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St. Germain, One Who Serves and Shoshanna - "You Must Become The Republic That You Were Meant To Be" Via James McConnell


4/28/2019  Sunday Call 


 You Must Become The Republic That You Were Meant To Be


Saint Germain  and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell 

Shoshanna - Joanna's Higher Self



These messages were given during our weekly Sunday  Prepare For Change group based in Payson, AZ  on April 28h, 2019 during our April Advance in the Mountains. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)


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SAINT  GERMAIN   (Channeled by James McConnell)


I am your Saint Germain.


I am pleased to be with you to continue working together with this group, and with you each as individuals.  Because together we are all bringing this about.  We are all making this happen. 



As I have been associated many times with the advent of this country, this America, as well as other areas of Europe, so I am not just associated with America, I am associated with many areas of the world. 


But it is all about bringing back the idea of a Republic.  What is a Republic?  It is not what you have today in this United States.  But it is what was meant by those of us, those that you call the forefathers of this country, those that forged ahead:  yes, with some of my help at the time.  Because I have been associated with the advent of the beginning of a new age for some time. 


You are coming to the culmination of that.  But in order to do that, you first must become the republic that you were meant to be.  And all of you, even though you say, “what can I do?”  You can do a great deal just by visualizing what a Republic is, what it was meant to be, with those of the forefathers meant how this nation was to be.  It was supposed to be a government by and for the people, not the other way around.  It was not meant to be the people for the government, which is what it is now. 


It is very much associated with that idea of councils that you are moving toward.  Someday this is what it will be like.  This is what your government will be like.  Many individual councils running the show, but not running the people, assisting the people, guiding the people.  That is what government is supposed to be.  Not governing the people, but the people governing the government.


And I stand by as Saint Germain, continuing to assist wherever I can.  Yes, I am associated with the President.  I am working together with those that you call “The Alliance,” myself and many others who work together with me to bring this about.  You are not alone in this. There are many, many that are working together to bring this about, to bring this reset across the world about, to bring the revaluation of the monies, to bring the changing of the financial system that you have now into a new, higher consciousness financial system that is being brought to you by those of the Galactics.  And we are all working together to bring this forward. 


And yes, as someone said on your phone call, patience.  It takes a great deal of patience to work this entire process.  It takes a great deal of patience to go through this ascension process that you are going through.  It is not an instantaneous miraculous overnight change. It is gradual.  Line upon line, thought upon thought, that it is happening.  And for some of you, you wonder, “Why isn’t it happening faster?  We are ready.” 


Yes, you may be ready, but there is an entire collection of man’s consciousness out there that we would say are not yet ready.  Because if the event were to occur now in this moment, many would not survive it.  Many, in terms of billions, would not survive it.  So that is why it has not happened. 


But does it have to take a lifetime?  Does it have to take many, many years before it can be?  No.  It has to take a movement of consciousness, of the collective consciousness of man, to bring this about.  And this is happening now.  There is a change occurring.  Just go out every day and notice more and more people are seeing the beauty around them, and not looking at the ugliness. 


Even though your news reports, your media, tends to bring about all of the negative things that are happening, how many more of you out there are saying, “Enough is enough, we don’t want to see this anymore, we don’t want to have this in our consciousness any more. We want purity.  We want love.  We want higher consciousness always to be with us.”  Yes, those of you, the Lightworkers and Warriors, are saying that. 


But there are more people than you know that are out there.  Although they don’t know the terminology that you use, and that we use with you, but they do know about love.  They do know about higher consciousness.  And they are moving in that direction as well, even now as we speak. 


We have used the visualization with you many times of the lights that are appearing everywhere around the globe from our vantage point, as if the light was coming on in individuals more and more and more.  And literally, it is. 


So continue to trust, my friends, my brothers, my sisters:  continue to trust in the orchestration that is happening and will continue to happen.  Because although the event has not yet occurred at the physical level that you are at, it is not going to happen in the three-dimensional world as you know it. 


It is going to happen when enough people have moved out of the three-dimensional illusion and the illusion has left the building, you might say.  And you will be left with fourth-dimension, and even fifth-dimensional consciousness and vibrations associated with that. That is where you are headed.  That is what is requiring patience on your part. 


But that does not mean for you to sit back and do nothing.  It means for you, in every opportunity that you have, to become the Warriors of Light that Archangel Michael has called for, and spread that light wherever you can, wherever it is called for.  Not where you call for it, but where someone else calls for it. 


