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St. Germain, One Who Serves and Shoshanna - These Energies That Have Been Coming In Are Quite Minor Compared To What Yet Awaits You. Via James McConnell


3/24/2019   Sunday Call 


These Energies That Have Been Coming In Are Quite Minor Compared To What Yet Awaits You. 


 Saint Germain and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell 

Shoshanna - Joanna's Higher Self



These messages were given during our weekly Sunday  Prepare For Change group based in Payson, AZ  on March 24, 2019. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)



SAINT GERMAIN   (Channeled by James McConnell)


I am Saint Germain. 


I come to be with you now in these moments to continue to share, to continue to be open with all of you, to help you understand that which has just occurred. 


Yes, you spoke of this during your discussion.  Many of you are realizing now that this is an individualized process.  This is not one feels all that the others feel.  This is for each and every one of you.  These waves of energies that have been coming in and continue to come into the planet. 


These waves affect each and every one of you in an individualized basis determined by the state of vibration that you are in at the time.  So if you are focused on those every-day activities of your third, and even fourth-dimensional experience, that is what will be amplified by these energies.  But if you find yourselves in those moments when these energies hit in a state of higher vibration with a momentum of energy within you, then that is what will be amplified at the time.  And you will find that you will be open much more so that this is beyond the third-dimensional illusion, beyond the veil.  You will be open to those many glimpses that have been spoken of. 


Some of you are now beginning more and more to realize, because these are those times now when the energies that are coming into you have been continuing to prepare you, to ready you for all that is yet ahead. 


These energies that have been coming in are quite minor compared to what yet awaits you.  But some of you do not feel these energies as they come in because you have already acclimated to them.  So again, it is an individualized process that you are experiencing, and will continue to experience. 


But one day, when the Source has deemed it appropriate, when the Source has given the green light, one day these energies will be so powerful, it will be beyond the measurements of your instruments.  It will be beyond the measurements of the instruments within yourself in your central nervous system.  There will be no mistaking it at that time that this is it.  That this is The Event.  This is the changeover.  And those times following the changeover will be spoken of in those moments as that very changeover.  In other words, you will look back from those future times, you will look back in this past, you will look back at that moment or moments when this changeover happened.  That will be a dividing point between that which was and that which is now. 


I say the words “is now” because what we are speaking of, what many are speaking of, has already happened.  In the higher vibrations it has already occurred.  But it has yet to come down into the manifestation within your collective consciousness here until man and consciousness of man is fully ready for it. 


So be aware, be ready, be patient, but know that you are on the verge of a great many shifts and changes in your lives.  At times, these changes will appear as commonplace, as normal, every-day.   You will say to your brethren “nothing has changed.”  But deep within you, at the heart level, you will know that indeed everything has changed. 


I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now. 


Continue to use the Violet Flame as one of the tools that you have been given to continue to purge out the old and to invite the new into your lives. 




One Who Serves   (Channeled by James McConnell)


Om, mani, padme, hum;  om, mani, padme, hum, hum, hum.   Greetings to you!


One who Serves here with you, and Shoshanna will be standing by here, we believe.


We do not have a message to follow this, so we are ready for questions. 


We know there is one question coming. 


There is also another question that we are finding within the James here that has been asked on your email here, and we will answer it directly in terms of that which has been the various weather changes that have been occurring across the planet, and all the things that have been occurring more and more.  Your snow storms, your heat waves, your floods, you droughts.  All of these things that are occurring and continue to occur.  Are these man-made, is the question, or are these mostly natural happenstance or occurrences.


We will say it is both.  But everything comes from man’s consciousness.  All weather patterns are the result of man’s consciousness, whether it be that of the cabal that is directly creating these or influencing these, or whether it is coming from Gaia herself in a cleansing process.  But regardless, it is man’s consciousness that is directing all of this.  If one day everyone across the planet were all of a sudden to feel joy and love and laughter, you would have a day that would be miraculous in terms of beautiful perfect weather patterns across the entire planet, you see?  That would be what is created.  But because of fear, because of hate, because of anger, and all of these more negative vibrations that continue to occur across the planet, that is creating the various weather patterns that are occurring as well.  But it is leading to what you would call a cleansing process that is happening across the planet by Gaia herself. 


