Sunday Call 1/8/2023 (St. Germain, OWS)

James & JoAnna McConnell




St Germain and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

 These messages were given during our Ancient Awakenings weekly Sunday conference call in Payson, AZ on January 8, 2023. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

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 SAINT GERMAIN (Channeled by James McConnell)


I am Saint Germain. I come to be with you at this time, in this time as the illusion, as you have been speaking of. The illusion that is fast fading away more and more. Because you, those of you, the Lightworking community, the Light-Warriors: you are the ones that are creating the fading of this illusion, because you are the creators of the illusion as well. All of you have created this system, And all of you are now also bringing down this system as the System Busters.


And this system is being busted wide open. Because freedom—freedom, your sovereign freedom is coming back to all of mankind, all that are ready for this. Will all be ready for it? Likely not. But those of you that have been preparing and working for this exact time in history and now on the verge of bringing through The Great Changeover.


The Great Changeover that has been spoken of as The Event, the Solar Flash—all of that is in momentum now. It is gaining momentum. And it is because of the creative ability of all of you. The God Source within every one of you that are bringing about these great changes that are happening right now. Many are still happening behind the scenes.


But as you’ve heard many times, for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear, you are aware of what is beyond the illusion. You are aware of the reality that you are creating. And you are creating this reality. It is yours. And just as you created the reality of the third dimension, you are creating now the reality in the fourth dimension, and the fifth dimension, and even higher than that as you continue to move forward. For you are the Creator within you. You are the Source. The Source is the creator.


So allow yourself now to continue to move forward through this transition. And know that it is simply a transition from one level of consciousness to another level of consciousness. From one reality to a new reality. And as you have heard many times, nothing at this point can stop it. It has gained a momentum all of its own. And no matter what the forces of darkness continue to do, as they continue to run their same programs, their same plan over, and over, and over. Those of you, the Lightworkers and Light-Warriors know this plan. And as they attempt to bring their plans forward, you are many steps ahead of them. You, again, being the collective consciousness of this planet, you are many steps ahead of them.


And true, there are those that are not a part of this, or not aware of this, awakened as you are, but that is also changing, as lights are coming on everywhere within so many more individuals throughout the planet. And again, will they all awaken? No. Likely, again, not. But enough are to bring the huge changeover that is coming, and is a part of this expression, even now as I speak to all of you.


So continue to trust. Continue to trust in the plan, yes. But even more important than that, trust in  yourselves. Trust in yourselves to be the one that you came here to be. And you are the ones as you have heard so many times from the One Who Serves: be the one. You are that one. And you are working together, together to be the one, tbe the great Source of all life here on this planet, this solar system, this galaxy, and beyond galaxies. Let yourselves be. As your song goes, ‘Let It Be.’ Let it be, whatever it is. And know that as everything that is occurring all around you is not affecting you inside yourself unless you let it do that. For there is no such thing as fear, even though those of the forces of darkness continue to spread that idea of fear. You, those of you, have moved beyond that, and you’ve realized that fear is just an expression. Just an expression that holds you down, as they have attempted to hold you back. But you are their biggest fear, that you would awaken yourselves, and awaken everyone else around you!


So continue to move through this transition, my friends. Continue to move through it. Continue to move through this ascension process. And, most importantly, as you move through it, believe in yourselves. Believe in yourselves that, again, you are the one.


Peace and love be with all of you.




ONE WHO SERVES (Channeled by James McConnell)


Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here. And perhaps we have Shoshanna. We do not know yet. But we will see, as we see it here.


We do not have direct message for you at this time. But if you have questions, we can entertain your question.


But before we do, we just want to say one thing. We want to say ‘Happy New Year’ to all of you! Because this is a wonderful new year that you are moving into here. It is not so much going to be wonderful for everyone, but it is wonderful for those of you that do have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, and to know that you are coming to the truth more, and more, and more.


The truth of your own making. So it is true that those of you are the ones that are creating you own truth. How your truth goes within you is how your reality expresses outside of yourself and within yourself.


