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Suppressed History – Ashkenazim Police and Others in Poland (and Germany, etc.) Complicit in Holocaust

Ashkenazim Police and Others in Poland Complicit in Holocaust
Editor Note: The people of this planet have been told lies about their own history. Yesterday, I was wondering whether or not there were more “Jewish” people other than George Soros who were complicit in perpetrating the Holocaust against their own people. The answer is “yes”. George Soros is proud that he aided in the destruction of his own people and pillaged their goods to enrich himself. As you will see that he was not alone in his perfidy. In this short video from AfriSynergyNews, the whole lie about the Ashkenazim or those who are now called “Eastern European Jews”, is blown wide-open. The Ashkenazim or Kharazians who have managed to hide beyond the title of “Jew” for over a thousand years, were, in part, complicit in the destruction of thousands of their own people in order to get what they wanted… a Homeland. This is the true purpose of the Holocaust, a mass sacrifice in order to get what they wanted. Herr Hilter knew and acted for the Rothschilds because he was Ashkenazim, born in an Austrian ghetto. Is it any wonder that the Ashkenazim… at least some of them, are still complicit in fomenting terrorism worldwide just to get what they want, which now is the nearly total destruction of 90% of the world’s population through the use of vaccinations, geoengineering, weaponizing communications, the food, and pharmaceutical industries, using propaganda through mass media sources (news, film, music, etc.), dumbing down the population through the use of drugs, illiteracy and programming, breaking down the nuclear family, emasculating males, masculating females, promoting abortion and so on…

The Ashkenazim are NOT racial Semites, they practice Judaism, which their forebears adopted centuries ago. Therefore, they cannot hide any longer behind the curtain of boldly accusing their critics of “anti-Semitism”. The Zionists in Israel are at the core of the world’s problems, along with the Catholic Church and other so-called global elites. It is time, beyond time, that they and all their nefarious agendas and activities are dragged into the Light. In American, the “Jewish” Mafia, run by the Rockefellers, Bushes, Clintons, and Rothschilds, is at the black heart of the “Deep State”. Once exposed they cannot continue to run America into the ground as they have attempted to do, and nearly succeeded in doing, over the last six decades post WWII and the infiltration of American industry and institutions by Nazis through Operation Paperclip.

Listen to the video presented here, then, if you haven’t already begun to do so, question EVERYTHING that you have ever been taught and begin to put the real pieces of the puzzle of our suppressed history together for yourself.

AfriSynergyNews – YouTube

February 17, 2018

Netanyahu, visiting Europe and the Munich meeting, challenged the Polish Prime Minister’s statement about some Ashkenazim also being complicit in the death camps in Poland. I will be coming with the facts on this topic.

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Thanks for posting, Meindert.

Well , the holocaust has never happened , so this article is Judaic false propaganda with some truth interwoven into it.

Thats how they work , just like with NA.



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