Endings converging with new beginnings

When life is realy challenging, desperation lurks around and some of us even think of ending their lives, it drives me to formulate good reasons why it’s worth to find the Faith to press on. Find better reasons why its worth to stay in body wile the human game-board unfolds into it''s imminent fulfilment, and next chapter.

Being in body on this planet provides great growth on a soular level and on a Universal level.

It is said the human game-board already attained its initial goal around the millennium shift, but as a collective we decided to take it even further. We are attaining levels of awareness that are unprecedented. This is possible because of the trampoline effect that is being generated by the deepness of amnesia and intensity of this polarized experience.  We signed up for this back when we all were angels. We decided to make a grand descend into the densities and into separation with our divine awareness. We basically wanted to know if we could find the way back home, remember our divine nature via full amnesia of this reality. Only the bravest among the angels signed up to be part of this Divine quest. 

What do we get out of this quest?

A broader awareness of our True-self, and the achievement of deeper awareness of Divinity.
In the process we would gain tremendously in Consiousness of self and God, and in Love for Self and God. Its difficult for us who are 'submerged’ in this experience, to grasp what we are attaining here exactly... but we seem to agree that it must be something glorious beyond our current ability to envision Divine Magnificence ;)

The Earth as a touristic hot spot 

Millions of extra-terrestrials are attracted here to be a witness of what is unfolding here.
It is not even over with, or there are all ready rows and rows of beings in audience to see this game unfold. As time isn’t linear, its possible to make it to an event coming from what we would call future. These ships are mainly cloaked or simply invisible in our density, as most of you already know. Other visitors are just simply in their light body's like Angels and Ascended masters for instance which don’t need any tech to visit us. Further more : There is a huge waiting list and desire from souls from all over, to get a hold of a body here, and a foot in this human game board. The growth one experiences here has such a quick pace, it is not comparable with any other world. Many beings from all over are uniting to help rise this world out of its denseness for it is time to collect it’s fruits.

All as one

From the viewpoint of ‘God’ everything is perfect already, and even achieved. A way of overstanding this better is to imagine that our experience is like a delayed perception of what already happened, for God is All that Is, was and will be, and is perfect and wholly in itself. 

We shift our focal point of our old identities to that of our true and deeper self, what many call the higher self. So we are slowly but surely shifting our point of view to that of the eagle like higher self. 
The same way we surfed down the rainbow, we surf it back up, integrating each level into our regained multi-dimensional or divine awareness of self. Much of our old ways of doing things has been colored by lack and separation. So as our old believe systems, habits and identities dissolve and transmute, we live a spiritual ‘death’. The death and letting go of our old Idea of who we thought to be. All which is tuned to the illusions of the previous chapter of experience, fade and will soon be but a vague memory. For this is what reunion and letting go provokes : an expansion and rebirth into a new template of creation and experience that is so magnificent that our memory of the old world quickly fades into the Akasha, or the dusty book of life. Yes, this is why persisting and keeping faith is so much worth the effort. 

Ascension of DNA, and Inscension of the Higher Self

Ascension of our world can’t be halted, in can only be influenced by our free-choice. Free choice is not only applied in our daily actions, but also in the choice we all made before entering this world. We all chose to be here, and we all have something unique to add.
The wet dream of most starseeds and lightworkers all over, and of so many souls, is to inscend into this Earth, infuse it with vibes of Home and wholeness, assist in planetary awakening, and then Ascend with Earth. The Lessons of Wisdom that got cultivated in the hearts of those that live on the main stage of Earth, and their DNA encodings, are keys for all beings of the Multi-verses and for All that Is.

New Earth as one of the 12 living Libraries reactivated

Some of us chose to ascend with the earth and after that go back to wherever wished.
Others chose to be part of the New Earth which is one of the 12 living libraries of our galaxy.
Many souls will keep inscending here to explore the manifested wisdom of this world. A world that generated great love out of a polarized trampoline game, known through out the universes. Yes ! its an honor to be here now : ) 

So chose how you perceive your co-created reality...and if it doesn’t match with your inner truth and being just yet... have the spirit of adventure to dare to see your self more confidently Divine.

One is Love


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  • I couldn't have put it better myself!! "The Adventure is to inscend into this Earth, infuse it with vibes of Home and wholeness, assist in planetary awakening, and then Ascend with Earth. The Lessons of Wisdom that got cultivated in the hearts of those that live on the main stage of Earth, and their DNA encodings, are keys for all beings of the Multi-verses and for All that Is. Ah HUH Ah Huh!! But... I DID NOT KNOW THIS AT THE ONSET OF THIS ADVENTURE = conscious arrival here on
    Earth as..... A starseed human. LOL & LOVE, Brenda in Idaho USA ~ AH handa Kah Sii AHA ~ We are ALL THE ONE BEING...
    • Awww :) (((Gabrie))), and Much love to you too Brenda ! and everyone :) Its a pleasure to share my words with you all ^^ Its a compilation of hs wisdom and resonating things I remember thx to messages from all around me^^
      It's time for Ourstory instead of History !
  • Thank you for this painting which fits so greatly to what I wrote :)
    (((Sunspiritsmiles))) :)
  • Wow Ero, what a great combination of Light Energy. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Many Blessings Upon Your Heart
  • thanks for putting this up erophin
  • Ero, thank you sooo much for your enlightening, awe-inspiring post!

  • Love what you wrote Ero :)

    I know that I want to be a part of the new Earth, I really feel that's why so many of us have come here, to be a part of the transformation and to assist. Things keep getting more and more intense, and as I meet new people here on Ashtar Command who "believe" the same things I do...as well as other places - I am realizing how connected & powerful this whole transformation is... :)

    The pieces are fitting together, my soul seems to be opening up more to my destiny and things... are definitely getting interesting in an amazing way!

    It's really a gift to see this blossom into something beyond our imagination... :-)
  • Great post! I like what was written here.
    • (((Frank)))
      Frankly, you are right about that bleachers seat ! :) And yes,change is just a thought away... Lets just focus upon those things that make our hearts glow and expand ^^
      I am motivated to write more with this kind of appreciation ty everyone ... Shalalea
    • I am glad you guys liked my compiled message ^^ It doesn't happen that often that i write messages like this, so glad its appreciated :)
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