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Nasa and Soho are showing strong solar activity these past two weeks. The solar winds and storms are creating different and unusual weather patterns for the earth and her inhabitants.  Some photos show holes in the Sun's Corona.  Some spirtualists say these changes in solar activity and emissions will have a direct effect on the transformations of humankind and animals' DNA.



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I'm estimating it will start having effect around the 21st, summer solstice. The ultimate time for joy :)
SO! To ALL of my brothers and sisters, i say congratulations.....more love than ever! Namaste!
Yes, it is such an exciting and intense time. Changes are rapidly moving forward according to our Creator's plan. All things are in motion. New stargates and transcendental portals are emerging. David Wilcock is one of the forerunners with this Knowledge and what we can expect in days to come. May all living things live in abundance according to the Creator wish for us in love, haromony, and balance. May all be blessed and protected as we journey along our respective paths in love and light!..


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