Sweden and all other European countries should have followed the advice of Dalai Lama :

The Dalai Lama decllared that “Europe belongs to the Europeans”.

The Dalai Lama has said migrants who move to Europe should return to their countries and help rebuild them

The Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader also said that refugees should return to their native countries and assist with developing them.

The 14th Dalai Lama was speaking at a conference in Malmo, Sweden which is home to a large immigrant population, according to the Business Times.



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  • No, Europe does not belong to 'Europeans'. Indeed it does not even belong to human beings, and such is what 'gurus' such as 'Dalai Lama' should be teaching it rather. Indeed no land mass on earth belongs to anyone. Robin birds etc migrates from south Africa all the way to Europe. When Europe ceases being conducive, due to climate change etc, any living thing should migrate 'southward' etc. Humans have been doing this since its beginning, the latest ones being 'indo-European migration' and the one that followed the so called 'collapse of the late bronze age'.

    You see the modern man is not living a natural lifestyle. In the latter, there should be no strict compartmentalizations. If human had partitioned the earth this way, by the time of 'collapse of late bronze age', Europeans would have extinct in masses trapped in Caucasus! But now climate change is comming on earth. The earth changes albeit slowly. Ergo the idea of compartments that 'permanently belongs to a certain people' is misplaced. Today someone in Libya wants to migrate to Sweden. Tomorrow the vice-versa will be the preferred trend. Also no countries are permanently 'ahead' in the sence of material prosperity etc. In just 600 years ago, Mali was the wealthiest country on earth, with Britons always longing to get to Mali! The resources gets exhausted. like the gold in Mali, the fossil fuel will come to and end. The land will grow infertile and water will get exhausted! Empires rise and fall etc.

    All this means that the 'go back and build country x' is short slighted, especially comming from a supposed 'guru'. The earth is not there to be built by anyone. It is already built up the way it is. Any additional layer done by humans is not a 'building' but a destruction of earth! Talk about spider building cobwebs on the horns of a buffalo. Granted that is a great infrastructure project from the point of view of the spider. The spider can now boast that 'he has built his country'. But from the point of view of the buffalo, these are $h!t on the head! Talk of the fleas living in the ears of a dog saying 'the ears belongs to the lighter fleas' or of jiggers creating 'tunnels' on a human feet. They can boast of the 'massive' infrastructure! They can say 'they have developed the feet', and that the feet belongs to jiggers and that lice should migrate to the head and 'help to build the head'!😆
  • Send them home Sweden and this also applies to all European countries
  • He is right ..just some Swedish government ministers are stupid
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