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Sri Veerabrahmendra Swami...The Precursor Of LORD KALKI...The Indian Nostradamus, Predicted For The End Of Days!...HIGHLY RECOMMEND


The Precursor Of Lord Kalki : READ @

Read @

Sri Kalagnani Jagadguru Madvirat Pothuluri Veerabrahmendra Swami is one of the great saints of India. He has the knowledge of past, present and future. He is often called as the "Nostradamus of India". His forecastings of which all were proved correct. He forecasts events to happen upto the end of Kaliyuga starting from his reign. He lived 400 years ago from 1608-1693. He lived after the great poet and Yogi Vemana. This is known because of the statue which is present in his Asrama. In Banaganapalle and Kandimallayapalle, Sri Pothuluri Veerabrahmendra Swami lived there.

The person who has knowledge of past, present and future. He is still alive in his "Sajeeva Samadhi" situated in Kandimallayapalle in Kadapa Dist., Andhra Pradesh State. Later it is called as "Bramhamgari Mattam". He has written a lot of books on palm leaves. All these palm leaf books tell the future of the world till the end of Kaliyuga. These books tell us about how people get transformed in coming years. He forecasts the changes in Political, Social, Economical changes that will occur in the Society, Biological and Physiological changes that will occur in plant and Animal kingdoms, Geographical changes, Wars, Explosions etc. And many other wonders of the world which have ocured, such as birth of Mr. Gandhi and his freedom movement and the rule of Mrs. Indira Gandhi in free India. The knowledge in these books is called as Kalagnanam" (Knowledge of Time).This will also be called by people as "Sandhra Sindhu Vedam" 





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His predictions are very accurate and coming true links provided 

Especially for Ben Arion to read ...About Chakras starting from chapter 59 

"Our body which is composed of five types of 'Tatwams', ten types of
'Nadis' and seven 'Dhatu'; contains 7 lotuses within it.

1. Out of them the first and foremost is 'Mooladhara Chakra . This 'Chakra' is
situated near the anus. It is of 'Red' color and has 4 petals viz. 'Va', 'Sa', 'Sha',
'Sa'. It is of the form of consonant 'Na' (its 'Mantram' is 'Na'), and is of the
quality of Earth ('Prudhvi Tatwam, Prudhvi Nilayam). It has four corners.
Here 'Adhara Lingam' remains together with 'Iccha Shakti' (power of de-
sire/will). In this 'Chakra' in 1 'Ghadiya' (=24 minutes) 40 'Vidhadiya' (1 Gha-
diya = 60 Vighadiya), 600 times the 'Paramahamsa Japam' occurs. 'Lord Vi-
nayaka' is the owning deity of this 'Chakra'

2. Second Chakra is ' Swadhishthana Chakram' . It is situated at a distance of 2
fingers above the 'Mooladhara Chakram'. It consists of 6 petals and has 3 cor-
ners. It is of the form of 'Ma' consonant (its 'mantram' is 'ma'), is white in col-
or, is of quality of water ('Jalasthanam/Jalatatwam') and is of 'Jihvakaara'
shape and 'Pakshiakara'. It has 'Ba', 'Bha', 'Ma', 'Ya', 'Ra', 'La' named six pet-
als. Here 'Guru Lingam' remains together with 'Kriya Shakti' (Power of ac-
tion). In this chakra to Lord 'Brahma' 6000 'Paramahamsa Japam' (Chants)
occurs in 40 Ghadiya and 40 Vighadiya timeframe. The owning deity of this


Ch. 59 -Swami Teaches Kundalini Yoga

'Chakra' is 'Lord Brahma 7

3. Third one is 'Manipooraka Chakram' which is situated above the 'Swad-
hishthna Chakram' at a distance of 3 fingers. It remains near the 'Nabhi' (na-
vel) coiled around the 'Nadis' (nerves). It shines like a 'Mani' (Gem) and has
'Blue' color. It is of the form of 'Shi' consonant (its mantram is 'Shi') and con-
sists of 10 petals named 'Da', 'Dha', 'Ana', 'Ta', 'Tha', 'Da', 'Dha', 'Na', 'Pa',
'Pha'. It remains with a great aura ('Tejam') and is of the shape of an eye ('Ne-
trakaram') and of 'Peethakakruti'. Lord 'Vishnu' is the owner deity ('Adhish-
thana Devata' of this chakra. Here 'Shivalingam' remains in together with
'Gyana Skahti' (Power of knowledge). This place is 'Agra Mudra Nadodhbhava
Sihaanam' (It is of Agni symbol and the originator of 'Nadam' (sound)). Here
600 'Paramahamsa' japam occurs in 6 Ghadiya and 40 Vighadiya timeframe

4. 'Anahata Chakram' is the next 4th chakra which is seated above the 'Ma-
nipooraka' at a distance of 10 fingers near the heart ('Hrudaya Sthanam')
shines brilliantly with 'Yellow' color, consists of 12 petals and is the place of
origination of all sentences (Samasta Vakyodhbhava Sthanam'). It is of the form
of 'Va' consonant (its 'mantram' is 'Va') and has 12 petals by names, 'Ka',
'kha', 'Ga', 'Gha', 'Inya', 'Cha', 'Chha', 'Ja',' Jha', 'Nya','Ta', 'Tha'. It is the
place of 'Vayu' ('Vayushthana'). It has 'Tvageendriya karanam' (It's the owner
of sense organ-skin / touch) and remains in the form of a 'Lingam' (Lingakru-
ti'). Lord 'Rudra' is the 'Adhishthana Devata' (Ruling/ owning deity) of this
chakra and here 'Chara Lingam' remains together with 'Beejashakti' (seed
power). In 16 Ghadiya and 40 Vighadiya timeframe 6000 'Paramahamsa ja-
pam' occurs here

