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The Amazon is Deliberately Being Set On Fire Says Indigenous Woman...What You Do To Mother Earth You Do To Yourselves


The Amazon is Deliberately Being Set On Fire Says Indigenous Woman

The Amazon is Deliberately Being Set On Fire Says Indigenous Woman

The Amazon Tropical Rainforest (TRF) is the largest expanse of woodland in the world, spanning a whopping nine countries across South America. It is nicknamed the ‘lungs of the world’ in lieu of it producing around 20% of the world's oxygen and also absorbing and storing large amounts of carbon dioxide. Furthermore, the Amazon is home to millions of species of flora and fauna, as well as some of the last indigenous tribes who live a completely isolated life.

The woman was recorded saying that they had fought to preserve their reservation for two years, only to see people come in a heartlessly set it alight. All for what? Money. Money is the driving force of such much evil, and that includes this. Clearing the rainforest by burning it to the ground would allow big corporations to repurpose it for farming and cattle ranching. However, in the process, they are destroying the lives of indigenous people, as well as the flora and fauna that surrounds them.

The Amazon is an invaluable piece of nature that not only helps the entire world but also preserves some of the rarest and most beautiful things. There are also millions of undiscovered species, all of which hold to potential to be incredibly useful for things such a medicine. However, is hasn't stopped the most unspeakable things happening.

Arson in The Rainforest

An indigenous woman, from one of the last Amazonian tribes, has been recorded saying that people are setting the Amazon on fire, deliberately! There have been a number of fires across the Amazon recently, which is devastating news in itself. However, to think that someone would deliberately set fire to it is just shocking.

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You have to be a complete idiot, nut case, bloody fool more to deliberately burn the Amazon forest ...nature plus the living entities must think hell let loose 

...............well, it is on people who chose that elected official who has higher interests than well being of those who support them , like president cattle farming, drilling for oil and precious metals and stones president of brasilia reprfesents and support. who is more guilty ? voters or their masters ?

where are the billions of $s to help the  planet not  some old church in Paris...................


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