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Swedes eat 70 tonnes of fake beef.. Swedish Consumers get fake beef... THE FOOLS

What Fools: for a start they should not be eating beef .
Fake or Real Beef they should not be eating animal corpses of any kind.
One Spiritual Master said that 1/3 of the population of the World will die from eating animal corpses as it will come to a stage where they do not know what meat they are eating.



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We have ACC Member Ben Arion in Sweden who is doing a great job in spreading love and light to the World but how about spreading more love and light in Sweden.
When I went to Sweden Gothenburg I found them in shops serving food and handling money. I went to a Andrum vegetarian restaurant where the food was good and beautiful swedish ladies serving except some customers spoiling by dirtying the serving spoons.
I thought the Swedes were smart more Eco-friendly but shocking to find that the animal corpse eaters in Sweden eating meat that they do not even know its ingredients. They should be vegetarians not barbarians.
Those who eat flesh have very low vibes and the emotion felt by the animal butchered goes in the flesh they eat.
Heavy Karma

"They should be vegetarians not barbarians."

That's easily solved. All we have to do is to level the entire UK and make corn and hemp fields out of it (the people can be grinded into a fine slurr and used as fertilizer so we won't have to worry about providing a new country for anyone either). ;)

What people ...I stated you need to get the level of being a responsible human being... Animals have a right to live just as humans have.
Animal Flesh, Animal Meat, Animal Corpses is the same thing ...the reason I use the term Animal Corpse eaters is to awake some of them on what they are eating.
Why should we be good to animal corpse eaters if they do not wish to change their ways.
Everyday millions of animals are killed just to fill their bellies with dead animal meat.
Vegetarian is the first step to take in leading a spiritual life and so becoming a responsible human being.

I don't believe that food has the power to hinder our spirit and eating meat might actually help in the spiritual path you have chosen. But this might not be true for everyone; some it will assist to help meat while others find much benefit in eating fruits and rawfoods etc. What might be true for you don't have to be true for someone else.

I myself live in Sweden and yes we do eat lots of meat here. But I don't think we are better or worse then the majority of the rest of western society. And really in my opinion there is nothing called "better" or "worse"; there is just different. That is kinda what this reality is about; diversity. 

I say follow your own path and your own way to live here. What works for you works for you. And I suggest that you don't indulge into judgement of other people for not behaving or believing like you think you want. Spirituality for me means to find acceptance for what this reality is about and allow it to be. And when you can do this completely all the time without judgement coming in you know what uncondtional love is.

"Why should we be good to animal corpse eaters if they do not wish to change their ways."(?)

..because WE SHOULD BE GOOD!

If you really want to make a difference, you're going about it the wrong way. I often pondered being a vegetarian, but the type of behavior you're exhibiting pushed me away. The first step to leading a spiritual life is LOVE. Nothing you say or do matters to the people you're trying to change if you aren't exhibiting unconditional love towards them. 

You love animals, huh? Great. Do you love the people who eat them? If not, then why bother?

I thought the message was LOVE ----ONENESS.

The ego works to replace the joy you get from doing good with a sense of pride/righteousness. If it succeeds, inner peace is replaced with longing and desire--

the longing to change people (no longer content with all that IS NOW)...

the desire to bring everyone up to your level.

Okay, here's an analogy for you:

At Bonnaroo one year, there was a man holding a sign that read, "Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, and Jerry Garcia are burning in hell right now. Where will you go when you die?"

Do you think people threw their drugs in the trash and turned their lives around because of that?

He did just the opposite. 

You'd be better of not saying anything to people than calling them "corpse eaters" with disdain. You're just gonna make them NOT follow your advice. This behavior kept me from being a vegetarian for a long time.

Why does it matter if YOU eat meat or not if you are actually keeping others from becoming vegetarians with your piss-poor strategy? Might as well be eating a steak right now.

Try to reconnect with the reason you don't eat meat.


Don't lose sight of that and see where it takes you. 

You can make a difference.

ThePatient: While you are trying to spread Love do you realise that every day millions of animals are being butchered in slaughterhouses for most people who have now gone beyond Love and Compassion .. Yes try your love techeneque but make it fast and efficient to same the lives of millions of innocent animals.
I use the term animal corpses so some may realise that it does not sound good at all and they might become vegetarians quicker.
Time is important as millions of lives may be saved from going into slaughterhouses.

Nice, you have the right to decide what type of life lives an dies...

unfortunately Lori, your argument does not hold water, sort of speak~ I do not kill a tree by picking its fruit when is ready, all while a murdered animal will not have a chance to reproduce again. So by picking a tomatoe from its vine I do decide which life lives ...............................


"I do not kill a tree by picking its fruit when is ready,"

Well, that depends.. If you s*** in a toilet connected to the GRID you'd be committing abortion upon eating any fruits.. But .. If you dump your behind-products in nature, you'd be a part of the life-cycle of that tree. So, where do you s***? ;)

one shitty argument here.....................



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