5. Next is 'Vishuddha Chakram' which remains seated above 'Anahata Cha-
kram' at a distance of 12 fingers. It is of white color. This chakra has 16 petals
namely, 'A','Aa', 'E','Ee', 'U', 'Uu','R','Ru', 'Lre'/Lree', 'Ye', 'Ai', 'O', 'Ow',
'Am', 'Aha'. It is of the shape of a fish ('matsyakruti') and of the form of 'Ya'
consonant (its 'mantram' is 'Ya'). This chakra is 'Srotra Sthanam' and remains
near the 'Kantha Sthana' (voice box/larynx). It is of the color of a 'Flame' (Jyo-
tivarnam) and here the owning person is 'Jeevatma' (soul). It is 'Saraswati
Sthanam' (Place of Saraswati/ 'Vagdevi' - goddess of speech). Here 'Prasada
Lingam' and 'Adi Shakti' remains and the 'Mudra' is 'Akasha Mudra'. Here in
2 Ghadiya and 40 Vighadiya timeframe 1000 'Paramahamsa Japam' occurs

6. Sixth chakra is called as 'Aagneya Chakram' which is located above the
'Vishuddhna Chakram' at a distance of 12 fingers at the 'Bhroomadhya Stha-
nam (center point between eyebrows)'. It has 2 petals with names 'Hreem',
'Ksham'. It is of the form of 'Om' syllable (which is its 'mantra'). It is the place

Santosh Ayalasomayajula
Sri Veerabrahmendra the Precursor of Kalki


of 'Anthahkarana (Conscience)'; it is of the color of 'Gold' (Suvarna varnam)
and shines like fire. Lord 'Eshwara' is the ruling deity ('Adhisthana Devata')
of this chakra. It is the place of all creations ('Sarva Srushti Sthanam'). It has
'Prakasha Mudra' and here 'Mahalingam' and 'Para Shakti' remain together.
In 2 Ghadiya 46 Vighadiya timeframe 1000 'Paramahamsa Japam' (Chants)

7. Finally there is a seventh chakra called 'Sahasrara Chakra' (crown shell).
Above 'Visuddha Ckakra' there is a pore called 'Brahma Randhram' within
which this chakra is situated. That chakra consists of 1000 petals and dazzles
brilliantly. It is of the form of 'Om' syllable (in silence - Anahata) which is its
'Mantra'. This is the place of knowledge ('Buddhi Nilaya Sthalam'). This is the
cause of all universes, but doesn't have any point oi origination. It is of 'Sach-
chidananda Roopa'. The ruling deity of this chakra is 'Sri Guru Murty' (Lord
'Panchamukhi Sadashiva'). Here 'Omkaralingam' remains together with 'Jyo-
tirmayi'. It is the place of 'Pranava' ('Pranava Sthanam') and is of 'Vimala
Gyana Mudra'. In 2 Ghadiya 46 Vighadiya timeframe, 1000 'Paramahamsa
japam' occurs here

The wind which traverses these 7 chakras is called as 'Pranam'. This same
wind due to its presence in 10 different locations of the body is distinctly
called by 10 names, they are; Prana Vayu, Apana Vayu, Vyana Vayu, Udana
Vayu, and Samana Vayu; which are the five major winds. There are 5 sub
winds (Upa Vayu) by names, Naga vayu, Koorma Vayu, Krukura Vayu, Devadatta
Vayu, and Dhanjaya Vayu. Hence these clubbed together is called as ten winds

Swami continued, "These ten winds keep penetrating and flowing in
'Gandhara Nadi' and other 'Nadis'. This Prana Vayu keeps moving up and
down through the 'Ida and 'Pingala' nadis which are situated left and right of
our spine. 'Ida' and 'Pingala' nerves are spread from 'Mooladhara Chakra' to till
'Agneya Chakra' and they don't go beyond that point. But the 'Sushumna Nadi'
which runs in between those two nadis extends itself from 'Mooladhara', goes
beyond the 'Agneya Chakra' and connects with the 'Brahma Randram' of 'Saha-
srara Chakra'. 'Sushumna' remains hidden and is of paramount importance".

"The soul (Jeevatma) keeps traversing up and down these 'Nadis' from
'Mooladhara' to 'Agneya'. And during this motion; 'Sa' sound is generated at
'Agneya' and 'Ham' sound is generated at 'Mooladhara'. These two sounds
together form 'Hamsa' in upward motion and 'Soham' in downward motion".
(N.B: - 'Soham' = SA+Aham which means "I Am He". Therefore it teaches us about
our divine existence, the state of Non Dualism ('Advaita') and says we and the Su-

 Continue reading text @

One of the miracle he preformed :

Once, over hearning Brahmendra Swam’s expounding of the six energy centres (Chakras) to Siddhayya, the cobbler Kakkayya wanted to see for himself thedeities presiding over each of the chakras. He murdered his sleeping wife and dissected her body. Failing to see any deities he rushed to Brahmendra Swami fell his feet and weeping made a confession of what he did Taking pity on him he accompanied him to his house and ordered Siddhayya to follow him. Once inside the hut Swamiji invoked the deities of the chakras and showed them to Siddhayya and Kakkayya and then with a touch of his hand he made whole the dissected body of Kakkayya’s wife and restored her to life.

The fulfilled prophecies about specific events or incidents from Kalagnanam
The prophecies of Sri Veera Brahmendra swami are remembered in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states whenever some strange, miraculous or catastrophic incident happens. There is no particular recording of already happened incidents at a single place, so many local incidents are remembered by generations of people and discussed verbally but has no scholarly records. Major events can be easily collected from the history, and such events are mostly described here. Some minor incidents are collected from the reports of news papers and news channels and some of the vachana kalagnanam descriptions available. Such incidents are presented here to be made available for more people.