I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now in peace and love, and the Violet Flame to always be with you.  I am the embodiment of the Violet Flame for this planet.  But that does not mean I am the only one that carries it.  Just like Yeshua is not the only one that carries the Christ Consciousness.  You all carry the Christ Consciousness.  Become the embodiment of that Christ as you can.


Pease and love be with all of you.




ONE  WHO  SERVES   (Channeled by James McConnell)


Om, mani padme, hum;  om, mani padme hum, hum, hum.   Greetings to you!   One Who Serves here.  


Cannot even begin to follow up with that message.  That was quite profound, we would say, here.  And although we think we are quite profound at times, Saint Germain “killed it.”  (Laughter)   Is that the right word?  Can we use that word?


JoAnna:   Yes. 


OWS:   Okay.  Do you have questions here for One Who Serves and Shoshanna, whom we know is standing by as well?


Shoshanna   (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell):   Shoshanna is standing by.


OWS:   Any questions out there in phone land?  We almost said Phonie land, but you’re not phonie, you are real to us, very real to us!  So much more real than you can imagine. 


  Would there be any questions here that you might have?


Guest:   Yes One Who Serves.   I have been trying to figure out a question for a little while now, maybe about a week now.  Because when I was on with you a few weeks back, I had talked about what was going to be my path for going forward, my work, if you will, and at that time you had said we are not looking back at the past, and  you said get a new profession, which is what you said to me, which I thought was quite amusing.  I have been trying to mull over what could that be. 


But then I was kind of thrown for a loop when I listened to the recording last week where Shoshanna was speaking with one of the callers.  She said that for some people an intermediary step, if they have something wedged in their quantum field which is called the past, that they might go into that memory and change the way they see it and change the perspective with the intent to change all the past for future generations. 


That is what I am really trying to do, and that is what I do very well, pretty masterfully, and so I was trying to understand why would that be not helpful anymore.  Or is there something I am missing?  Or are there enough people doing it so I don’t need to do it?  Or did you not realize that that is what I do, or perhaps maybe there is some question mark in the fifth-dimension beings as to whether this is going to be helpful anymore or how much?  So I just need some clarification on that.


OWS:   You first, Shoshanna, or we first?


Shoshanna:   Shoshanna wishes to share with you, Dear Sister.


OWS:   Yes.


Shoshanna:   Shoshanna wishes to share her perspective with you, Dear Sister, is that appropriate?


Guest:   Yes, please.  By all means.


Shoshanna:   We are not clear what you are speaking of.  There were two things that you were discussing in your diatribe.  One was that, as we heard it, and please correct us if this is not the way you meant it:  what we heard was that you were told to change your profession.  Is that part of this? 


Guest:   Yes.  And the other part was that I heard you suggest that people do that same thing, or seem like that was what you were suggesting.  So I was trying to understand why.


Shoshanna:   What were we suggesting?  Could you be very clear, please.


Guest:   Yes.  You said to one of the folks on the last call that what a powerful strategy can be to go into the memory and change the way she sees it and change the perspective with the intent to change all past and future generations. 


Shoshanna:   Yes, yes.  Does that not resonate with you, my Dear Sister? 


Guest:   No, that’s what I do and help people with, and that it why I am trying to understand why I was told that that wasn’t a good direction to go. 


Shoshanna:   And did you think that one of us was telling you not to do that?


Guest:   Yes.  I thought I was told by One Who Serves a couple weeks earlier to get a new profession.  That’s when I was told, and he was joking understand, but I want to understand that. 


Shoshanna:   Oh, okay.  So those two things are related and unrelated at the same time.  So it is always appropriate for human beings to change their perspective so that their experience forward and backward is a more beneficial experience to all.  That is appropriate.  It is also appropriate for human beings to change something in their lives, their profession, that would enhance that process.  So, changing your profession does not mean to stop programming the quantum field the way you are programming the quantum field, it just means that changing a profession may be more beneficial to that process.  Is that understood? 


Guest:   Well, I’m not sure.  I mean in other words the profession that I do is to assist people to do that with the quantum field for themselves and to alter their perspective.  So I thought I was told not to do that.


Shoshanna:   So you do not need to change your profession unless you wish to change your profession.  So in that suggestion, there might have been a misunderstanding of why you were even asking the question.  So you do not have to change anything if it is benefiting you and others in your realm of experience.  So it perhaps was a misunderstanding on both parts.  That happens.  All beings when they are using language to communicate have misunderstandings.  So stand in your power, Dear Sister, that is our message for you, and do what is beneficial to all.  Namaste.


