So apparently one of the biggest aims of a lightworker is to not have fear, am I correct? Well do I have a test for you :P

Watch this entire video and see if you have absolutely no fear. Be honest with yourself.

Believe it or not, situations like this comprise at least half of all my dreams and projections, and even Full Transition Dreams. No not all the tech stuff so much as the whole fighting for mine and others lives. I have to have no fear, or at least be able to use the adrenaline and etc that the fear gives me constructively. Which I guess is the same as not having fear :S

That sense of being alone, and isolated, and surrounded on all sides by things you can't even see till its too late are things I as a Guardian am expected to be able to deal with. Dealing with the horrors of the world and the various planes so that you people do not have to.

For me, and Reikara as well, we're not just sitting behind a computer with a keyboard and mouse. And we can't tell ourselves that its all CGI and fake, because for us it isn't. And its because of that that we get so Irate at lightworkers who preach about not living in fear when they clearly cannot do that themselves.

I hope that you have more respect for the angels, archangels, guardians and etc who have to endure that darkness every day for you after taking this test. And perhaps are a little more humble those of you who feel the need to preach.

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  • Hello Folks, actually i thought the scene was great, very nice, if that can be said :P Lol i`m a big pc gamer, so i enjoy the dfferent feelings video games procures. Lol i got a game that`s more convenient if you want to test your shit your pants tolerance, lol xcuse my caveman-like abilties on pc for doing it like that :

    (Couldn`t get a better vid than the trailer, as all the gameplay vids have audio commentaries on it, duh ! :(

    The game is called Condemned 2 : Bloodshot. I played the first one on pc but the second didn`t get released for pc. Believe me, this IS Grand Art - amazing dark atmosphere with true credible beings that will make you shit your pants... Yeah i loved playing the first one, and the second is way better ! My suggestion : if you want a ride on chills and thrills, check it out !

  • Sorry MR Ed, I don't agree that Fear is Dark or Negative. I think it is just one of those emotions that just is at times. I'm not saying it is healthy to let Fear over ride something in our lives, but to say that it is so negative and that it will kill is, isn't exactly so either. I mean just because we get scared about something doesn't mean we are going to die right on spot, or that we will forever lead a negative life 

    You can watch a scary movie, and if you can say that movie scared the pants off of you, then you know that there are things in your life that you wouldn't dream of doing, or wanting something to happen to someone else for that matter

    Also, Holograms are more of an Illusion then life itself on Planet Earth. Illusions can feel real, but if you are going to be putting Holograms into the same sentences as Illusions, there two different things. It is said that MIB's aka Men In Black use to send images of Holograms to Starseed and or people who are finding there path, to distract there minds. Illusion is just something that isn't real. Planet Earth and Emotions though are very real 

    Bless the Nite,


  • Fear, the only time I realize this emotion is, when in my mind I sit and run a possabillity play out in my head, like oK I know I have said some things on this goverment run and monetored web sit that has probobly put me on a FEMA pick up list, for one of there many camps here in the US for torcher and termination, when pondering this a ting of fear arises for the repoctions ive placed my family in not so much on my safty.

    Exmilliary combat vet, I have faced my end meny times there is no fear in reality. only in dreams is what one finds out when it is about to take place.  thats why i know someone is for real, or some one has made up a story about combat and there are many non vets how play that game but know nothing.

    faced with your demize I just plays out, in the now there is no fear. you just react to the given situation nothing more , after you my sit and ponder a different out come and scare your self silly or before going into it. but at the instant its taking place there is only now.   all emotion is left out of now, zero point is entered everything tends to slow down and all the time in the word it seem to chose what to do next.   FEAR Is before or after Never at the moment of impact.  Fear is of a pondering mind and the now factor removes the pondering mind with it calulation of if this or if that all gos away.

    The fear of mutual anialation works because the mind ponders it.  in the now pondering any out come is gone, all your faced with is oh shit and your fight or flight kick in.  no fear.    The fear of the fight outside of now is decompasitating, in the fight im just reacting to stymulis. no big deal. and death comes the same way no big deal, it all happends in the now of no fear.

    • Whether something is real or not, isn't the point. If you can see something that isn't even real, and can at least say you would be scared if something like that were to happen to you in real life. Then you can say that you would still be scared about a few things here and there yet in this lifetime 

      There should be a few things in this lifetime that scares human yet as to what could become in our world. 

      Bless the Nite,


  • reiz , I see that you jump to quick conclusions and yet you don't know what I went through with my life. 2 suicide attempts , hate, serious alcoholism, bad marriage and loss of my parental rights to my children, loss of everything I owned and worked for, homelesness..... So, as you see here's plenty material to make anyone full of fear yet I never gave up and overcame these challenges and yet from perspective of time past for me it was a learning experience also. But as fear goes , please don't preach to the choir , many of us know fear, experienced fear and many no longer live in fear nor care to glorify it......................and yes, I had walked through the halls of hell, as I call it, came back and know that fear is a low energy , or better an energy rampant and practiced by humanity in 3rd level of consciousness........................

    • I think it is safe to say that Fear alone, is different for everyone on all levels. We all have it to some degree, and we really never get away from it, unless we face our Fears.

      Sometimes we just have to face the Fears in order to get rid of them in life. Fear is something that will always be around though. To say that it is Low Energy. I must say that Low Energy is different to everyone as well

      I mean yeah, we don't want to have Fear inside of us, but yet at same time if we don't have some of that Fear inside of us, we will never be able to think about things we do in life, and we would all just be doing things, such as living off of the edge so to speak of.

      When I say that. I remember back when I was in Highschool. One of my teachers, had a student or two in the classrooom, that she had called Fearless, because they were always getting into some sort of trouble. They were going around steeling things, making bad choices for themselves period. She had said at one point, and never had thought about til now here. She had said that they had no Fear in life, and that was why they were doing the things they were doing, because there was nothing in there life that had stopped them.

      I'm not saying that we have to have that Fear in order to make good choices in life either, but that Teacher was right in certain ways. If we don't have something inside of ourselves that stop us from making bad choices in life, we will always keep on repeating it no matter what

      Whether it is Fear, or thinking about how it would effect those around us. To say though that Fear is something that is practiced by Humanity in a 3rd level of Consciousness.

      I guess I personally, I would have to disagree with that. I think that Fear is something that just is. Humanity isn't going to teach us Fear,. Humanity is about helping and caring for those around us, and well when we don't have something inside of that makes us think about things a bit more, then we are out reach with Humanity as well I guess

      To each though of our own

      I'm sorry you had went through all of that Esseya, but still there are somethings to think about when talking about Fear in itself

      Sharing things makes us feel lucky about the lives we have of our own, and well sometimes people do overcome things like you had said, and sometimes they don't

      Bless the Nite,'


  • It is really easy to say it...then done it....they are not ready bro..

  • tempt me to tell more then i should say...

    I told before...the world it is not ready for all the will be a great shock to them..

  • Well and that it is really ,really evil....well my brother style i must say that..

    But at list it learn how to smile when doing it...nice..


  • Well the Dark Side has them temptation...Power...Unlimited Palpatine said....and control of all things..

    But i will not give in to temptation...i know that will be the end of me...

    Well i must been crazy doing that...and many times i was tempted be honest..but i always remember who i am ..and what my mission it is...and that pull me out for a lot of trouble...

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