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The Anunnaki MUST Return To Fix Their Creation That Has Gone Astray

The Anunnaki MUST Return To Fix Their Creation That Has Gone Astray

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

For thousands of years, our spiritual and physical capabilities have been limited through the genetic manipulation of our DNA by the Anunnaki. To modern science, this is called “Junk DNA” but in fact, the “Junk DNA” contains the dormant genetics that separate us from being literal gods and goddesses.

The key is in our DNA

According to the research of Gregg Braden, we only have 20 of the 64 codons in our DNA “turned on”. One must ask, “Why would Creator/Source limit our genetic capabilities by turning off most of our DNA?”

Hypothetically, if we can figure out how to turn on the latent codons in our DNA, we could feasibly do anything, such as heal every person on the planet instantaneously as well as healing Mother Earth, herself, from the poisoning of our water, air, and food supplies.

Robert Morning Sky gives one of the best explanations of how our DNA evolved

Read more + video

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The truth is many of us in the previous age abused of our super powers and created a hot mess on earth that's why God closed our 3rd eye but now we need to work hard to re-open it. We were told not to mingle and have s** with humans and that's the very thing we did. It was our punishment to be here half of the world cycle. I got a remote past life vision where I murdered beings with telekinesis, tornado & lightnings. Many of us are fallen angels/fallen light beings. We need to behave and be good again so we regain back our divinity.

We used to share our sexuality with humankind, quite a lot actually.

A sensation of being in love with them, deep inside of us. We became servants to each other, worshipers to each other's pleasure. Tender hearts and liquid light, flowing deep within.

Still remember her ecstatic breath, into each other's arms, watching her reaching out for Source. A beauty like no other.


Well, that means yes.

At least she came by, a few years back. Otherwise I would have gone mad already.

I miss her dearly.

What does 333 mean to you my dear friend.....

How can the source of a problem, fix the problem? You who claim to have messed with the human race need to do us all a favor and go back where you came from! We don't need you!

The idea that we were made by a more advanced race seems to be gaining traction as we become slightly more aware of possibilities and probabilities. I think though our tiny development is so very young and fragile that we are at the bottom of the universal intelligent food chain. One point to ponder is our dim consciousness agreed to occupy the vessels made for us. They must have been suitable or we would not have occupied them. Another point is all races regardless how advanced they are, are within a universe of space and time. This point seems important. I would like to say that the more advanced a race is, the less likely it may be to view space and time as unnecessary altogether. That the universe of space and time itself is the ultimate false idol. That this is a knee-jerk thought system to hide from eternity. I am suggesting it may not be necessary to spend millions of years buying into space and time and that what seems like advancement on the surface may just be making time and space more comfortable when there simply isn't anything eternal therefore real, about it. I think this is what is being asked of us to forgive. Why hang around believing in it when it is such a disadvantage particularly for such inadequate vehicles as we are pretending to occupy now?     

If your consciousness perceives to be in a vessel many millions of years advanced it is still stuck in the same Universe, no better off and probably worse off in many ways. You could even come here for a holiday life with no memories just to get perspective. The only advantage could be the capability of controlling the continuation of consciousness. At the end of the day still stuck in the same Universe and asking: Who am I? We have to move to other dimensions which may still be just another greener field! We have to exist matter where we go we are still there. That is a good thing!

Yes. This is how it seems, that we have to exist somewhere. I just have a growing suspicion that I exist everywhere always and I'm resisting it. I can see how unconscious resistence causes things to appear as separate and solid. Once I choose duality, my eternal condition is walled off and duality is projected as a picture of my resistance. Sure there are ever greener fields where duality hurts less and less. It certainly doesn't hurt to enjoy it!   

“Why would Creator/Source limit our genetic capabilities by turning off most of our DNA?”

I don't know about You, but in Me I think it has been done to keep the monkey in me from coming out and taking over. ;)

ACUTE OBSERVER: the big difference between monkeys and humans is that humans will lie and be dishonest if such dishonesty is needed in order to get something to eat. Monkeys have been tested to see if they will lie and be dishonest to get food, and they won't. All they do is jump up and down and scream. Hence, DNA is not entirely the cut-and-tried scenario, even though chimpanzee and human DNA are greater than 90% in similarity. There is something much more going on with human beings in terms of "something else" we possess, and every high IQ atheist scientist has been trying frantically to find this out via DNA, and THEY CAN'T.

I've missed you. :)

"ACUTE OBSERVER: the big difference between monkeys and humans is that humans will lie and be dishonest if such dishonesty is needed in order to get something to eat."

Gorillas don't usually hesitate to kill other gorillas if it can give them an advantage in order to be Alpha in the Group.
Your point?

"Monkeys have been tested to see if they will lie and be dishonest to get food, and they won't."

Come back when you've tested the same monkeys and where they'll have to hurt a group member in order to eat on day 1 instead of to get to eat on day 2.
I think you'll be negatively surprised about the results. (I've personally experienced starvation up to a point when I was prepared to even eat a frickin' RAT, before my situation got miraculously resolved, I Thank GOD).

"There is something much more going on with human beings in terms of "something else" we possess,"

Less talk, more PRACTICE.
I can read minds.
Can you?

If No, why have you wasted your time worrying about earthly BellCritters when you could have spent your time gaining access to all these wonderful human abilities we all have and can easily gain access to for as long as we put our MINDS to it? :)

Acute lol I get vivid pics in my head and everything you say I just laughed silly at the scene that just played thru my head... Much love

About 99% of my genetic heritage would do "total terror" to this world if it had the chance. Luckily my soul-consciousness is stronger than my genetic influential heritage whereas this world is safe and I am fine, but I won't hesitate to make a total joke out of it when it presents me with the opportunity. ;)



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