Rampant LGBT perversion, violence and mental illness: How America’s collapse was foretold 50 years ago

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Image: Rampant LGBT perversion, violence and mental illness: How America’s collapse was foretold 50 years ago

(Natural News) It has long been argued that, should humanity ever go extinct, it will be because of overpopulation and the depletion of all resources. The reality, though, is that human society is already in the throes of an engineered collapse because of “save the world” depopulation and population control efforts disguised as “sustainability.”

In case you have not noticed, the globalists are trying really hard to herd everyone into multicultural “smart” cities while restricting and monitoring their every move in the interest of “climate change.” They are also viciously demoralizing people, including through LGBT perversion, which is spreading like a virus.

Violence is also on the rise as the human herd, forced against its will into this new globalist “utopia,” breaks down both morally and mentally. This war against humanity was depicted, it turns out, through experiments on mice that were conducted many decades ago.

Research funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) would end up predicting what would eventually become of humanity when thrust into the confines of a highly controlled “progressive” society. The animals started off vibrant, but eventually all died off – just like we are seeing with humanity today.

“Sustainability” is code for the engineered breakdown and destruction of normal human society

A man named John Calhoun put together one particular experiment called “Universe 25” in which mice were given an unlimited supply of food, water, and social engagement in an artificial “utopia.” The only caveat is that they were artificially placed in close living quarters with one another, much like the “smart” cities of today.



The “sustainable” environment in which Calhoun placed the mice initially caused them to thrive. They were protected from predators and disease, after all, and had all the time in the world to make friends, mate, multiply, and just enjoy their lives.

At its peak, Universe 25 had 2,200 mice. After that, the mice started to exhibit serious behavioral problems that mirror what we are now witnessing with humanity.

Concerning reproduction, the mice stopped engaging in courtship. Female mice began to abandon their young, and homosexuality among all the mice began to increase.

At day 600 following peak population, Calhoun observed that the mice were clearly on their way to extinction. While they were physically able to reproduce, the mice appeared to lose the social skills necessary to create healthy, happy families.

“About every 60 days, the population doubled as the mice filled the most desirable space within the pen,” explains Exposé News about the experiment. “When the population reached 620, the population growth slowed to doubling around every 145 days as the mouse society began to hit problems.”

“After 315 days the mice’s reproduction began to slow. When the number of rodents reached 600 a hierarchy was formed the so-called ‘wretches’ appeared. Once the wretch group was formed the larger rodents began to attack the group with the result that many wretch males began to ‘collapse’ psychologically. As a result, the females did not protect themselves and in turn, became aggressive towards their young.”

Women who become like men display true toxic masculinity

Does any of this sound familiar? In the realm of humanity today, we are seeing the rise of effeminate, seemingly incapable men with passive personas accompanied by loud and proud, almost beastly, “empowered” women with high aggression who are rapidly occupying all seats of power, control and influence – all by design, just to be clear.

While humans are much more complex than mice, the similarities between what happened to the mice in Calhoun’s experiments and what is happening to humanity today are striking.

Calhoun’s mice were given everything they needed without a fight, so why did they start to decline? Perhaps because things became too “easy,” in a sense. Their environment was unnatural, and their normal behaviors and instincts squelched, which eventually resulted in irreversible abnormality.

We are seeing the same thing with humanity as rampant excess has birthed the Cult of LGBT, which is now praised as a beacon of society. Homosexuality and transgenderism are encouraged while normalcy is hated.

Men are also now considered to embody “toxic masculinity” whenever they act like real men. And women, unless they replace these men with their own brand of actual toxic masculinity, are also denigrated for fulfilling traditional feminine roles.

Everything is inverted. Women who act like men and men who act like women, even if they are in heterosexual relationships, display transgenderism in many of the same ways as the Universe 25 mice.

When men are stripped of their masculinity and role in society, everything collapses

One thing Calhoun noticed towards the end of his “mouse paradise” experiment was the emergence of a new class of male rodents, which he dubbed the “beautiful mice.” They appeared healthy, but their spirits were dead.

Calhoun described these beautiful mice in a paper called “Death Squared:”

“Autistic-like creatures, capable only of the most simple behaviours compatible with physiological survival, emerge out of this process. Their spirit has died … They are no longer capable of executing the more complex behaviours compatible with species survival.”

The perceived loss of tension, pressure, and stress within Calhoun’s mice paradise, which runs contrary to real life, resulted in male mice losing their gusto and the female mice becoming isolated and aggressive. In many ways, a transgender role reversal had taken place.

Following this, things degraded even further to the point that all of the mice started to engage in cannibalism, pan-sexualism, and violence, ultimately leading to every last one of them dying and the entire colony going extinct. Calhoun repeated this experiment 25 times, and each time the end result was the same.

“Are we are currently witnessing direct parallels in today’s society?” Exposé News asks. “Weak, feminised men with little to no skills and no protection instincts, and overly agitated and aggressive females with no maternal instincts?”

The latest news about the approaching end of civilization as we currently know it can be found at Collapse.news.

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