1. The post of 'Nawab' would last only for few more years and after that others would rule. Ruling systems would undergo changes.

2. Hidden treasures of India would be robbed by Muslim rulers continuously for some years, after that Velam Reddy kings would steal the remaining ones.

3. From Sweta dweepa (White Island), Sweta Mukhi (fair faced) people would come and rule this country (British rulers) for years. In their rule everyone would get education under a new system (Vedic method of teaching was replaced with Christian schools and education system).

4. In North West India, a man by name 'Gandhi' would be born in the family of 'Vaishya' caste. He would gain respect by people from all the countries. He would establish a few modes of Dharma (righteousness) by preaching Satyahimsa (Truth and non-violence). He would fight for the country's freedom and would chase the white people out of India.

5. Traditional method of ruling country (monarchy) would be replaced by a new system where citizens would become rulers (Democracy), which would be comfortable for all when compared to former days' rules.

6. Vijayanagaram city would be venerable for some time and would lose all its glory afterwards.

7. A man named Ramalingayya will show his true form. It was happened in 1854, in a village named Palakonda of Srikakulam dist. Sri Simhadri Viswanadha has taken the form of Lord Shiva and showed his third eye to the devotees. The devotees call him as Sri Sanareeswara Swami.

8. After foreign rule, a woman would rule the country for sixteen years (Indira Gandhi), later a man flying in the skies (Pilot) would rule the country (Rajeev Gandhi). The fierce Narasimha will take his peaceful form and rule the country (P. V. Narasimha Rao).

9. Images on the screen would rule countries (Cinema actors would become political leaders. MGR, NTR, Chiranjeevi etc).

10. Ram-Ram-Ram mantra would rule the South. N. T. Rama Rao in Andhra Pradesh, M. G. Rama Chandran in Tamil Nadu and Rama Krishna Hegde in Karnataka ruled their respective states in the same time.

11. Muslims will have wars and fight for 7 years. It was happened during 1980-1987, in Gulf between Iran and Iraq.

12. For Indians, 'Para-Dharma' would become 'Swa-Dharma'.

13. Vehicles would not require bullocks and horses for pulling (Automobiles).

14. Lamps would be lit with water in the entire world (Hydro Electric Power).

15. Ambrosia (Amrutam) would trickle down from Neem tree. (Happened on 7th Mar, 1989 in Solasa village of Guntur Dist. and in Hindu Collge, Machilipatnam, Krishna Dist. and many more places. A news channel, TV9 telecasted one such incident from a village of Andhra Pradesh on 28th Oct, 2010.)

16. One Beta tree (a variant of date tree) would be born which would sleep at night and would stand erect in the day. This way it would remain alive for 8 days and on Saravana Suddha day (a day after the new moon day in the month of Aug) it would fall down forever. That would bring many difficulties to the nation (It happened in 1976 in Guntur District, Repalle mandal, Isakapalle village and was reported in the News papers).

17. In 'Palnaati Seema' area in a Brahmin's house bitter gourd plant would yield tamarind fruits (It was happened in Palnadu Taluka, Gurajada Mandal, near Dachepalle, in a village named Gramalapadu).

18. She Elephant would deliver a baby Pig. A she Pig would deliver a Monkey. Pig would give birth to elephant. A pig gave birth to an elephant in Kodada of Nalgonda dist. in 1979, and Narasarao Peta of Guntur dist. in 1982.

19. All road routes to Tirupati would be blocked (Not yet happened, but the fall of rocks on link roads increased since Sep, 2015).

20. Kashi city gets spoiled for 40 days (It was happened in 1912. The river Ganga had floods which resulted in cholera in Varanasi).

21. Poisonous gases in North-East take many lives (It was happened on 3rd Dec, 1984, poisonous gases leaked from a factory in Bhopal causing the deaths of thousands of people).

22. Sun will shiver in the sky (In 16th Feb, 1980, Sun has shivered for 14 seconds during solar eclipse, which was recorded in Konark Sun temple. Again such incident happened in 24th Oct, 1995).

23. In between Krishna and Godavari rivers, many animals and people will die (It was happened on 19th Nov, 1977, during floods in the area).

24. Stars will be seen during the day (It was happened on 16th Feb, 1980 during solar eclipse).

25. A comet would be seen to the East of Tirupati, which would indicate calamities to come (In March, 1987, a comet was seen to the East of Tirupati).

26. After 5097th year called as Dhata, from Margasira month (Dec) to Magha month (Feb) of year named Eswara, Golkonda, Kondaveedu, Veesukonda, Tadiparti, Gutti, Bellari, Nellore, Munimadugu, Eetamukkala, Guntur, Mangalagiri, Vijayawada, Kambham, Kurnool, Markapuram, Tanjavoor, Pushpagiri, Kanchi, Mysore, Chennapattnam; in all these cities there would be such a scarcity of food that for one rupee people would get only one finger pinch of rice. Apart from this, people would suffer from burning sensation under their feet which would rise till their head. People would scream due to intolerable pain and would die (It was happened during the Great Famine in 1876-78).

27. Godavari will be completely dry for 12 days, and then it will be flooded submerging many villages and towns (It was happened in Aug, 2006 due to heavy rains and two successive depressions in the Bay of Bengal).

28. When 4808 years of Kaliyuga get completed, god of Dharma would be limiting his places of stay to sacred places on earth only. Sins and sinners would rise like anything and would lead to many absurd disputes. (Although the beginning of Kaliyuga is not clearly recorded, some scholars estimated it to be 3104 B.C. As per this estimate, 4808 years correlates with 1704 A.D. So, it can be understood that beyond the year 1704, there won’t be ‘Dharma’ throughout the world. One can notice the increase in wars, draughts, floods, earthquakes etc.)

