astronomer Fred Hoyle coined the term “big bang” for the explosion that gave birth to our universe. The matter that became our universe was tightly compressed into one tiny ball about the size of a single green pea. When the explosion took place, it burst forth as a pattern of energy that became the blueprint for all that is now and all that can ever be. This is what Gregg Braden calls the Divine Matrix. It is the essence that acts as a many-dimensional  mirror, reflecting what we create in our emotions and beliefs back to us as our world.

The fact that the particles of light and the energy from the big bang were once physically a part of one another is the key to their connectivity. Once something is joined, it is always connected, whether it remains physically linked or not. The matrix is the container that holds time, so that past, present and future are intimately joined. The matrix is creation.

During the 1990s scientists working with the U.S. Army investigated whether or not the power of our feelings continues to have an effect on living cells, specifically DNA, once those cells are no longer a part of the body. The question they asked was: when tissue samples are taken, does emotion still impact them, either positively or negatively? Following the traditional line of thinking, once the tissue, skin, bones or organs are removed from a person, any connection with those parts of the body should no longer exist.

The researchers started by collecting a swab of tissue from the inside of a volunteer’s mouth. This sample was isolated and taken to another room in the same building. In a specially designed chamber, the DNA was measured electrically to see if it responded to the emotions of the person it came from, the donor, who was in another room several hundred feet away.


The idea was for the donor to experience a variety of real emotions within a brief period of time. While this was happening in another room, his DNA was measured for its response. The experiment showed that when the donor experienced emotional peaks and dips, his cells and DNA showed a powerful electrical response at the same instant in time. The DNA acted as if it was still connected to his body. Why? How do we explain this?

The researchers found that even when the distance between the donor and his DNA was increased to 350 miles, the interval measured between the emotion and the cell’s response was zero. The effect was simultaneous. This conclusion lends further credence to the idea that there is a quantum field that links all matter and that everything must be and remain connected. Braden proposes that this experiment done by the Army suggests the following:

  1. A previously unrecognized form of energy exists between living tissues.
  2. Cells and DNA can communicate through this field of energy.
  3. Human emotion has a direct influence upon living DNA.
  4. Distance appears to be of no consequence with regard to this effect.


We are encouraged that there is hope for the scientists that are now catching up to where many of the rest of us from the spiritual traditions have been for some time, waiting patiently for them. 

When we are in a refined state of DNA communication, we can travel to the past, the present or the future and beyond, through wormholes of thought. Access is opened within the DNA spiral when one is in a relaxed, meditative state of being. We then have the ability to transcend time and space. From this place that is connected to all time and space we can see what is to come, in order to heal the past and connect with our deepest ancient truths in the now.

How do we access the aspect of us that is unlimited by time and space? We may access the timeless aspects of our consciousness through the discipline of meditation, or perhaps through hypnosis, as well as when we are asleep and dreaming. When we go within, anything is possible. It is up to us to hold onto that precious pearl of possibility and not to drop it on the beach of our own confusion. So, as you visit the vista of all time and internal space, hold tight to the treasures you bring back.

We live in a non-local universe. We also live in a many and one universe. All things exist because the One manifests as the many, the formless putting on form. Everything is connected. The author Gregg Braden calls the mechanism by which we are connected the Divine Matrix. We know that there is something within us that isn’t limited by time, space or death. We know that even though we appear to be separate from each other, we are not. There are aspects of us that extend beyond the here and now, allowing us to be spread throughout space-time. The “us” that lives inside our physical bodies is not limited by the identification with our current physical body. 

We are also able to remove our normal state of being anchored in time and space when we have a daydream or when we are asleep and dreaming. Our conscious mind is still and we can hear, sense and experience the voice of our true nature. In these moments we connect with that ever-present spirit that vibrates behind the mind of thought. We connect with the non-dreaming, non-sleeping, non-speaking or believing, awake, aware observer. What I call the omnipotent observer.

Another occasion when we experience time in a different way is during a stressful experience such as a car accident or a fire. Does anyone remember the opening scene from Saving Private Ryan? The way that the main character experienced the slowing down of time was quite memorable. 


Your conscious mind is the only part of your mind that thinks. Your conscious mind has the power to decide. It has the power to reprogram your subconscious mind. It does this mainly through repetition. Once something is in your subconscious mind it becomes automatic. This is true for activities such as riding a bicycle or cooking a meal.

Your subconscious mind maintains and balances the well being of your body. It is your early warning system in times of danger. It stores all of your past experiences. Like a magnet, it has the power to attract things that resonate with its beliefs.

It is like a form of radar. It sends and receives information to and from the superconscious mind. Your conscious mind is connected to your subconscious mind, which in turn is connected to the superconscious mind. We are all connected at the superconscious level through our individual

subconscious mind. The conscious mind is not connected directly to the superconscious mind. We all rely on our subconscious mind to send and receive information to and from the superconscious.

Napolean Hill called the superconscious mind the Infinite Intelligence. Scientists call it the Universal Mind. There is only one superconscious or universal mind to which all of our minds are connected. The Universal Mind has Infinite Intelligence, possessing all of the answers to your questions. The superconscious or universal mind is like a mega computer that orchestrates the activities in every other smaller computer connected to it.

Dr. J. J. Hurtak, the author of “The Keys of Enoch,” and other books, says that the Universal Mind is comprised of an infinite number of Mind 2s that comprise levels of the quanta (small increments or parcels of energy) Universal Mind. Mind 2 is a second world of consciousness development preceding the world of physical form. Our minds receive images from an infinite number of Mind 2s. Mind 2 is a second world of advanced intelligence acting as an overself governor connecting the planetary mind-body complex with the functions of the Universal Mind.

Dr. Hurtak says: “The mind is localized in consciousness, consciousness is not localized in the mind.”  We know that our minds exist outside of the realm of third dimensional time, or there would be no precognition or retro-cognition.

            So we ask ourselves: Is time real? Does it exist without us? Do we have the power to glimpse

the future or to communicate with people in the past? Can we contact other realms with which we

share the present?

I believe that as we evolve, we will connect our human consciousness with the Divine Consciousness and awaken to our true nature as the silent, omnipotent observer.


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