Teal Scott: How to Stop Worrying


Teal Scott : How to Stop Worrying

Teal Scott - The Spiritual Catalyst's YouTube Channel: 

Teal Scott - The Spiritual Catalyst

Very insightful video-blog discussing: How to Stop Worrying, and Shifting our FOCUS ~ :)

  • Worry as it Relates to Pain
  • Our Emotional Guidance System
  • Why We think Pain is Good
  • Empowering Yourself Beyond the Focus of Dark Scenarios
  • Releasing Attachments of "Worst Case Scenarios"
  • Realigning Focus and Solutions
  • The Vibrational Universe
  • Vibration of Solutions vs. Problems
  • Worry as a Resistance to the Solution
  • Understanding "Solution Oriented Focus"
  • Pain and its connection to Impossibility
  • Getting Past Negative or Punishment Oriented Authority Figures
  • The Core of Worry
  • Emotional Empowerment 
  • Why Try to Prevent Calamity, if Life is just a Preparation for more Calamity?
  • Living Bliss vs. Living in Fear!!

Tips to Let-Go of Worry

  1. Do not Worry about Worrying :)
  2. Understand that Worry Serves no Purpose
  3. Turn Around Your Thoughts into something Positive!
  4. Keep a Worry Journal (Helps to Break the Habit of Worry in the Current Moment)
  5. Make a List of Positive SOLUTIONS
  6. Create a Plan of Action
  7. Find Healthy Ways to Find Certainty
  8. Make a List of All Times in the Past that You've been Convinced of Worst Case Scenarios
  9. Stay Focused in the Present Moment
  10. Realize That You are Never Going to get Everything Done (Get past Obsession and Understanding the Nature of EXPANSION)
  11. Stop Worrying About what Other People Think of You (Observe Like An Alien Observer)
  12. Play a Game Called: The Zoom-out Game (Powerful Grounding Technique)
  13. If you Find Yourself in a Full-Fledged Panic Attack check please out this Video: How To Stop a Panic Attack
  14. Take Note of Synchronicities!
  15. Understanding that we Do Create our Reality (Empowerment)

"What you Resist, Persists" - Carl Jung

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  • Thanks for sharing, though am curious what your perception is of this "what you resist, persists" notion.

    In my view, resist would have to be defined and also in what context, this phrase is way to vague.

    As far as the law of attraction stuff, again, generally it is explained at an individual level and does not take into account the masses of others and even unseen forces, which i think, are partly responsible for many imbalances in this reality.

    Let me use an example that teal used.

    She is trying to claim in one of her videos, that a destitute man is all his fault, really, hmmm, could the real truth be, that the systems outside of his individual co-creation is being influenced by other influences that tend to subvert his will.

    No sane human being wants to be destitute or in any way unhappy, though teal makes good points, i feel we this is a case of partial truth, whether it is knowingly or unkowingly being done.

    What i have seen and experienced directly, are human beings that have been conditioned to be a certain way, which can only be described as sheep and thus any critical thought away from the sheep programming seems to be met by other sheep, with attacks.

    Why would this be, it is either the conditioning and/or some unseen influence, that slaps an iron fist down, whenever any human or group of humans tries to point out this condiitoning or do something different.

    Let me give you a real life example of this conditioning and a possible unseen inlfuence acting to hijack a human being.

    I simply stated to another human being, i think every human being should have a piece of land to use freely, to build a home, grow food, etc..

    This statement, brought out the worst evil i have ever seen before in this other individual, who almost threw a heavy object at me and threatend to hit me in the face.

    Now you folks tell me, does this sound normal, or does it sound like a human being hijacked or possessed and thus, where does all this law of attraction stand, armed with this information.

    My conclusion is, what humanity has been up against all along, is an unseen force, that is not very nice and based on what we see in this world, explains a whole lot.

    peace love light

    • Well, I think there is some truth in the "what you resist, persists" statement, meaning that if you keep pushing something away (thoughts most of the time) they keep coming back until they can be fully resolved.

      Regarding your comment" No sane person want to be Destitute" - some people do find themselves on destructive paths, or in line with the "I've given up" mentality.  Again this is largely based on the decisions we make and how they effect our lives.  

      Some people think the only path to change is destruction, because that is what they are creating in their reality.

      What I've witnessed in my life, is that people condition themselves...  In my opinion - there is so force out there that makes people do anything, they choose their actions based on their decisions.  It's really about what vibrational frequency you want to align yourselves with.  

      Our consciousness is something that we have to own if we want to ascend beyond these thought-programs regarding "Control"...

  • My pleasure Feather :)

  • Thanks Semile ~ Glad you enjoyed it :) I've also dealt with worry, and this is helpful on multiple levels for sure...

    Happy that is resonates with you :)

This reply was deleted.

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