Guest:   Oh, thank you.  Okay.  I appreciate that.


OWS:   We will just add here there is always differences in what is being asked and what is being given as the answer in terms of not everything is as it seems to be.  And when you ask a certain question, in the moment there is an answer that pertains to that question.  But at a later time it may not pertain so much anymore.  So what we say when we might have said change the professions, it is possibly because it was not meeting your needs or the need that you would perceive that you would have at that time. 


So as Shoshanna is saying, if it does not meet your needs, if it is not something that you are finding fulfillment in, or that  you are feeling is helping in the situation, then it would be necessary or prudent to make this change, make the shift in consciousness that is required to change that profession. 


So do not think in any way that we, as The One Who Serves, would tell you to do anything.  We do not tell you to do anything.  Just as the James said earlier from our prompting, of course, that it is not for your higher self to tell you to do anything.  Your higher self will not do that.   Your higher self will guide you, nudge you.  But always remember that you are your higher self.  So as your higher self is nudging you to do things, you are nudging you, you see? 


So just continue to allow for the process.  If it feels right to you, then it is right.   That is how you need to feel.  Now when we say feel, we are talking about from your heart center, that feeling there.  If it feels right at that level, then it is right for you.  But if it is something that you are analyzing and it is a drudgery at times, then that is something you may want to look at changing, bringing into a shifting pattern here, for yourself.  Okay?


Guest:   Yes.  Thank you so much.  I appreciate your teaching more on that.  Thank you.


OWS:   Yes.   Would be any other questions, here?


Guest:   Hello.  So thank you for everything, Shoshanna, and One Who Serves, James, and JoAnna.  Every Sunday after each session we feel like we are moving forward.  Thank you so much.  


My question is related to an experience I went through last Sunday night.  I felt that something was going to happen.  Just as I was ready to sleep, the earth started shaking under me and getting harder, and I felt a surge of energy that I thought my soul was going to leave my body.  I didn’t want to be scare of it, so I started reminding myself that they are here, it’s okay.  I was telling myself, “you agreed to it, you said, yes, so just come down a little bit.”  


After this experience, I was told that there were three beings that were helping me and they redirected me to go to experience or practice lucid dreaming and we can meet at a different platform if I cannot handle it at the physical level at this time. 


So would you please, if it is possible, if it is relevant for me to know which kind of help they were trying to assist with and who might be those beings, without saying names because they don’t go with names.  But any clarification on this experience please?  Thank you so much.


OWS:   We can tell you, Dear Sister, that you already have the clarification.  You already know the answer here.  You are asking a question that you already have the answer.  You just need to trust.  You need to allow for the process.  We tell everyone this all the time:  allow for the process.  Because you are receiving guidance.  Sometimes it seems like higher guidance.  Sometimes it seems like not so higher guidance.  But it is guidance nevertheless.  Again, if it feels right to you, and this was right for you, then go with it.  Do not be concerned about whether it is right or wrong, or whatever, or if it’s real or if it’s imagined.  It is what it is.  And let it just be what it is.  And go with the flow, here.  Okay?


Guest:   Yes.  Thank you so much.  So I don’t need to figure out which kind of help they were trying to bring to me?


Shoshanna:   Shoshanna wishes to share with you, Dear Sister.  Shoshanna wishes to share her perspective with you. 


OWS:   Yes.


Guest:   Yes.  


Shoshanna:   My Dear Sister, you are so guided.  Why is it that humans must be specific?  We do not understand this.  We do not understand if you are being guided why you need to know what these beings are.  Are they beings of light?  If your higher self tells you yes, and you are in your heart center at the time of the experience, we do not need to name these beings. 


However, what One Who Serves is saying is it is a process and ultimately it will be revealed to you, and the message of patience is really relevant here.  (Laughter)  So you must understand that is your process. 


The other thing that you must understand that One Who Serves has given is we all must trust the process and trust ourselves. 


The other bit of advice that we would like to share with you, if we may, is that of the idea of leaving your body or participating on a different platform.  We must remember in every moment, if we can, that we are multi-dimensional beings having experiences at many platforms.  And the job of ascension is to integrate that into one.  That is the job of ascension, is to make us aware of all those dimensions that we are participating in. 


So I would tell you, Dear Sister, you are brilliant—just bask in that, and know that all things that are being given to you are appropriate for you.   Namaste.


OWS:   Wonderful.


