What Fools: for a start they should not be eating beef .
Fake or Real Beef they should not be eating animal corpses of any kind.
One Spiritual Master said that 1/3 of the population of the World will die from eating animal corpses as it will come to a stage where they do not know what meat they are eating.



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  • Brilliant comment .. MasterOfLight...keep spreading the Light
  • In Bhagawad Geeta, Sri Krishna emphatically says that a Sadhaka ..devotee (one who is in pursuit of Moksha...liberation) should have a compassion for all forms of life
  • I managed to get through a few pages of responses before it got old. So Im going to put in my opinion and leave it at that. Nobody has the right to force another into a way of life they are not ready for or do not want. I have never eaten meat. I dont know what it tastes like because to ME it is NOT FOOD> Not because of a spiritual decision, it simply isn't food for my body. Im phenylketonuric. For those who are NOT PKU, meat is a choice. Now, would i eat meat if that was a food choice? No, I wouldnt, for spiritual reasons and frankly it doesn't look too good to me.  But I wouldn't and do not tell someone who does that they are wrong, going to hell, spiritually in danger, or generally a bad person. I have come across others with PKU that DO in fact eat all kinds of things high in PHE (meat included) and in a heartbeat will tell them it's not good for them, but it is NOT FOOD for them either!!! ...Also, and just an opinion, seems to me a lot of people are just convinced that eating any kind of animal is bad karma. Well, that may be so and it may not be, I would think that laws like that would be universal, and we don't know for sure that other beings, you know, ones that have flesh and bones or whatever aren't meat eaters. Not only that, but how do we know there isn't a planet out there full off nothing but PLANTS that are sentient that cringe at the thought of being eaten??? What about beings that live off others energy? (not vampires although if that popped in your head thats ok too) Are they wrong because they wont eat plants? You can't sit here on a computer in your home or coffee shop and judge others because they arent doing what YOU believe to be right. For them it might be. I know a lot of people that are not interested in anything spiritual that are vegetarian/vegans, meat eaters, fruitarians etc. I also know many that are. It is their choice. For people like me, it is not. Understand the difference?

  • To eat is as divine and as exhilaration as sex. To get people to copulate and multiply, nature had to introduce orgasm. For humans to survive, nature had to introduce taste-buds to get people to eat. And who the heck are we to refuse what nature has placed before us? It's 'bloody' bad manners to refuse, man.

  • I'd then suggest we shut our mouths altogether. Starting with you.

    • not a chance lunatic.........................

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  • exactly right Kat~!~

  • I don't know WHAT I would do if this wildcat weren't hunting and killing all the rats I have/had in the cellar (and in the attic) in exchange for some nutritious and delicious food every now and then :)

    I feed the cat, and the cat kills the rat. That's symbiosis in a poetic way for ya ;)


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