It's just one second 'til Ascension on the Galactic Clock on Gaia -- get involved now to live life in the higher dimensions --
Lord  Ashtar

So,  we are back with you once again and must acknowledge that everyone is looking  very bright, shall we say.  And this  is indeed good, as it’s your Brightness, your Light, that spreads from you to  all others in your world, speeding you swiftly toward your new Golden Age.  And during your meditations, WE INVITE YOU TO VISIT US UPON OUR CRAFTS, for the party has already begun! (As you pray and send out your intentions, ask to be upon your star family's craft during your meditations and dream-time.)


Also, during  the week of this next meditation, most, but not all, of your world will be  celebrating your New Year! We tell you now, 2014 will bring the  culmination of many plans within the Cosmic Clock and the many dreams our Lightworkers and Starseeds have been experiencing for some time now!


For  your next meditation we are asking the Eagles to turn their focus to three of  your planetary grids, further assisting in the anchoring and integration of the  rarefied energies your planet has recently received.  And please go back to performing the  complete protocol for this Project before beginning. (Ground, Center, and Connect your energy to that of Sananda's Eagles to send up these intentions.)


For  the first five minutes, the Eagles are asked to send the Energy of Love to the  Crystalline Grid which was overlayed upon your old matrix in your year 2012.  That Grid has recently received Energy that acts as a trigger for the release of informational packets meant for Gaia and all her lifeforms, and this will  continue to occur periodically at specific intervals, acting much like what you  term your ‘time-released’ medicines. So it is that the Energy of Love helps to  open these triggers.


For  the next five minutes of this meditation, the Eagles are asked to send the  Energy of Love to the Hearts of all men, women and children upon your planet,  filling them with Grace and Clarity as all of you walk hand-in-hand into your new Golden Age.

For  the last five minutes, the Eagles are asked to send the Energy of Love to the  Heart of their Mother Earth as she continues her march into her  higher-dimensional state of Being.

And  we ask that each of you take an additional minute or two at the end of your  meditation to send your Gratitude to Creator for the many changes that occurred  on your world in 2013.  Some...well,  many...of you found the changes to be chaotic, overbearing on the physical  container, and depleting of your energy.  Give thanks! These are all signposts that things are indeed changing on  your planet, and that is what all of you have prayed for, is it not?  So bring in the Grace and Ease that  accompany this infusion of Love Energy by being in Gratitude for that which  you’ve asked!  It is so close, my  dear brothers and sisters, and we Serve with great and joyful anticipation of  our reunion with you!

I am  Ashtar, sending you my Love and Gratitude.  Adonai. 



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