Thank You For The LOVING feedback.

Thank You For The LOVING feedback. We have floded this "energy" with Love, lets spread JOY and meditate together IN SILENCE. NAMASTE* I read every Reflection in this forum and Im glad for every word and energy you put into it. Ben-Arion

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  • Let's just stay in our hearts,continue to respond from your heart as you have.We are all one but apparently whoever is referring to themselves as the st germaine and ashtar of that email have yet to find their access to knowing/feeling that Oneness. What it is blocking their light can only be dissipated with light so let's help by being the change that we want to see.
    Continue to practice being present in our hearts, as you said,look for our similarities instead of differences and we will experience greater love and light in our world.
    please do not be too discouraged by this and keep up all of your valuable contributions to our Earth family,thank you,Shelley
  • Do not worry 'bout that, Ben...
    it's just an ego thing, like envy :-)
    Roman RA-EL
  • Hmm, well, if it is a channelor...they are not channeling something of the highest good, or probably (as someone wrote) letting it be coloured by the ego. Don't take any notion about this, he/she will come to he/her senses in the right time.

    Just keep spreading light, and focus on the positive aspect of Ashtar, so do not publish anything more either, just use LoA.

    Light, and blessings
  • Dear Ben....
    dont worry about such mails....and give them any of your energy...
    the guy who send this mail to u, needs to do work on himself,and u do well by just sending him light,but u must keep your distance also...
    when i hear stuff like: i spoke with him today, (means God) and he said that he is not at all happy with this site" and "your site has caused me to have several nervous breakdowns and is making people ill." i can only laugh!!! :)))
    Do u think that God worries about any of the acts that the humans do,or think???
    for so many eons He didnt stopped the dark from doing all the destruction that they did to earth the people and the animals,because of the free will that everybody has...and u think that now He is concerned with a site,and that He wants to shut it down,because it will misguide His sheep???...ahhaha...
    Peace out my friend(whoever wrote the mail to Ben)...if u dont like the site,u can always go to where u feel more comfortable and find your joy...
    And if the real Federation dont like this site,then they must make an announcement,that they are separate and dont have any connection to the site, so all can choose to be in the place they like to be!!! ;)

  • I got an honorable mention!!

    "me in 2d who is an angry soul."

    Hey, sometimes you have to draw a line in the sand..

    I am a compassionate person, but I will strike down with furious anger when I feel like someone is way out of line..

    This guy is obviously a bit outta line..

    My response to him would be.. "The ego is the only reason your alive and able to communicate.. be a human being and live a little."
  • I send Love&Light to all on this beautiful site. There is no negativity that is real, there is only LOVE, and so as we do all things through Love, the Light of God never fails... BLESSINGS!

    ~Crystal from Mount Shasta~
  • Is sad to see people still lost in negative energy using judgement with that level of anger, part of the dying DUALITY that sooner than later will vanish with the TOTAL ONENESS THAT WE ALL WILL BECOME PART OF.... At least he or she knows deep in his/her heart that a way to get back to the Path of Light is by reaching LORD SAINT GERMAIN`S ENERGY, SO MAY THE PURE VIOLET FLAME burn in his/her heart... With a solid intention I say: From the centre which we call the race of men, let the Plan of Love and Light work out and may it seal the door where evil dwells...
    Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth


    Saint Germain.jpg
  • We are all together in this, blessings for all of you, and best of luck and love to all =)
  • Positionality is the sign of polarized mind The real mind sees the wholeness in both sides and synthesizes something new

    Intelligence uses other means than argument

    Silence is the best argument for your point s fellows

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