Guest:   Thank you so much.  I guess I wanted to incorporate elements on it, so I wanted to find out if I can do something more to participate in the process, but it looks like the message is just relax, enjoy the ride, and that’s it. 


Shoshanna:    Yes, Dear Sister, but the acknowledgement that we are trying to convey is that you are already doing that because you are a multi-dimensional being, having multi-dimensional processes and experiences, even though we are not aware of that in our third-dimensional realm.  So you are already doing those things. 


Guest:  Thank you so much.  Thank you.  I love you.


Shoshanna:   Namaste.


Guest:   Namaste.


Shoshanna:   Namaste.  Be the god.


OWS:   Would there be any other question? 


Guest:   Hello, One Who Serves.  I keep having these vivid dreams of being with my wife, kids, friends, and family, but in different settings.  Maybe we live in a different town, country, house, friendships are different, surroundings are a bit different, but I feel like I know and I have been there before.  It really feels like I am there.  My question is, am I actually accessing and experiencing parallel dimensions or different realities?


OWS:   You most definitely are experiencing multiple realities, parallel worlds, openings to other areas of consciousness that you have no idea of yet at your three-dimensional consciousness level.  So this is opening to you. 


And this goes not only for this one who asks now, but for all of you.  All of this is opening up to you, to all of you.  No exceptions.  You are all going to have these experiences at one time or another, sometimes more so than others, but it is all coming to you.  The more that you allow, and that is the optimum word here.  You must allow, you must have patience, and allow for the process to continue to evolve as you continue to evolve.


Shoshanna:   May we share?


OWS:   Please.  Yes, Shoshanna wishes to share.


Shoshanna:   Our Brother, we wish to share our perspective with you, is that appropriate?


Guest:   Yes.


Shoshanna:   Our Dear Brother, this is exciting news that you are sharing with all.  What you are experiencing is you.  It is not strange.  It is you you are experiencing.  It is your memories that you are experiencing. 


What we would suggest for ease of those experiences is to approach them with curiosity.  Look at them as “oh, I am experiencing that, what is that?” and look at it from a vantage point of curiosity rather than “what is going on here?”  It is all perfect for all beings that are getting an understanding of who they are at other levels.  This is a wonderful thing.  Approach it with curiosity and know that you are being shown something that you need to know.   Namaste.


Guest:   Thank you so much. 


OWS:   Very good.  Are there other questions here?  Then if no, we are ready to release channel. 


We give final message here, and we think Shoshanna, almost always has final message now. 


So we tell you that everything is okay, okay?  Everything is exactly the way it needs to be.  So continue to have patience, continue to allow the process, continue to go with the flow, be yourself in every moment, and be in the moment.  Do not be so focused on the future that you forget about living in the moment.  


And do not be so concerned about the past.  The past is gone.  It is but a memory that you are holding on to, and those memories create programming.  And if you let go of those memories (we are not saying to let go of your loved one’s memories, or anything of this nature), we are saying to let go of trauma memories, those memories that do bring the programming with them, and continue to hold on to you and continue to create attachments that you are having difficulty letting go of.  The more that you can do that, be living in the now, in the moment, finding the joy in every moment that you can, seeing the beauty around you wherever you go, whatever it might be. 


We give example here:  the James “screwed up,” you might say, earlier on talking with the JoAnna, here.  And we just wish to share this.  He said that she went through the state of Texas and saw the cattle farms and all of these kinds of things.  She was speaking about the beauty that she was seeing as she was going through, and James was focusing on the ugliness, the native, that is in his programming, you see?  But how many times do we say, and even the James says, “see the beauty around you,” and he was not doing that.  But he must do that.  You must all do that. 


You must all focus on the beauty around you in the moment that you are in.  And if you do that, you will begin to open up vistas to yourself that you never even knew were there before.  Try it!  You’ll like it. 


Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.


Shoshanna:   Shoshanna wishes to share upon that message of One Who Serves.  Shoshanna wishes to share a feeling.  All beings share their energy.  All beings share the energy of what they are feeling and thinking to another.  If the being is sharing uplifting energy, those that are in proximity to that being will be uplifted.  We must share the energy of upliftment at a conscious knowing understanding that that is our job to do, to uplift humanity into an ascended consciousness. 


Every time one of us judges, every time one of us diminishes another being, we descend (we apologize for our passion).  If we are to ascend, we must consciousness in every moment to uplift all those around us by seeing their light, not their darkness.    


Namaste, dear ones.




Channeled by James McConnell

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.

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