29. In the year named Prabhava, massive earthquakes would occur in America killing thousands of people and causing huge loss to property (Happened in 1906 (Prabhava) - the earthquake of San Francisco killing over 3000 people).

30. In the year named 'Pingali', a fierce war would start in the northern countries and would continue till the year named ‘Kalayukthi’ causing the deaths of crores of people. During the First World War, America declared war on Germany on 6th Apr, 1917 (Pingali), and the world war finally ended on 11th Nov, 1918 (Kalayukthi).

31. In the year named ‘Vikrama’, entire world would shake with fears and rich people would become paupers (In 1940, soon after the World War 2 began, the world shook with fears).

32. Kaliyuga's 5000 years hence starting from the years by name 'Prabhava' to 'Pardhiva' there would be many cataclysms all over the world. Mass deaths of people, animals, and soldiers would happen. Fire bursts, poisonous gases, volcanic eruptions, torrential rains, tornados, world wars, landslides, explosions in mountains, killings by lifeless machines and deluges in rivers and oceans would wipe out lives on a large scale. World War 2, which is the most severe in the history of mankind, ended in Pardhiva (1945). Again the next Pardhiva ended in 2005, before which we had seen Tsunami.

33. When Saturn enters Zodiac sign Gemini, many sinners would be killed and in the year named 'Ananda', Kali Dharma would decline (This means again loss of lives to relieve the burden of earth). When Saturn enters a zodiac, he remains there for 2.5 years. Saturn entered Gemini in the years 1913, 1943, 1973 and 2003. The year Ananda repeated in the years 1914 and 1974. In 1913, World War 1 started with casualties around 37 million. In 1943, World War 2 happened with fatalities around 50-70 million. In 1973-74, famine of Bangladesh claimed 1 million lives, cyclone in China named ‘Super Typhoon Nina’ claimed 210,000 lives, Dhaka tornado of 1973 claimed 681 lives, and Banqiao dam failure in China in 1975 claimed 231,000 lives. In 2003, Bam earthquake in Iran claimed 26,271 lives, European heat wave claimed 40,000 lives, Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004 claimed 230,210 lives, Kashmir earthquake of 2005 claimed 79,000 lives.

34. In the year named 'Raudri' in the month of November fierce wars would happen (Iran-Iraq war started on Nov 1980, also the 1980 Entumbane clashes happened in November).

35. Awareness about me would increase from the year named Prabhava till I come as Veera Bhoga Vasantaraya. (The awareness about Kalki has been increasing since 1987. It is mostly due to the advent of World Wide Web, and the doomsday predictions.)

36. In the year named ‘Dhata’, there would be heavy sorrow spread everywhere. Due to troubles from various other countries and due to various calamities people would die. (The 1876 Bangladesh cyclone claimed 200,000 lives and resulted in epidemic and famine. The Great famine in Southern India claimed around 5.5 million lives.)

Summary of Prophecies Worldwide

The following content is summarized from nearly thousands of prophecies said by hundreds of prophets around the world.

