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The Apparent Interminability Of The Waiting ~ by John Smallman

We are all one. You know that. It means, among many other things, that we in the spiritual realms are constantly aware of you doing your best to awaken yourselves and all of humanity from the illusion.

It is a difficult and sometimes exhausting task that you chose to take on, and we honor you dearly for your courage and your persistence.

You are succeeding! It just seems that it is taking far longer than you expected to achieve fulfillment of that undertaking, and so it has become a chore for you, whereas when you agreed to do it you engaged with it with enormously high hopes and incredible enthusiasm.

And those hopes and enthusiasm were, and remain, totally justified. In the illusion the lack of a sense of the divine energies, the faintness of their essence, the apparent interminability of the waiting, and the lack of vitality many of you are experiencing is very draining. You knew that you would have these kinds of draining experiences before you incarnated, but when you look at the picture from afar, as you were doing, it is impossible to imagine such contingencies in any meaningful way.

The experience is the experience. Until you have had it, you cannot possibly understand or truly imagine it. And that is another reason why you are so honored and respected in the spiritual realms. It took enormous amounts of courage to accept this challenge, and you have measured up to it brilliantly.

We are constantly offering you encouragement and assistance as we watch you struggling with the ostensible reality of the illusion – sometimes it almost succeeds in convincing you that the illusion is reality, and that anything apart from it is fantasy. But, however low your spirits may sink, the power of God’s Love within you will always enable you to rise up, see beyond the illusion, and fulfill your divine assignment.

You are doing magnificent work, your success is inevitable, and you know this no matter how many doubts you may have. So keep plodding on, while focusing all your attention on the awe-inspiring outcome that awaits your awakening. Truly, you are not plodding . . . you are soaring!

It may well feel that your wings are clipped, even that you are running around like chickens with their heads cut off, confused, achieving very little, and struggling just to arise in the morning; whereas, in truth, you are doing precisely what you entered the illusion as humans to do.

You are acting as conduits through which a rising tide of divine energy is flowing constantly and bringing to human consciousness an awareness of God, of the Source of all being, of which each and every one is an inseparable, essential, and eternal manifestation.

This growing and intensifying awareness of a Source — that which created all that exists — is astonishing many who had, for any number of convoluted reasons, concluded that human life was but a passing and purposeless moment in an haphazardly decaying, uncertain, and unresponsive universe.

To discover that they no longer believed that human life was a one-time affair that occurred as a result of a highly unlikely amalgamation of carbonaceous compounds was a stunning realization – initially totally unacceptable to them – which they only reluctantly but eventually embraced.

So, to reiterate: you are the conduits through which God’s Love flows abundantly and constantly to assist all to awaken. What you are doing can only be done by you; you have no understudys; no one can replace you . . . and of course no replacements will be necessary because your success is the Will of God — Whose Will will be accomplished — and you were chosen for this task because of your incomparable abilities to bring it to fruition.

So, relax, meditate, take time out alone regularly throughout the day. It is not necessary to take yourselves off to a quiet space; just switch off your mind to the distractions surrounding you – and remind yourselves that you are always overlighted by God’s Love which supports and protects you in every moment. While what you are doing is absolutely essential, nevertheless, all is always divinely taken care of — and your success has already occurred

With so very much love, Saul.


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Alone or 'All'one... I like that.

It will be a profound moment when Humanity is able to 'real'eyes this Truth. ~InLight

Yes Saul, this is crunch time. It's like all hopes and fears are collapsing into a singularity as we get closer to "the date". That singularity has a tremendous amount of energy that keeps wavering. Impatience, doubt, falling back asleep and forgetting, tremendous flows of vibrating energy going through, great moments of synchronicity with my kids and cracking an opening to higher teachings, tensions with volatile tempers, knowing deep inside this will happen, been afraid of being left behind, tackle the menial daily tasks that need to be done, trying to help conceive the future post-crisis world, thinking that if my co-workers only knew that I expect disclosure they'd think I'm kookoo, thinking that disclosure will happen like on a movie screen except without the laser fights, being afraid of being disappointed, loving the messages from you and Salusa, Yes, it is crunch time and I dearly want the illusion to end, cos I'm tired... Love, Namaste.

I think you nicely sumed up what many are feeling during this transitional time. From my perspective, the Spiritual Turbulence is a natural byproduct of the fading veils of duality... the final birthing pains of the Gaian Matrix manifesting the new paradigm. Stand strong... you were born to do this. Nothing is what it seems... & everything will change in the blink of an eye. ~TemetNosce247

Love the picture... Ignorance was sort of "bliss". Even though paradoxical, knowing creates new demands. We should be remain centered in the know and now. 

so very true

           love&light xx



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