So know that as you move throughout this year and witness events that are going to happen. Many different announcements that are yet still coming forth, and many things that are going to turn this world upside down in many respects.


Because the illusion that you have known for so long is definitely going away. As in your ‘Wizard of Oz,’ Kansas is going bye-bye. And Kansas, of course, is your third-dimensional expression. It is changing, and it is changing rapidly. And you are the ones to not only witness this change as it happens, but you are the ones that are bringing it forth. Okay?


We said no message, but we had a small message here.


We are ready for your questions if you have them. You can, yes, unmute your phones now.


Guest: I have a question.


OWS: yes?


Guest: Can you give us a little bit of a hint maybe on timing as far as we have been waiting for an announcement for a long time now. And I was wondering if we are getting close to that.


OWS: It depends on what particular announcement you are speaking of. If you are speaking of an Earth-shattering announcement, then perhaps not. But if you were expecting a series of various announcements that are going to bring about great change, then you are right on the cusp of that, of the beginnings of that here is what is coming. The momentum is gathering here. The momentum of the storm, we will say here. And you all know who said that they were the storm.


So that momentum is gathering quite rapidly here. So you will begin to have a series of announcements that are coming forth. Announcements that will be bringing great truth to the population.


Even to the population that are as yet asleep, because some of these announcements will jar their system to the point where they will almost half to awaken, at least to some point. And then they are the ones that will begin to turn to you, those of you that have been the awakened ones. They will turn to you and ask you for more information. That is what is planned here.


We will see how it all plays out. But there is no time frame that can be given here at this point, because it is a changing system, and a changing plan as it continues to move forward here. Okay?


Guest: Yes. Thank you.


OWS: Don’t know if Shoshanna is there, and wishes to add here.


JoAnna McConnell (JoAnna’s Higher Self is Shoshanna)

(JoAnna is traveling, participating by phone)

She is not coming through. Sorry.


OWS: Very good. Then we move on. Are there any other questions here?


Guest: I have a question about the election in Arizona where Katie Hobb took governorship. I wonder if that is settled and over, or if there is some fireworks and amazing things coming to reverse that stolen election.


OWS: Do you remember when we used the term analogy in your New Year’s Eve call, and we said “the changing of the guard is coming?”


Guest: Yes.


OWS: That is just simply a hint here as we move forward. Okay?


Guest: I pray. I hope so. (Laughs)


OWS: Yes. Are there any other further questions here?


Guest: I have one.


OWS: Yes?


Guest: I have a simple question of will Donald Trump become Speaker of the House?


OWS: First of all, we are not at liberty to say exactly how things are going to play out. But we can only say they are playig out. And they are playing out to the point where the illusion, as you have been speaking of, and we have been speaking of for some time, is falling here. It is fading fast. So that part of the illusion that you have been looking at as far as the government here in this country is part of the changing of the guard, as we are speaking of here. Okay?


Guest: Okay.


OWS: Are there any other further questions here?


Guest: Yes. There has been some information on the internet about the role of the Supreme Court and that they are going to step up to the plate on some of this, and I was wondering of that is truly a viable option that we will have some Supreme Court action here?


OWS: We would say here for you to be patient. Be patient and just simply wait for the results that are coming forward here in whatever fashion they are brought forward. We cannot say much more of this though, because we do not want to spoil the surprise. But also we are forbidden to share about events that are coming before they are actually here. Okay? We can only give hints here and there.


Guest: Okay, thank you.


OWS: Yes. Anything further here, before we release channel?


Very good. Then we are done for the time. As always here, we appreciate the opportunity to be able to bring these messages through to you, to bring this understanding, this guidance that we are allowed to bring forward. And know that as we bring this guidance forward.


And know that, as we bring this guidance forward to you, you are taking this within yourself, and at some point you will be bringing that guidance out to others as well, moving into our place, you might say. That is all.


Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.  



Channeled by James McConnell

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.

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