New Star, Binary Star – KIC9832227, will appear in North Sky in Constellation Cygnus (also known as Northern cross to westerners) before 2024 A.D. This is a 4-faced star which appears on 12th day after full moon in month of Karthikam, and will shine for nearly 25 years. This star indicates the birth of Veera Vasantaraya and start of World’s tribulation.
Veera Vasantaraya will be born in Kashmir area in year Vishwavasu nama samvatsarm i.e. April 2025 to March 2026.
Just after the birth of Veera Vasantaraya, there will be a total solar eclipse described in many prophecies. This eclipse is on August 02, 2027. This eclipse is visible in North Africa, Europe, Middle East and South India.
Just after that eclipse there shall be a Rain of Glowing lights around the world. The reason for this rain may be the asteriod 1999 AN10 which appears on August 07, 2027.
In year 2033, as eight year old boy, Veera Vasantaraya will visit France.
In year 2035 nearly, there may be a war between China and India. In this war China will occupy some parts of India.
In year 2037, Veera Vasantaraya will come to South India and will become a public figure due to some debate scene between Vaishnavaites and Shaivaites in Srisailam.
By end of 2039, Veera Vasantaraya will be surrounded by crores of people and goes to Vidyanagara and occupies the throne of Vijayanagara Kingdom.
Asteriod 2011 AG5 appears on 05th February 2040, which will have impact on World especially South Asia.
By this time, the promised King of Muslims – 12th Imam Mahdi will be born.
Between November 2040 and September 2041, a great war will take place between Islamic nations and India. It is India who first starts war by attacking Pakistan.
In February 2041, some crores of people will die due to this war.
Before Ramzan 2041, War will be won by Pakistan occupying nearly North part of India. Capital Delhi will be occupied.
In September 2041 there will be a great earthquake in Bengal area which will result in huge destruction and end of war temporarily.
Kasi will be closed for 40 days during this war.
Immediately or before the war or during the war, there will be a revolution in India. This revolution will takes many lives and is also a cause for loss of war by India.
In 2042, due to good rains heavy crops are produced.
In 2043, Veera Vasantaraya will save virtuous people and punishes sinners.
In 2044, An army will be gathered by Veera Vasantaraya on banks of Penna and moves towards Srisailam.
By 2045, Veera Vasantaraya will be ruling from Kedarnath to Rameswaram.
In 2046, Veera Vasantaraya will be crowned as King of India.
By 2047, Veera Vasantaraya will be known by name ‘Kalki’.
Between 2054 and 2056, America will face a huge destruction. The most destructed city will be New York. The cause may be attack by the Middle East Muslims or Russians.
Around 2057, Whole world will summit for peace. A treaty will be signed for disarmament. Everyone will think ‘there may be no more wars.’
Revolutions will break in Italy by Atheists and Communists. Vatican city will suffer executions. Pope will flee from Rome and Italy.
World War III will begin in 2057 or 2058 July. Russia attacks Germany and whole Europe. China will fight against Russia on Europe grounds. Some Muslim countries will join Russia and some with Europe. America will be of no much help in WW3. British will cheat Americans for Russians. Nuclear bombing and Sulfur gas will be common weapons in WW3. Russia will try to encircle whole Europe through 3 different routes.
Global economic crisis will break out. Deaths will be common.
In 2059, Pope will be murdered. A new pope will be elected. This pope will elect a King who is a German and belongs to Royal Bloodline of Roman-France Bourbon Kings. His name is ‘CHIREN’.
By end of 2059, Chiren will defeat Russians who has already lost war with Chinese. But in between this, a huge nuclear bombing will trigger a worldwide earthquake, which will emit a huge poisonous gas into the sky. And this poisonous gas will travel east direction killing millions of lives covering the whole earth for 3 days and 3 nights.
By 2061, Earth population will reduce by 60 %, especially Europe population. Rich will become paupers and travels to African countries for safety where they will be treated as slaves. Halley comet returns.
Russia will follow a revolution after WW3 defeat. Germany will become next Super Power under leadership of Chiren.
But by the end of WW3, Christian soldiers and Muslim soldiers will fight against each other for credit of Victory between Jesus and Allah. This fight will give birth to World War IV.
In 2062, there will be Yuga sandhi, a cusp for change of earth motion.
By this time, The Antichrist will be born. He will be born to a Jewish women and Satan. By birth he will have Evil powers, with which he deceives people as if he was the Avatar of God.
Between 2047 and 2062, Veera Vasantaraya will perform many penances and will obtain many boons from Sri Rama, Sri Dattatreya and Sri Mallikarjuna.
A huge famines and plagues will succeed the World War III in many places of earth. The famine is so worst that father will kill his own son in fight for food. The Plague will be so dreadful that no one will be there to honour the dead corpses.
During this time, the Romans and Christians will occupy the Constantinople from Muslims.
From 2069, Veera Vasantaraya will start again his mission of establishing justice on earth. Many treasures will be taken out in India and distributed among people.
From 2072, Nandana nama samvatsaram, Fire bodies will start to fall on earth.
From 2076, Many natural catastrophes will start to occur. Hail with blood rains on earth. Huge sounds will be heard from earth. Animal population will slowly perish.
By the Year 2080, Veera Vasantaraya will seat on the throne of King of East.
In the years 2075-85, Middle East countries will be under evil Kings. Syria will be ruled by a evil King called Al-Sufyaani. Muslims especially Arabs will be suffering a lot. This same decade will see the rise of Imam Mahdi. Muslims who are awaiting for Imam Mahdi will hastily surround him. Many warriors from Afghanistan and surrounding countries will reach him. They will all pledge their allegiance to Mahdi.
After the rise of Imam Mahdi, he will send a huge army towards Constantinople for its reconquer. About 3/4th of Muslims will die in reconquering Constantinople. But the Mahdi will be victorious in this war. After this war, there will be no battle lost for Mahdi. Within 13 years, Mahdi will become King of the Middle East, North Africa and Southern Europe. The Mediterranean Sea will be controlled by Mahdi. He occupies even Israel. Jerusalem will be made second holiest place to Muslims after Kaaba of Mecca. He rules Italy, Spain and whole parts around Middle East. A huge amount of Blood will be spilled in these wars. But Power was given to Mahdi by Allah to rule.
Looking at the increased power of Mahdi and future consequences, a Union of 7 nations is formed. Israel is one of the nations. This Union of Seven Nations will have Ten Members as representatives. These Union of Seven Nations will gather there armies against Mahdi.
Meanwhile King Chiren dies and the Antichrist rises through his evil powers showing false magics to people. He will emerge from City Isfahan in Iran. As soon as he emerges, all the Jews worldwide will gather at him thinking he was the Real Messiah, that God had sent. Wherever the Antichrist goes, if people likes him he will bring Rain and Breeze. If people dislikes him, he will bring Famine and Plagues. He will make dead parents of a child to live again. He will split a man into half in front of crowd and makes him live again. Such that will be his powers. He talks as smooth as Honey and looks as exactly as Jesus Christ. The time period of these events will be ending of 21st century i.e. 2085 -2095.
The wicked Jews will picture the Antichrist to be the God. The Antichrist will become the leading member of 7 Nations Union, by down throwing 3 other members. And Antichrist will wage war against Imam Mahdi. At first he wins over the Mahdi reoccupying some parts of Middle east, even the Arabian lands. He even visits outskirts of Mecca and make it tremble 3 times. With this event many Muslims especially women will join him.
Then a time comes, when Mahdi will be surrounded by the huge armies from around the world along with the Satanic Antichrist, in City Damascus of Syria. At this point, while Mahdi gets ready to perform one of his daily prayers then Veera Vasantaraya along with his army of 144000 will arrive at that mosque in Damascus from Sky.
Mahdi will ask Veera Vasantaraya to lead them to prayer, but Vasantaraya will smoothly reject the favour and asks Mahdi to lead them to prayer. Mahdi and Vasantaraya will pray to God at same time. After this prayer, they both will go to war on Antichrist. As soon as Veera Vasantaraya’s breath reaches Antichrist he will start fearing (Vasantaraya will cast Mantra on him). Later the Antichrist will be chased and put to death by Vasantaraya near City Lod, Israel. And every Jew will be put to Sword, for there sins have reached even heaven. This wil happen between April 2094 to March 2097.
After that Mahdi will rule for nearly 7 years and his kingdom will pass to Vasantaraya. Veera Vasantaraya will be ruling whole countries.
All the religions are abolished and new universal religion will be born under the prophet-hood of Veera Vasantaraya.
Veera Vasantaraya will live nearly 120-125 years. His rule will be 108 years. After his ascending to heaven, His lineage will rule for nearly 1000 years.
The above conclusions are drawn based on the Prophecies from Veera Brahmendra Swamy, Sarvajna, Kalki Purana, Quran and Islamic prophecies, Prophecies by Buddha, Bible Revelation, Daniel Visions, Prophecies from Europe, Prophecies of Native American tribes, African prophecies, Yogi Subbaraya prophecies, Catholic saints Prophecies, Prophecies by Shankaracharya, Vidyaranya and Maharshi Veda Vyas and many more.