So even though man, in terms of your cabal, your dark forces, continue to try to do the best that they can to interfere and sway the energies in different ways, they are not going to be successful much longer.  In fact, they have been curtailed greatly up to this point now in terms of their being able to manipulate and direct the weather patterns.  So that is the answer for this.


Shoshanna, do you have anything to add here.


Shoshanna: (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

We agree. 


OWS:   Very good.   Now we move on.  Is there another question here?   From the email process? 


Guest:   Yes, One Who Serves.  The other day I saw a woman whom I assumed to be from India.  She looked and spoke like it.  She had a lot of wisdom to share.  She shared that, I don’t remember if she said it was the 21st or 22nd of March, was the end of the Calle Yuga.  But then the next day I went to look her video again and I could never find it again.  But then when James was doing our channeling, what came through then made me think ok, well the Calle Yuga is not going to really end until whatever it was was said happened.  So my question just is, is the Calle Yuga over, or are we still going through it?


OWS:   The Calle Yuga and the ensuing Satya Yuga are not dates.  They are not representative by dates, here.  They are in terms of energies and energy waves, so the Calle Yuga is coming to a process of an ending, that is correct, because of how the solar system, the galaxy, even, is moving into other areas of the universe that it has never been.  So that is a process of what is occurring here.  And you are fast here moving into the next age, as you are speaking it, calling it the Satya Yuga or calling the New Golden Age, calling it after the changeover, whatever you want to give it, but it is not a date, it is a vibration. 


Anything to add, Shoshanna?


Shoshanna:   No, thank you.


OWS:   Very good.  Does this answer your question, Dear Sister? 


Guest:   Well, I guess it brings up another question, and that is what specific vibration are we needing, and how close are we? 


OWS:   To come to specific vibration, we cannot give, but in terms of second part of that, very close.  Soon. 


Guest:   (Laughter)  Okay.  That’s good, because that is probably why I am so full of anticipation and I am very excited.  So I would just say that is my Innate talking to me, and I am glad to hear it. Thank you. 


OWS:   We are very excited as well.  But we would caution you to not be over-excited in terms of then letting go of your life that you are in now.  Continue to live your life, enjoy your life, and be in joy in your life in every moment that you can and, you will find that if you do this, the New Age, as we are speaking of here, will be here before you know it. 


Yes, Shoshanna? 


Shoshanna:   Shoshanna wishes to share a perspective that when one is ready, the experience occurs.  It is simple. 


OWS:   All of this is very simple.  It is all of you that make it so complicated at times!  Let it go!  Be in the now.


Shoshanna:   One does not understand as a separate individual that most beings see themselves as separate individuals.  Most do not understand that all that is occurring is occurring from the internal state in which they find themselves.  And the internal state of which they find themselves creates the external state that appears to be something out of nothing, but it is the orchestration of the mind, the heart, the soul, the spirit that creates the external.  That which you speak of as a Calle Yuga:  some have already completed this cycle.  Some have moved on.  Many have not.  All are not in the same place. 


And what each must recognize is that you will experience a completion when the internal systems are complete and the external reflect that.  That is all I have.  Namaste.


OWS:   Wonderful.  Again, the vibration. 


Guest:   I have a question.  Much love and light to you.  Thank you for everything.  This question is a followup to last week’s when we talked about going down and diving for those records in a fifth-dimensional light body.  You talked about the key codes, and that these would be relevant and necessary to proceed.  Could you tell our family ore about these key codes and these keys so that we can better understand this, and their interrelationship with each of us that hold these key codes? Thank you, One Who Serves. 


