I do not believe what I am experiencing

I catched a small part of ancient aliens show about mages and in one part they mentioned a modern mage who used an object called "the black mirror" it was on a museum right now

the point is that instantly I KNEW by my own it was a comunication "device", a sort of mirror to spiritually SEE and talk to angels it was INBUED by them for a powerfull human or being to see in it

some after that a sort of black mirror showed up in my imagination and saw that as ajoke.... except that I started to see what I see in walls inside MY mind and my real physical eyes are very tired LIKE if they were focusing to project it inside me, after my fear was gone and saw as real what I saw the guide spoke saying to "shut down" my walls projection and when I asked for it I started to feel a strong amount of burning high end energy in me and my eyes are somewhat HURTED due to focus but they are just tired not painfull 

the strangest part is that the guides urged me to see that show and ALL the show series completly and REPRODUCE all the devices suspicius of being USEFULL for me

I am just AWED by that event

anything like that ever happened to any of you crew?

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  • I continue to ask about things

    Now my guide is saying I have "nullified" my normall senses and become a "psi" sensed person he INSIST I do NOT uses my normal sensorial system any more and he insist I am a master of my body now he compared me to a very developed hindy priest of budha or sort of

    I am a bit scared about this because the past month I am not feeling pain any more but instead now I controll ALL in me even how loud is what I hear or what I smell

    I thought I had a genetic treatement to became an off worlder race but instead they told me I was just a very developed special human

    this last event makes me scared of this because I am feeling "no body" at all and I am starting to remember all my abductions wich in most cases are for medical treatment, once I woke in the meadle of a dentist session were they replaced ALL my teeth in just 5 minutes of work and no pain..... they were glad I was awake and they joked with me and the doctor was funny he trated me very funny like a human baby (he knew I was gonna be pissed jaja)

  • this is most interesting

    I was in fear for some years about the AMOUNT of imagination I had

    but this noon the guides have explained me what is imagination and how powerfull it can be

    they said how to create healing devices to use with me and others and so far I had a small scar of a pimple in my hand, like a red dot done by me.... since 2 hours now focusing on that scar the mark is ALMOST GONE!!!!!... another big scar in my same arm is dissappearing too (pimples are my star red carpet this summer)

    so they told me I was a powerfull lady who could even manipulate energy in me and other with their permission and they told me I can make people to feel stuff IF they want to but I do not know if it is agood idea to experimentate in this area

    what you think about this? I must warn I have no studies in anything paranormal just my wisdom and guides explanation and the support of my boyfriend who red lots and lots so I usually confirm everything with him but this time I trust and get what they are saying

    but I know opening psichic doors can be dangerous if the person is not ready what should I doabout this?

    in the past I was attacked by negative spirits and thus in the older forums I was in they inssisted I was negative too.... and thus "banned" and ACUSED of negative thing of people I was in, wich is not true... I told them they were just experience for me that it maybe risky and then they "FORGOT" my warnings and treated me like a paria

    So now I do not know what to do

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