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-Channeled through Wes Annac-


You dearest souls now have the opportunity to absorb plentiful higher dimensional energies within yourselves, with the coming of the 12-12 alignments. We say alignments because there is much, much more happening in the realms of spirit than you dear souls are aware of as of yet but in the days ahead, the potent effects from these alignments will certainly make themselves known within you.


You will find your perspectives beginning to morph and change and you will find the energies accompanying darkness that have been fed by humanity for plethora of generations, beginning to truly make their way out of your collective conscious and subconscious as you find upgrades and expansions within yourselves that will tear-down and expose any latent density that may still be held within the minds and hearts of humanity.


Those who are unawakened as of yet will go through the 12-12 and the 12-21 and seem to feel nothing at their surface and some Lightworkers may feel as if they are not absorbing the incredibly-pure energies these alignments are bringing you in preparation for your collective, planetary ascension, and we ask you to allow yourselves the needed quiet moments of rest and integration so that you can feel the effects of these alignments and the amazingly-pure energies they are to bring you.


Our scribe wishes to know if there will be a mass ascension on the 21st and dearest souls, we say that there can be.


We say this in this manner because you are Creating your realities with every thought and intention and if you are one who finds yourself a hollowed-out temple of expression for the higher realms to come forth and you find that you are no longer bound by any Earthly densities, limitations or addictions, than you can very well ascend on one of these dates along with a collective of souls who are themselves ready to experience the higher realms once again after having been anchored upon the Earth for so very long.


These dates are indeed ascension doorways, so to speak, wherein any who are ready can find an expanded and heightened perception that they will then take and use to help uplift the general public of Earth, who will begin to gradually feel the effects of these alignments.


The collective ascension that will occur [for some people] on both of these dates may be felt more gradually in some, depending on the Life plan of each individual who wishes to ascend on these dates and who find themselves ready to do so.


Some may seem to “disappear”, as they will have reentered the higher realms and will be enjoying the beauty and splendor that these realms have to offer. However, some will ascend and choose to stay on your beautiful planet with the ascended perspective that they have gained, gradually settling unto them.


These souls are those whom you would refer to as the “Masters” making their return to your world.


When we refer to the return of the Masters, we refer to the ascension of the individuals who will find themselves utilizing their ascended perspectives to vastly uplift and benefit the collective of Earth. We speak of those within our collective who will eventually be making themselves known as well, and while that time is at hand we say that the most important return of the Masters is that which will be occurring with the ascension of the individuals on your world who will then choose to stay on the Earth and allow their perspectives to be made known within them slowly.


Some of you have already begun the most intense phases of your ascension processes, and you dear souls simply have not realized it yet. Some of you are already absorbing, assimilating, experiencing and benefitting from the incredibly-pure ascension energies beginning to make themselves known within you, while others still find themselves along considerably-more elementary stages of their processes.


We have spoken before on the subject of humanity as a whole finding your collective ascension, and we say that the energies being given to your world from the potent 12-12 and 12-21 alignments will see a gradual awakening in much of humanity begin to make itself known while those of you who have been considerably farther along your ascension processes, will begin to naturally find yourselves possessing the higher dimensional perspectives you have been looking forward to.


We ask you to trust when we say that everything is on a full track to manifesting and we wish you to know that the higher realms are ready to permeate the surface of your world and get the attention of your entire populace.


Certain events manifest that will see us “testing the waters” of how much truth and phenomenon humanity is able to absorb. For example, whenever a soft piece of disclosure comes forth in a news program or movie, we are monitoring the conscious and subconscious reaction to such disclosure on the part of all those who absorb it.


When a natural phenomenon occurs on your world that is later explained -away by something completely physical, we are initially monitoring the reaction in all those who witness such an assumed phenomenon and your reaction to everything that happens which serves to give you an inkling of a higher dimensional perspective, even if only for a moment, determines the course that you as individuals and as a collective are heading in.


So, we ask you to simply allow this process to come about and to know that you have now reached very important alignments and dates along your Calendar.


Indeed, dear souls, these dates have been discussed for very good reasons and there is a reason so many Lightworkers are so attached to the 12-12 and the 12-21. You have all known latently within, that these dates would herald the beginning of the beginning of higher dimensionality and the beginning of the end of density and separation on your world.


You are to experience and witness the metaphysics of your reality and you are to find your natural abilities to interact with the loosened and refined energy that you will find around you, and we ask you to simply be at ease and allow yourselves to absorb these energies without expecting too much and without putting conditions on your absorption of these energies.


