Woke up super sad...very anxious.  I'm 38 and am just freaking out about where I'm going in life.  I feel like a looser.  I'm looking into getting my yoga certification so I can teach yoga to those at home who are in need of healing, but I'm fearful.  I'm a part time RN I don't make much money in fact I'm poor as dirt.  I have no children I have a wonderful husband and I feel like a looser. I NEVER EVER think like this.....what's going on Energetically?


Michelle aka SPiritlite

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  • Hey there Michelle! Sorry you are feeling like this I think it is normal...humm you never think like this...maybe astrologically there is something going on for you to get you thinking about your life as well ... Where are you on your menstral cycle? You are still young enough to have children if you desire......well for one it could be grief of you grieving losses in your life and it is ok to grieve. 3d thinking is like that sees thinks very small like as in your a looser or I am a failure. That is not true at all.....there are no winners or losers in life just people.......maybe have a day where you give to yourself and nurture yourself......or spend some time volunteering that will help put things into perspective for you.....then I think that there could be some negative entities bringing you down getting in the way of you.....maybe all of it.....thAnk you and take care.....
  • Feather Winger, that must be why it works so well.

  • That is just too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Michelle,

    This is something you can always hold true to.

    any thoughts you have that are anything less than loving are your suppressed ego having a moment to express iyself.

    It is not you.

    It is however a part of you that believes its true.

    under normal circumstances you can keep this part of you under control.

    Now is the time to give up control and allow these parts of you to openly express themselves.(Which is what they are doing).

    Understand why they feel they way they do.

    And make peace with them. 

    • I like that a suppressed ego expressing itself
  • I was exactly the same yesterday, I am 54 years old, totally without money and super frustrated.   what's happening?

    when all the changes will come?  I don't know how to manage the things anymore.    Is this the life we're waiting for????

    I can't make anymore meditations because I am in survival mode.........NOT GOOD. 

    COMMON ANGELS AND ASCENDED MASTERS, time to help us to come out of this vicious circle.  There is abundance as much you can't imagine, only a wrong distribution.   How much longer????????

    much blessings and  love to you all

  • Hi michelle, thanks for sharing your feelings.

    I as well am feeling quite sad, though partially because a woman i love very much (wife), somehow doesn't have the same love for me anymore and we will not be together for much longer it appears.

    I really don't have much idea why, maybe it's the higher energies coming in and we are no longer compatible, as she has become hateful, bitter, vengeful, whereas i can feel nothing but love for her, even while she is carrying on in a childish tirade, maybe that is the energy conflict at hand.

    I somehow have the feeling many in this world are having very similar experiences, like oil and water and one or the other just cannot stand to be in the presence of one that is embodying this unconditional love energy.

    This seems to be playing out in a very similar way with the power groups on this world, where the more loving and caring power groups are aligning against the childish and selfish, darkly oriented cabals.

    peace love and light to you and all.

  • Well, Michelle, if I had to guess, I'd say that you are going through a very deep change. Everything is purifying now, and many people are asked from within to be authentic with their deepest longings and purpose/soul-spirit. So take it as a good change, although it may feel frightening and scary, it is all good. It means that you are coming more closer to your deepest self. And yes it may mean that you will have to change a job or add something new to your life, but if you remain true to you, there is no way that you'll lose in this.

    Love :)

    BTW, don't worry if you don't know what that new thing is or will be, you will find out!

  • Me too same thing very recently these past days. I think the planets are messing up on us. I feel lonely, sad, depressed. I wanna be spiritual so bad but I can't right now cos I got too much stuffs to do before that. I feel like everyone I know are all selfish, hypocrites and ingrates who have left me alone. I'm so lost too and can't put a dicipline in myself. I hate to work and live like a human. I just wanna exist without eating, drinking and walking. I wanna be able to fly in the spiritual dimensions and remain in my light form forever and be far away from the humans, they irritate me big time.

  • I have experienced these feelings lately too, felt so down as if nothing made sense anymore, although I know so much of what is going onthese times, but probably I'm getting anxious and feel that is still long time until anything will really happen. I'm sure I'm wrong and I feel that our reality will change soon but I couldn't feel any different. Slowly, I managed to somehow balance myself, though until recently I was a model of balance, thinking I could never change back. In fact we are not changing back, probablly it is a kind of a final test before the change to happen. I'm just tired of all this nonsense and I wish something will change soon so that we can be on our path away from all this craziness and sadness around us

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