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Stan Fulham Retired Air Force and NORAD Officer on The Cosmic Eye Sunday Oct 24th @11:30 AM Est

The Cosmic Eye Radio Show with CmdrAleon will have back on the Program Retired Royal Canadian Air Force Officer and Norad Official Stanley Fulham .
He wrote the book Challenges Of Change and in the 3rd edition a group of over 40,000 Extraterrestrial Souls from his Source predicted Massive UFO Displays over Pincipal Cities around the World.

Three weeks before the Event that happened on Oct 13th 2010 they the Pleisdians decided to only appear at one of the Principal Cities .

They chose New York City and the reason according to Stan Fulham was because people might get sacred if all this Ships appared at once.

New York was an International City and they felt it was a safe place for the first major appearance.

Over 100 plus lights that day and some in the evening appeared over the City of New York for hours hovering into the Night.

Join me Sunday Morning as I Interview again Stan Fulham on the Cosmic Eye at 11:30 AM Est 10:30 CT and 8:30 PT Worldwide at

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It is possible that those children really thought that what was seen that day were their balloons. Of course no one told them that balloons don't hover in one place for more than a few minutes. Those UFOs were seen in the same location for more than 4 hours.



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