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Do you girls look good in burkas?  At least head scarves-I saw young fashion designers at NY Fashion Institute modeling their designs for 2013-ankle length skirts and head scarves-

Christians are rapidly disappearing from the region of Jesus Christ’s birth – the modern Middle East – and are being persecuted in many other regions of the world where their religion is viewed as “Western” and foreign.

The new study, reported Sunday by the British Telegraph newspaper, warns that Christians suffer greater hostility across the world than any other religious group. It also claims politicians have been “blind” to the extent of violence faced by Christians in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. 

The most dangerous threat to the religion is militant Islam, the report by the think tank Civitas says, because oppression in Muslim countries is often ignored because of a fear that criticism will be seen as “racism”. 

Converts from Islam face being killed in Saudi Arabia, Mauritania and Iran and risk severe legal penalties in other countries across the Middle East, the report says: “It is generally accepted that many faith-based groups face discrimination or persecution to some degree.

Decadent west going down!

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 No my son the decadent 3D world is transitioning and the think tanks are redundant as they all have 3 D Agendas and you amongst the rest of the Planet whether they wear Burkas like Mother Mary  who has a Blue One and is very attractive in it how be it on the 12/12/12 there were 9 days downloading the codes to activate your 12 Strand DNA to enable the rebooting of your body system which you will feel shortly as have millions of others. On the 21/22/23/24/12 72 hours these are three days when we are activated and come on line as we are ready. Called the Dark Night of the Soul nothing at all like Gotham City and the Fire of the Lord in Isaiah. Our Frequencies are being changed and so it is with Sikhs Hindus, Shintoists, Moslems. Coptics, in fact there are 4,000 Faiths. All are redundant and Oh yes we then have Christmas which is the First time in 26,000 years that the Great Central Sun of Prime Creator/Prime Creatrix aligns with Alcyone our Central Sun and the whole Earth rises in Consciousness as so many already have. This is the Truth of Santa Claus as the Story has been told for 26,000 with so many many Avatars, Jesus Krishna, Mithra, and so many before. Go into your heart temple my son and receive the energies and stay focused there and heal yourself. In a couple of years all the religions will be in decline and true Spirituality will take its place. Like Atom Bombs are inert and redundant so are Man Made Faiths and Cults. Cheers Joy Love Balance Grace Harmony kingjeff

Kingjeff! Nicely said. My vision exactly. As we take responsibility for our experiences we created our own selves, the leaning on something or someone outside our hearts will be replaced by us standing on our own feet and walking the paths we have chosen and made for ourselves. Thank you for letting me know I am not the only one who sees things the way I do.

One day I'm gonna ask you to explain that entire picture. :)

 @ Custos as usual you have just answered a mystery that had been in my mind for around 2o years ever since I viewed the picture "Amadeus" Story of Mozart and as I was sitting in the middle of the theater about half way through I saw this amazing pattern in my mind's eye cascade across the screen in descending in a semi circle from top left to bottom right. Talking to a friend recently he said how these Downloads are achieved using Sacred Medicine and in trance state. I said I achieved that quite naturally in a Cinema and since then has occurred to me from my computer. It must be a version of the Golden Ratio I was viewing.

@ I.M. Ascending the Template above was to repair the rip in the Higher and Lower Heavens and to return everyone to All That Is Prime Creator and with the posting of the pattern above the return of the Sacred Mother Prime Creatrix who truly is Nurturer, Carer, Comforter of the Cosmos while Prime Creator Our Heavenly Father dwells in Their Palace within the bounds of the 144 within the Diamond Palace of the Mother. It is all in the Template which I Titled " All That Is Heart Stargate Matrix of the Macro Multidimensional Multiverse. After posting AA Michael was channeled to say that we are all seeded with an Atomic Diamond God Cell. The above Template is Trinary as every number is trinary and we are returning to Trinary Spirit Beings of Light having a wonderful journey. You notice the Diagonal numbers of 11 form the Diamond of the Mother and if you follow the next set of Diagonals from the Number 1 to 144 in the Father's Palace it contains the Number 13 in the Maths. 12 represents the 12 Archangels and 13 Grace is a Sacred Gift to All. 12 are the 12 Fruits of the Spirit and Grace being added enables one to journey being Christed with the Sacred Mother to the Father's Many Mansions.  That is a start for you my friend and on this very very special day which is the Foundation Of Christmas Christ Mass and only happens once every 26,000 years Blessings Joy Peace Balance Grace Harmony kingjeff

Kingjeff, We knew about the Golden Ratio which is Phi 1.618 and onward, this number is the God Ratio. The Number of God. Or Source. Or whatever you want to call it!

