Strange Skies Over the Denver Airport

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I know this site has many who follow, as he has stated posts do not go up over the weekend typically.  Friday morning at around 7:00 AM I went out on my balcony for a cigarette.  I looked up and saw many chemtrails.  Two crossed to make a large X and then there were many more streaks heading in that direction.  Steve made a small note yesterday saying that there were many emails he recieved about the chemtrails over DIA(Denver International Airport).  I attempted to take a photo however the camera was obstructed by the sun from my perspective, I hope that Steve puts up some pictures others may have taken.  Also there was a large cloud that looked exactly like photos I've seen of areas of clouds after HAARP events.  My girlfriend agreed and I was dissapointed in not getting a photo.  Only a few hours later I saw the post on Steve's site and I wanted to make sure and get a photo if I saw anything else strange.  I would like to add at this point that the week when the "Underground Facilities" were destroyed I saw a fighter jet streak over the top of my house(in the middle of a highly populated area), and by "saw" I mean my house started shaking like an earth quake so I ran out to see what the F*** was going on.  I told a friend in Boulder about it and he said that he saw teams of "Twin Chopper Millitary Helicoptors" flying over in patterns.  Today there are clouds in the area that are all streaking directionally to the same area that the chemtrails were heading, the area of the sky that points in DIA's exact direction.


Link to Steve's blurb on the chemtrails:


Video showing the current sky with clouds streaking towards DIA:

Map of video shooting in relation to DIA:


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  • Its very strange indeed.  These are showing up faster and faster as well.  They are very hard to capture on camera but here is a picture of one particular trail.  They all point to the same direction, like rays off of a circle.  This one just popped up since I took the video.



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