Still curious as ever.

So i'm not sure but I think my third eye is close to being opened, because as I was meditating I literally left my body on accident for I believe to be the first time, and I was drifting up towards my ceiling and I saw the pictures of money I had on the ceiling up close and personal and for some reason I began to get scared, and I told myself I needed to release my fears but regardless the OBE ended. I've had minor headaches that come and go, and i've seen colors but I still do not know if it's open or not, and honesty don't know how to tell if it is.  here are some questions to people with an open third eye

1- What exactly does it mean to have an open third eye.

2- What's it like to OBE? like, where and what is the place you are in and what is it's relativities to other places(dimensions, planes, w/e.)

3- DOes my personality effect where i go?

4- In great detail what are the overall effects of an open third eye?<---- Great detail. <--- emphasis. Tell me your 1st hand experience, I know they must be slightly different from person to person but my questions on this topic are rampant.

5- Am i in any danger when I OBE?

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  • Also whats the number one technique to open the third eye quickly?

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