I would recommend everyone who will read this to watch Spirit Science. Its 4 hours long, But You can all understand that secret of Life was Phi.

Take a look at the Emerald Tablets written by Thoth. The Emerald Tablets are OVER 26,000 YEARS OLD!

Thoth In Tablet 8, Teaches you how to become Physically Immortal, and to work with the light!!!

The demise of the christians have been prophesized and planned by the illuminaughty since the dawn of time. It's a nescessary step to create the one world religion which is gonna start with a "breaking news archeological find", that's supposed to rock the foundation of all religions and unite humanity in a new religion.

But, it's all just a screenplay... It is of no importance for us who are focusing on ascension.

Lufcifer WILL get his 7 year reign. I am certain of it.

And, I'm not going to stop it. Humanity needs to have their final lesson if they are ever to grow up ;)

Don't forget, USA have had a witch-hunt going for more than 10 years and there are still people being held wihout being charged for anything .. They're "just witches" and are being held as such, even tho the modern man use different words to describe those people... So, the problem you wanna isolate to the muslim faith, is in fact a global issue and have been since the 16'th century.

"I saw a video from Greg Braden not too long ago where he said that it takes 100 people to feel the love of peace in their heart within a city of a population of 1,000,000 (one Million) in order to make peace come to past."

And that's why Greg Braden is now unemployed begging for scraps at the roadside at night ;)

If those words were true, peace on earth would have been a reality a long time ago.
Gothenburg have far greater numbers than 100 people at TOTAL love and peace, and that ain't enough to passify the other 500 thousand people we have here.. That I can see with my own eyes and have been able to see during the 30 or so years I've spent observing the evolution of this little region. :)

I believe the ratio is more like 1:10, i.e. it takes 1 happy person to convert 10.
But don't forget, one man with a gun can disrupt 100 without one so to cancel peace all you have to do is to put in 1/10 of the effort it took to create that peace.  . ;)

Braden's words could be true, for a city where there is absolutely no evil present to start with and where everyone is neutral. I believe 1 person could easily convert a thousand in such ideal conditions, but only in those conditions.

I.M., I saw that video (also the audio).  This is an incorrect interpretation of what him and his research team had discovered.  Basically, they found that a minute portion of a given populated area's people could create a thought energy that would influence their environment to the point of lowering crime and violence.  I don't mean to be argumentative, but in the spirit of fairness, this is a very critical view of what G Braden is all about.  He was an engineer, so he was influenced by whatever drives people to become enmeshed in the corporate world, but I've found him to be a very good teacher of some desperately needed spiritual truths.  I don't have anything bad to say about him.  Doesn't he try hard enough?  Hard work is very seldom rewarded it's true, isn't it?

I was always wondering where people like MLK came from.  Certainly not from our system, people like him are a godsend.   My only question is why they seemingly meet an end wholly unbefitting a person of such spiritual strength.  Think about it, it doesn't add up.  If I were an illuminati, I certainly wouldn't martyr him, would you?  I thought they were smarter than that.  

Goes to show the cowardice of the fearful so-called Islamic Muslims (which they are not).  To pick through a denomination of people who are really searching for the truth, something they wouldn't think of doing because of being afraid to face their own fears.  How long will this go on?  I don't understand how this occurs.  Where does it come from?  Why can't we really rid the planet of this behavior?  What is stopping us?

"How long will this go on?  I don't understand how this occurs.  Where does it come from?"

Ask the Vatican. They're the ones who invented Islam.. They can probably tell you all about the plans for the religions clash with the other religions they have created.. I doubt they'll speak that truth to you unless you break them first tho. ;)

"Why can't we really rid the planet of this behavior?"

Because your country survive on the very trade with one of the countries that have that behaviour as a normality. You need to stop trading with those people. Before that happens we won't be able to change a thing about their behaviour.

"What is stopping us?"


If you immediately cease your trade with Saudi Arabia you'll all die, because their number one export goods is the same goods you use to power your infrastructure, from food to sanitation.

Now, if those functions would suddenly cease due to a moral choice, about 300 million americans will have a hard time accepting that due to the immense suffering that would almost immediately hit the entire nation. ;)

Evil circles.. I've been in such circles myself and I almost killed myself trying to get out of'em... I have no idea of how You people are to kringle your way out of the current situation. My situations were a pee in the ocean compared to the challenges that awaits YOU in the coming years.



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