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God bless the Love Police, these guys rock. :)
~wow!~ i kinda think i love this guy! lol! breaking pieces on the suits/politicos! ~here!here! for stepping up to the plate! ;0) ~revolution is coming!~ i just looove when the peasants revolt!
Me too, kahlila......loooooov when the peasants revolt! I see it coming internationally very, very soon. Oops, there's that word "soon". Sorry, I don't have an exact date. :))))

Where are these Love Police? I wanna join!!!
We must learn how to deal with the injustices imposed by the hands of others in a way that does not reflect anger and condemnation. We must show, through accountability and compassion, the consequences they have created.Personal attacks perpetuate the negativity.There is another way

Wow.................. media guys are good hiding reality


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