OWS:   All we can tell you about this is, it is coming to you.  It is coming to you just as these other experiences you have been having are coming to you.  It is not something you can manufacture.  It is not something you can go down to the crater or down to dive into the ocean or whatever and find these codes.  They will come to you as it is necessary, as it is part of your expression in the vibration that you are in at the time.  The vibration that you are in at the time will bring these codes to you.  That is the secret, here.  Be in the higher vibrations and you will receive that which you need to have to continue your journey. 


Guest:   Thank you.  Makes total sense.  Thank you very, very much.


OWS:   Anything to add, Shoshanna?


Shoshanna:   We must share a perspective with those that wish to “find” (and we put that word in quotes) these records.  It is paramount to the upliftment and movement of consciousness of humanity to have the intention be just that.  This process cannot be to alleviate the third-dimensional pain and chaos that you find yourself in.  It cannot be for those reasons that you are seeking to uplift yourself and others by finding these records.  The intention must be much higher.  If you find yourself wishing that your suffering be alleviated, that the world suffering be alleviated, and that these records will somehow make that happen, that is not the correct intention.  We are not judging you.  We are just saying that to be a fifth-dimensional being and find those records and incorporate them into your existence, one must not live and think in third-dimensional terms.  That is all we have.  Namaste.


OWS:   Yes.  Wonderful.


Guest:   Can I add to that?  That is not my intention at all to alleviate myself.


Shoshanna:   We are not saying that that is your intention.  We are not asking you to defend yourself.  We are simply saying that each individual that wishes to unite as one and be in the process of the Lemurian consciousness, whether it is you or someone else in the group, they must let go of third-dimensional thinking.  We do not point the finger, as you are thinking we are doing.  We are simply saying that as a collective this thinking must be left behind.  Namaste.


Guest:   Namaste.  Thank you.


OWS:   Very good.  Are there other questions here?


Guest:   I have a question.   I would like to understand what is it that makes it so offensive for you in the higher dimensions for us to seek assistance with the dilemma of the 3D.  I mean, there is a lady who lives in the corner of our neighborhood. You know, she is perhaps the age of a grandmother, and it is sort of horrible and miserable to observe her and not be able to do anything.  But yet, every time we ask, you know, it almost seems chastising to us about our 3D issues.  So if it is so offensive to ask about it or try to ameliorate it, then what are we doing this for?  Help me understand.  I have a hard time understanding why can’t we do both?  Thank you.


OWS:   Dear Wonderful Brother, no one is saying do not have your experiences in the third-dimension, for that is where you find yourself much of the time.  What is being said, though, is much of the time more and more find yourselves in the higher vibrations, move out of that third- dimensional illusion up into the fourth, and even the fifth-dimension.  And when you do, you will not experience that which you are speaking of, because more and more who are finding themselves in those higher vibrations will raise the vibrations of all of all of those around them as well.  And that is, Dear Brother, how you would be able to affect or assist those others who are in need when you are higher in vibration yourself.   You see? 


If you attempt to assist someone at a three-dimensional level, then that is all you will be doing is assisting them to continue to move through their plight or their journey that they are on in that three-dimensional journey or existence that they are in at the time.  You see?  Be in the higher vibrations and raise the vibrations of everyone else around you.  That is where you are going, here. 


Shoshanna:   May we offer something?


OWS:   Yes please, Shoshanna?


Shoshanna:   We must offer our perspective here.  Our Dear Brother, we apologize if we sounded offensive.  We apologize for that. That was not our intention.  We do not fault anyone for their third-dimensional problem, for those problems are the result of perspective. 