No prophecy above is concluded without recorded support. There may be many more prophecies not described in this post, because of no particular time mentioned for them.


Some of his predictions : Cloned men nine feet high will fight wars.

Sun will appear in the form of a man in the sky

His most important prediction ..thank God : Millions of horses will come from the caves of Yaganti, to follow Kalki. 

I am happy now 

Veerabrahmendra swamy

he was a saint from south India who predicted the future of the world in 17th century and he worte kalagnanam (book of future).


He wrote in Kaalajnanam that he was incarnation of Lord Vishnu and would come again as Lord Kalki/Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya to restore dharma and peace on the earth. And devotees believe that he would rescue them whenever they plead him; and he will come out from the Jeeva Samadhi when the blood of thousands of people, who beheaded with frustration when the calamities reach peak stage, touches his Jeeva Samadhi. (It may be noted that like Lord Rama came to earth when Lord Parasurama is still in existence, Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya comes to earth while both Lord Parasurama and Lord Veera Brahmendra Swamy are still on the earth. The date of Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy’s coming out from Jeeva Samadhi and of Lord Kalki/LordVeera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya is different).
Some of the highlighted points from the Kaalajnanam of Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy are as follows and I may be forgiven if errors are found in interpretation of Kaalajnanam.
1. Lord Kalki/Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya, has taken birth (might be in the Telugu Year Viswavasu 1965-66) in Andhra Pradesh State, India, who was taken care by Saints of High Order. He was given complete knowledge of religion, philosophy and armory by Lord Parasurama, Ashwaththama, Kartaveeryarjuna, Dattatreya, Sri Sanaari Visweswara Swamy (incarnation of Lord Siva), Acharya Nagarjuna, Sri Swarna Amara Lingeswara Swamy and other Saints (somewhere in Srisailam forest in Andhra Pradesh state of India). Lord Siva gave him a horse ‘Devadatta’, a parrot ‘shuk’ and a sword ‘Ratnasaaru’, a Bow ‘Karmuka”, Akshaya Tooneera with Paasupatha Asthra (a sacred weapon) (would have been given to Lord Kalki/ Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya on 22nd November, 2007) and blessings to Lord Kalki/ Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya for success in his mission. He started annihilating the evil from the earth from 09.09.2009. People’s fate written by Lord Brahma is ended and, karmaphala, good and bad results being given by Navagrahas (9 planets) are directly controlled by Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya.
2. From the year Pramadhi (1999-2000) droughts, irregular rains, spread of diseases rise.
3 Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya had visited Kanaka Durga Temple at Vijayawada on 13th April, 2000, and got married in the year Vikrama (2000-2001).
4. Series of Internal explosions and/or Terrorists attacks on Nuclear/Defence Establishments will take thousands of lives in and around Hyderabad (India) (the period might be between Kataka Sankranti and Makara Sankranti i.e. between 15th July and 15th January of particular years). According to a prophecy, the penultimate interpretation is, starting from Chitrabhanu (2002), Dakshinayana period, there would either be some internal explosions or attack by terrorists on Nuclear and/or Defence Establishments in and around Gollakonda Region (Hyderabad) and on an ill-fateful day (between 13/07 to 12/08 of a particular year), the entire region would be effected by nuclear radiation and the survived people may have to survive by taking mud mixed with tamarind. (It is observed the prophecy came true partially and will be completed in future - There was an internal explosion in Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad in 2002 and followed years there were internal explosions in some other organisations). Attacks on other cities also will take place in the said period. Then Prophet Acharya Nagarjuna (Buddhist Monastery), who is said to have died a very long ago, will intervene with one of his direct disciples, offer anti-radiation ayurvedic medicines and rescue people to the maximum. They will also give medicines to some fatal deceases like AIDS, Sars, etc.
5. “Prabhava Paarthiva madhye bahu pralaya nischayam. Ananthare Ananda(2034) madhye..raktapathau ranaranga bhoome bheebhitsau prapancha stitih”. The World War-II ended in last Parthiva (1945) and Monarchy replaced by democracy. From 1987-2005, intensity of calamities are raising and, the final world war, natural and manmade calamities would make life miserable. In the esoteric part of Kalajnan, it is clearly said the Tsunami of 26/12/2004 is only a sample of its kind. The forthcoming Earth Quake with Tsunami would change the Indian East coastal geological position i.e. from Dakshineswar to Sri Lanka the sea water would recede about eighty miles thus making the South India a rectangular shape and many temples that were submerged earlier like Anoor’s temple (Chariot Driver of Lord Sun) at Konark, Visaakheswara Temple at Vizag, Veera Bhadra and Bhadra Kaali temples at Motupalli (near Ongole), Lord Siva and Parvathi (both in Idol form on one base) near Srihari Kota, etc. would be visible.
6. Starting from Ugadi of Parthiva (09-04-2005) the devotees/people may see Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya either in dhyana or in physical position He visited Mahanandi on 04/10/06 and 04/09/2009.
7. Blood bath (in AP and other states) between Krishna and Godavari regions (for partition of A.P. for Telangana, etc., for water, and communal riots).
8. Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya will be crowned at Noon on 26-12-2011 as an Ordinary Ruler.
