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Okay so I've been wondering about this for a long time, and read so much things here about soul mates and twin flames...

so I met a guy about 7 years ago we dated for bout a year and later we broke up because of so much lies ( that we found out later) that "friends" had invented about me/him , after we broke up I've had one serious relationship and I'm pretty sure he was a soul mate that was here to teach me a lesson ( i suffered a lot in that and i found out what true love really was).
he actually also had a relationship after me that also made him suffer a lot, the thing is for the past 7 years he keeps reappearing in my life and all the times i keep feeling like its not the right time and he has not grown the same as i have ( not sure this makes sense to you ) , sometimes i can even feel and hear him being in pain and most of the times I've called him up or met him he is going trough all kinds of pain.

he is a libra born 1990 , and I'm capricorn born 1991.

i dream about him at least twice a weeks, even tho we haven't gotten back together he has always been there for me and I've always been there for him, he never asked anything from me in return and that is why he has a special place in my heart. 

The thing is no matter what happens i can't stop loving him, is this what you call unconditional love ?

so my question to you is : is this one of all soul mates in my life or is he my twin flame ? 


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  • You do have a connection to him and he may therefor be your soulmate from a past life and also in this life.


    It is known to happen where by other people who are negative and tell lies, are jealous etc intefere or hinder in the  forming or joining of two soulmates and make life a struggle. This also happens as a karmic lesson however some goodness should come out of this.

    He probably feels the same way about you do. If you can contact him i would do so and ask him what his current situation is ie is he single, would he like to connect again and be good friends? then take things one day at a time from there and see where it leads.

    If he shares similar emotional and spiritual feelings for you then he would most likely be your soul mate. Does he miss you like you miss him? You should feel good vibes from him and vice versa.


    I would try and make contact with him soon. Forgot about the past and all the negative people etc.


    At the end of the day if your both meant for each other then it will happen and more so if you make contact with him and let him know how you truly feel about him and if he feels the same for you from his heart and soul then bingo you are on a winner. Be honest and truthful is the best way. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Action speaks louder than words.


    Good Luck.


    • thank you so much for taking time to answer <3

      i can actually say for sure that he feels the same way , he has mentioned it many times that he only has eyes for me. 
      i only have eyes for him. but this has been going on for years and as the capricorn woman i am i like to be sure of things especially about where i have some people in my life.

      i have been the one to "break contact" earlier (many times) and i recognize that it has been done out of fear of letting someone in my life again ( this thanks to past relationships ) i know that it is not his fault its all in me.

      all in his surrounding know about our feelings and all in my surrounding as well, wich pressures me even more because they all are frustrated about us being apart when we feel this way for each other.

      i am so torn, the risk of seeing him every time i walk outside is big and i know i will not be able to keep a pokerface when i see him...

      <3<3 truly appreciate your words, they have given me lots to think about <3<3

      • Be Honest and hey go for it. Don't hold back. Don't let past bad relationships hinder your progress.

        There is only one way to find out and that is give it a go.


        Go by your gut feelings, your intuiition and follow and listen to your heart is best.

        Just meet and take things slow, let things flow and take there natural course, sit and talk, listen, smile, be happy enjoy each others company and friendship and keep it simple and go from there one step at a time.


        At the end of the day if it's meant to happen it will happen.


        Good Luck.

  • thank you for your reply :D i will try this out <3

    and it would make sense since he is the only one I've been having sexual relations with for the past years.

    and i agree 100% percent that sex is something one should have only when there is love .

    I'm proud of the fact that i can live without that for years, some might think its crazy but i prefer to save myself to the one i love =) 

    and only one I'm waiting for now is my twin flame <3

    truly thankful for your words <3 love & light <3

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