If one can quietly understand that that which they find themselves in, the experience that they find themselves in is created by the collective and by the person that is experiencing that for the greater good of humanity and raise the understanding to the greater good of humanity, then the experience will resolve itself.  When we see poverty, hunger, lack, this is because we see it for ourselves.  We see it in ourselves.  The world is simply a mirror for each person, and it reflects back what we feel and what we experience within ourselves.  That is a hard pill to swallow for most, because we feel that there are victims of the third dimension, and often we would include ourselves I that if we are experiencing ourselves as a human body experiencing difficulties.  We choose to feel victimized by that.  One Who Serves is speaking of lifting the vibration our of victimhood and seeing something beautiful in the experience.  Yeshua saw a dead and mangled animal on the road and his disciples were taken aback by the mangled body and blood of this animal, and Yeshua saw the beauty of its pearl-white teeth.  That was what that one saw, was the beauty of the pearl white rather than the mangled body.  That is the lesson for each that finds themselves viewing painful things to uplift themselves and find the beauty.   Namaste.


OWS:   Yes.  Wonderful.  We move on.  Are there any other questions here before we release channel? 


Guest:   Yes.  A week ago the Divine Mother again for the second time, I don’t know if this is an old channeling or not by Linda Lee, but she said big up-coming earth changes, that the ocean floor needs to be cleansed, and she said that it is going to be taking place on the West Coast of the United States to start with.  Anyway, if you would comment again.  I know we have been through this one time before.  But maybe this is an old channeling.  I know that is an old time line.  But maybe it’s not. I don’t know why she keeps bringing it up.  This is back in time in two months. 


OWS:   What we can tell you is yes, this is old time line terminology.  Not to say that there will not be earth changes.  There likely will be, but not in terms of your knowing it now.  Not in terms of your needing to flee the coastlines, and this type of thing.  That was the old time line.  That was the old predictions.  That has been largely shifted and changed as a result of man’s consciousness. 


You may think that man’s consciousness is creating the opposite of that, but it is not.  Because we are looking at the big picture, here, and we see the vibrations across the planet increasing rapidly, here, rather than decreasing.   So as the vibrations in man’s consciousness continue to increase, then that is bringing about a more positive time line and has brought about a more positive time line.  So do not be concerned about this. 


When the situation does call or this, there will be proper evacuation procedures and all of this that will accompany the necessary changes that will come to the planet at the time.  In other words, you will be provided a direct safe zone or zones to be in when those times would come.  But they are far off at this point.  Okay? 


Anything to add, Shoshanna?


Shoshanna:   Yes.  We would wish to offer our perspective on this.  Would that be appropriate for you, Brother?


Guest:   Oh, absolutely, and for the whole group.


Shoshanna:   We wish to share our perspective that the earth is changing every day.  We also wish to share our perspective that a time line is not a straight line.  A time line is a circle.  It is circular.  You may find yourself moving on that circle however you wish to move on that circle. 


The other thing that we wish to share is that you are powerful beyond measure.  Each individual has an antenna directly inserted into the quantum field, and it can draw upon any experience that one wishes to focus on.  So we must tell you, and this is not to be offensive, but those who wish to speak about a catastrophe and speak about it as if it is real, will create the catastrophe.  That is how powerful our minds are in the human condition that has the antenna directly inserted into the quantum field and can pull any experience that they wish to experience. 


So we would ask you what do you want to experience?  Do you wish to experience catastrophic events on the coast of California?  Because if you wish not to, we would suggest that you speak about something else and focus on something else. Focus on not catastrophe.  Focus on perfection.  Focus on perfect weather.  Focus on perfection and love and understanding and compassion.  Focus on all the things you wish to see in the world, and focus on that for yourself.  And that is what you will create.  Weather changes, catastrophes, earthquakes are all a result of man focusing on fear, focusing on catastrophic events.  This is why they occur.  So we would ask you, and we do not wish to offend the channel that has come in to channel this information, we would ask you not to read those things unless you wish to bring them about.   Namaste.


Guest:   Thank you.  That was perfect.  Thank you.


Shoshanna:   Yes.


OWS:   Very good, very good.  Is there one more question, the one Brother was going to ask here from the email?  He has not asked that question.  It this Brother here?  No?  Then we move on.  Are there any other further questions?  If not, we will release channel, here.


Johanna:   Let’ take the male voice.  You may proceed.