9. According to Kaalajnanam, the Third World War ends by 2046 or later (which will end on a Makara Sankranti Day, when Jupiter in Aquarius Rasi). The year 2012 does not indicate the end of the world, as said by Mayan Calendar, but as per Kaalajnanam a severe earthquake indicated in the Telugu year Nandana (2012-13) that takes millions of lives and also revival of Mayan civilization(Mayan people are said to be the descendants of Viswakarma/Viswabrahmin community of India, who have flown to North America for some reasons, a long ago). Possible reason behind the ending of Mayan Calendar on 21-12-2012 is, they might have noticed the advent of Lord Kalki, change of velocity of planets, Stars and Milky way/Galaxy, and as such they would have left the Calendar calculations and predictions to our fate. Surprisingly, it was clearly mentioned about the change of velocity of planets, etc. in Kaalajnanam, and in particular, there is change in the velocity of Jupiter after Plavanga (2027-28) and suddenly from 2034 it will transit three Rasis a year.
10. When Saturn enters the stars Hasta(12/09 to 09/11), Chitta(09/11 to 05/12) and swathi – drought and floods indicated. Crores of people die In the same period or when Saturn transits the said stars the next time.
11. Peethams like Kanchi, Sringeri, Pushpagiri, etc., would face difficulties and the Headship will be re-instated to Viswabrahmin community; some miraculous incidents take place in Kanchi, Sringeri and Pushpagiri. 12. Parusuvedhi (transmutes metals into gold) will be shifted from Srisailam to Kandimallayapalle.
13. Sanjivini Plant (a sacred tree that gives life to the dead) will be found at Udayagiri Hill, Andhra Pradesh.
14 Lord Siva, at Srisailam talks to devotees and announces about the advent of Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya. Smoke and fire comes out from Lord Siva’s temple, Srisailam. Water and fire comes from Lord Siva. Nandiswara tears, wages his tail and makes a clarion call. A crocodile enters the temple of Goddess Bhramaramba at Srisailam and stays for eight days, cries like a goat and disappears. An idol sits on temple Garuda Dhwaja and speaks many languages. Lord Bhirava chants mantras continuously. Strange sounds come from earth. These may happen before or in the year Nandana (2012-13).
15. Crores of people die in the year Vijaya (2013-14).
16. Millions of horses will come from the caves of Yaganti, to serve the Army of Lord Kalki, a holy place in Andhra Pradesh State of India.
17. Fury of Kanchi Kamakshi harms South India. A war at Rameshwaram takes place.
18. Divine Idols at Holy places will exhibit various gestures. The idol of Kanchi Kamakshi will revolve for a while, idol of Bangalore Kamakshi will omit blood, idols in different holy places talk to people. At Gandaki river Salagrama stones dance and talk to people. In another incident, idols of Lord Vinayaka cries and tears.
19. Lord Vinayaka visits every village and town and chants Veda mantras.
20. Many fake people each claiming as Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya will come.
21. A devastating earth-quake in Suryanandi is indicated.
22. Cow slaughter takes place at Yaganti, Srisailam and Kumbhakonam and clashes takes thousands of lives.
23. India will participate in a war and the Indian Capital New Delhi will be bombed, in the year Krodhi (2024-25) the capital will be shifted from New Delhi to Anegondi (Near Hampi, Karnataka State). and in the same year, the Nellore region will be submerged.
24. 120 temples situated all over India (like Tirupathi) will be dismantled by Anti-Hindu elements; Kasi Visweswara temple would be closed for forty days, and so also Kalahasti and Sri Sailam, Kumara Swamy temple and Tirumala temple for a week (The sound ‘Om’ will be heard from Kapi Dhwaja when Tirumala was assaulted and Garuda Dhwaja will be demolished. Ultimately the idols of Lord Venkateswara, Lord Kalahastheeswara, Goddess Kanaka Durga be shifted to Brahmamgari Mutham and Tirumala will become shelter to wild animals later); temples in Karnataka will be harmed by Anti-Hindu women.
25. Projects/Dams that were constructed on River Krishna will be washed away by flash floods and water would touch the Mukku Pudaka (ornament attached to Nose) of Goddess Durga”, at Vijayawada. 14 cities will be washed away by floods.
26. Kandimallayapalle of A.P.State becomes economic capital of India.
27. Birth of Kamadhenu, the divine cow, west to Kanchi
28. Great Hidden Treasures at 9 temples of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha, Yaganti, Alampur, Bellamkonda, Srisailam, etc. will be taken out.
29. Predictions of Brahmins become reverse i.e. their predictions go wrong.
30. Six new diseases take thousands of lives.
31. Blood bath on the banks of Kauveri river taking thousands of lives
32. Bangladesh and Bengal will be hit by super typhoon and floods and crores of people will die.
33. On a Visakha Amavasya, strange deceases take many lives (may be due to a bio-chemical weapon).
34 A pig appears in Mecca Maszid and will be chased by Muslims. It roams here and there and finally reaches Vijayawada of Andhra Pradesh State in India, where millions of people die in clashes
35. When Saturn enters Pisces-harm to Mlechchas is indicated, in Taurus-Poisonous gas from Northeast takes lives, in Gemini-most of evil persons are punished.(29/03/2025 onwards for ten years)
36. A comet/meteor will appear in daylight and goes on expanding from north to south resulting in change of earth’s axis and motion thereby people may feel the Sun is shivering; a male shadow form (of Lord Sun and in another incident, of Lord Vishnu) is visible in Sun at the time of Solar Eclipse(02.08.2027) in Plavanga(2027-28), a comet appears for 33 days, probably in the year Subhakrit (2022-23) or when Saturn in Aries or in Bhadrapada month of the year Kalayukti (2038-39).