For example, if you are one who feels you haven’t ascended when these dates come around or you feel you should be experiencing a higher or purer state of consciousness, perception or awareness than you do when these dates come around; do not let this hamper your mission and the giving of Light that so many of you are on Earth to perform because with each conscious interaction with any aspect of the higher realms on your part, you are Creating your own ascension and you are initiating your entrance into the higher realms exponentially.


Be easy and gentle with yourselves and all others, and allow your unfolding Multidimensional perspective to make itself known. This is all we have to say about these current alignments [for now], and we wish you to know that you are truly in the home stretch. This has been said and will continue to be, for it is important for you dear souls to realize just how close you are.


You have returned home, dearest souls, and these alignments and initiations will only further solidify this fact.


Thank you to the Ascended Collective.

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"Our scribe wishes to know if there will be a mass ascension on the 21st and dearest souls, we say that there can be."
Way to go genius. There CAN be (maybe) what a GRAND answer! I had no ideia it COULD be! Thanks for telling me.
You are such a fool for posting about the return of the Masters, the Masters ARE HERE all the time, they contacted you, they presented you their truth, instead you prefered to pretend you were even more stupid than you alredy are and ignored them, judged them when all they did was telling you truth. The Masters are here but they will not return because of people like you, who judge them. You are not interested in truth, you are interested in your friends and your f***** up lightworker community which is rotten to the core.I know who the Masters are, and they are sad about this, all of it, and they are sad about you humans. Your channelings are nothing do you know why? Because only the Masters and Archs can channel the whole information, the Ascended Masters dont tell you anyhing thats why you and others keep posting the same s*** over and over again. You and others are not channeling others, you are channeling yourself, otherwise you knew that the Masters are not talking to you at this point as they are busy with Portals and ships. As for your " I want atention" issue, you are the one who needs followers, not me. Still a child and alredy rotten....

So far I'm not breaking wind as much so something is happening, right? This is because it's 12/12/12, right? It makes me wonder about the difference in the brains of those who ruthlessly critically think about what they believe and those who blindly believe all sorts of things at face value. The critical thinking brain should show signs of its superiority as compared to those who refuse to critically think about what they blindly accept, don't you...think?

HandofMichael, Bingo!

Hello friend,


The problem seems to be that you think I decided to discuss the apparent Return of the Masters when in actuality, the sources coming through me made the choice to give some information about it. It seems that they will be returning to our world along with us Masters who will be and are realizing our Goodhood.


Insults and rotten words aside, I'm glad to have come accross your comment. :)


Much Love,


Wes :)

Look at some of the authentic real 20 year channels like ww.tomkenyon, Abraham ,Kryon the info is phenomel

it's hard for me to see this...brothers and sisters.... 'cause you all speak about the ascension and how we must interact with each other so we can all ascend...but all you do here is to criticize each other and show that you know more about spirituality and New Age stuff than the rest of the me this is all 3D mentality....i think that none of this matters!all that matters is true love for each other!!and stop saying to each other that you know something better than others bla bla bla...'cause this is what's happening here!!!! don't you see??? why are you even doing this??? are you awaken???really awaken??

peace ,love and light to you all brothers and sisters****

Should I at least be experiencing my ears unplugging more than usual today because it's 12/12/12? I mean, the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter is aligned with Mars. Or were those the lyrics from an old 1970s song about Aquarius? If nothing special happens today that just may mean nothing special is going to happen on 12/21/2012, right?

What should be done to these people who have predicted all kinds of crap on 12/12/12 and nothing special happens? Should we Biblically stone them to death? Or should we settle for taking their "ascended masters" and shoving them up where the Sol Invictus sun don't shine?

The Bible states that people will be delusional, in the “last days”, so how does God intend to fix the problem? (get this) By sending humanity an even stronger delusion to deceive even the “elect”. Way to go, God! I couldn't have thought up a better solution to the problem of delusional humans EVEN if I was absolutely perfect. When it comes to fixing the problems of humanity you be da man, God! C'mon, God, let's get 'real', shall we? If you don't have a clue how to fix the insanity of the human race at the very least PLEASE DON'T TAKE IT OUT ON US NUMBNUTS!!! I mean, if YOU can't fix us how are the human shrinks supposed to be able to?

Fact of the matter is you have to be under a 'strong delusion' to blindly accept everything in the Bible as fact...and that's a fact! Whether Christians, Muslims or Jews want to accept this or not is irrelevant. The truth is the truth and the truth is that you have to be EXTREMELY DELUSIONAL to blindly accept everything in the Bible as empirical fact!


We'll have to agree to disagree, dear friend. :)


Much Love,


Wes :)

Don't worry Wes, he's still finding his way. Great promise lies within him. :)

Yup were all on a spiritual leve , even president bush



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