Guest:   Thank you.  I became enlightened about 10 years ago after I got introduced to Anne DeHart of Hollow Earth Network.  And then I got introduced to Beloved Sister known as Pallas Athena.  Since that time, I have been practicing spirituality and trying to enlighten myself, raise my level of consciousness and vibrations.  I do mantras and do creeds every year.  I love unconditionally.  I yearn to be with my star brothers and sisters. 


As a child of 11 years old, I had a serious head injury.  I basically sliced the top of my head off.  My head was hanging on lifeless, it was like a teapot.  And whenever I try to meditate, all I see is blackness.  I look to the stars every day to try to connect with my brother and sisters.  I don’t experience anything like other members experience.  I never seem to see anything.  I am just curious as to whether the injury that I had to my head as a child has maybe caused some blockage, or whether I’m just not ready to experience the higher level of transition.  So that is my question.


Shoshanna:   We wish to share.


OWS:   Yes, please.


Shoshanna:  We wish to share with you, Brother, our perspective on this.  We must ask you, although the trauma of this injury is with you, that you do all that you can to fade this trauma, to lighten this trauma, as you still carry it with you maybe 50% years later you are carrying this trauma that you felt, which was so deeply injurious to your physical being.


So the first thing that we would ask you to do is lessen the story, or see the story differently of the trauma, and retool that memory in some way to lessen the fear that it has caused you. 


The second thing that we must offer to you, and this is difficult for us, but we can see this in you:  you have doubt, my Brother.  Your doubts are what caused you blackness.  You still doubt yourself.  And forgive us for being so direct.  But you may still doubt yourself that you are doing all that you can do, and you continue to do more to quell the doubt.  We must ask you to look at that, and perhaps give up the doubt in some way and know that each moment that you are alive and each moment you are focused on the beauty and consciousness, and raising consciousness for yourself and others, you are doing all that you can do.  There is nothing else to do. 


We will add one more thing.  You may find this amusing;  meditate with your eyes open.  Look at the sky.  Look at the plants.  Look at the birds and begin to see the beauty all around you, briefly close your eyes, and remember what you are seeing around you, and soon the images will appear before you as you close your eyes, just as in a dream.   Namaste, my Dear Brother.


Guest:   Thank you.  That was very helpful.  Thank you.


Shoshanna:   Yes.


OWS:   Very good.  Wonderful.


We move on.  One more question, then we release channel.


Guest:   About two weeks ago or a week ago, Shoshanna had mentioned that I was unique and odd, and I was being prepared.  And since then I have been asking the question continuously, why am I odd and unique, and what am I being prepared for?  I am already aware that you are not going to give me much information about what I’m being prepared for, but I would greatly appreciate some hints please.  Thank you.


Shoshanna:   We would wish to share, My Sister.  Would that be okay that we share first, One Who Serves?


OWS:   Yes, please.  Our Dear Sister, odd and unique are favorable things on this planet.  Favorable things.  You must be giddy about these things.  And you are! 


And as far as what you are being prepared for, we must offer this for all:  all of humanity is being prepared moment by moment to increase their consciousness level to that of oneness.  You are being prepared for oneness if you so choose to accept that.  You are being prepared to accept all, accept yourself, accept that all have been given uniqueness, all are unique, all are pretty odd, just to be frank with you, and we are all being prepared to become the one and rejoin with Source ultimately.  Namaste, Sister.


Guest:   Thank you.  So all I need to do is relax and continue on my journey. 


Shoshanna:   Yes, of course.  What else can you do?


Guest:   (Laughter)  No, I don’t want to answer that one!  (Laughter)  Thank you.


OWS:   Very good.  We are ready to release channel.


We just say as you continue on with this journey that you are in in your three-dimensional illusion or moving out of that more and more, just keep going on and realize that as these energies keep coming in, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, so get ready! 


Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one. 



Channeled by James McConnell

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.

"Believing is seeing!"



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Thank you St. Germaine, OWS, Shoshanna (Joanna), and James...

Dear St. Germaine...I am ready for them...This is the year of BIG changes for all...


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