37. On 15/03/35 Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya shows his viswarupa and moves with his batallion for war on 30/03/2035. In the year Ananda (2034-35) Crores of people die and in Rakshasa year (2035-36) there will be destruction in Western Countries. Most of the evil persons die, and Kali Yuga Dharma ends.
38. In the year Nala on Ashada Sudhdha Poornima( 7/8 June, 2036) , the Kaalajnan written on palm leaves will be taken out, from the inner pit where they were kept by Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy. by Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya. since then whatever that was written on them will happen and there will be no amendments to the fate of people as well of the countries.
39. With severe internal clashes between two Religions Crores of people die throughout the world in the years Pingala (2037-38), Kalayukti (2038-39), and Roudri (2040-41).
40. Inter-caste marriages will be the order of the day.
41. In Uttarayana Period of a particular year, migration of North Indians to South India results clashes between North Indians and South Indians, which take millions of lives.
42. A devastating earthquake in Addanki (AP, India) and peripherals in the year 2039 (between 24/05/2039 and 21/06/2039) is indicated.
43. There will be no water in River Ganga for 40 days by 2040, in Kasi.
44. For twelve days there will be no water in River Godavari and on 13th it will be with heavy floods.
45. On 15/16-Feb.2041, Makha Poornima of the year Roudri (2040-41), seven Crores of people die at a time.
46. On 26/27-11-2044, Margasira Suddha Saptami, Rakthakshi(2044-45), in Chennai, a seven year old Brahmin girl gives birth to a male child who has four hands, three legs, and a horn on head. The child lives up to 22days and on 23rd the child declares, Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya's participation, who will declare The War of Wars (The Armageddon), and dies the same day. The direct war between the forces of Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raya and the Evil King Kali will be started between 19/01/2045 and 16/02/2045. The aftermath will continue upto 2061 and the calamities will be upto 2066.
47. An entire city in America will be destroyed in an Earth Quake and only five families survive. Indo-Maya civilization will be revived.
48. The gopuram at Kumbhakonam will collapse and the idol will be damaged.
49. Clashes between Saivaites and Vishnavites, after that 1,11,000 men cut off their heads in Brahmamgari Matham and later Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy comes out from the Jeeva Samaadhi.
50. Lord Vishnu gives darshan at midnight on a New Moon day atop Udayagiri Hill (AP, India) having seen Sudarshan Chakra (Holy disc of Lord Vishnu) people feel it as a Lunar Eclipse.
51. Hampi(Karnataka) may probably be destroyed by Nuclear Attack.
52. Robots’ (or cloned men of nine feet height) participation in war.
53. Lilliputians, so small that they use a ladder to climb plants, will be born.
54. Groups of white crows cry at the borders of villages and towns.
55. The Treasures of Vaali and Sugreeva (Ramayana Dynasty) will be taken out, and Hanumadramayan will come to limelight.
56. Atheism will flourish and adultery and coveting of others’ wives will be a normal breaking of the moral law.
57. A five year old boy reads the Vedas. Another boy makes predictions.
58. India is going to be partitioned. A major division of India, between Vindhya mountains and Sethu (Rameshwaram, Tamil Naadu), will be ruled by a Warrior, who will be assisting Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya in his mission.
59. Right shoulder of Lord Venkateswara's idol may shake and get cracked, and there may be an earthquake towards right side of Tirumala Hill. All roads leading to Tirumala will be closed.
60. Harm to Muslim countries and Christian countries in Pushya month.
61. On 26/08/2054, i.e. Sravana Bahula Ashtami of the year Bhava (2054-55), many rivers will be with flash floods and many cities will be submerged.
62. Lakhs of people will be drowned and washed away by flash floods at the time of festival on a Sunday(Jul/Aug-2055) at Tirunelveli (Tamil Nadu).
63. Only 25 gothras of Vysya community will survive by Dhata (2056-57)
64. On 3rd February, 2058 (Magha Sudhdha Dasami of the year Eswara) all the countries surrender their Sovereignity to Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya, who will later rule the entire world for 108 years and his descendants about 1000 years.
65. In the year Bahudhanya (2058-59) bloodbath in 25 cities, and calamities are indicated.
66. In the year Parthiva(2065-66) people offer poojas to a neem tree that born in a temple situated north to Karnool (AP) for a month and later the said tree omits some poisonous gas and takes thousands of people
67. Incestual relationship will develop between men and women.
68. A cow gives birth to a man at Govindapuram, near Golconda, Hyderabad, India.
69. The Brahmins will sink to a low estate and serve other castes.
70. Brahmins will be defeated in a battle with Viswabrahmins
71. Wild animals’ roaming in villages and towns is indicated.
72. Two gold swans fly in the sky and sweep around cities and those who intend to catch them loose their eyesight.
73. Red ants of giant size shall crawl over the earth.
74. A pig gives birth to an elephant.
75. Vijayawada hill will split and the idol of Goddess Durga be shifted to Kandimallayapalle.
76. Learning will be traded as a commodity in shops.
77. All the seas will be polluted and oceanic species become extinct.
78. The iron pillar in Ahobilam (holy place in Andhra Pradesh) sprouts sannajaji (jasminum articulatum) flowers.
79. A direct disciple, of Lord Parasurama and/or Acharya Nagarjuna and/or Sri Sanaari Visweswara and/or other Sidhdha Purushas (probably Aghori sect), with his Alchemy will clear the debts of the country and save from financial difficulties, and later link all rivers and save from severe drought.
80. 1/7th of the world population will survive after third world war.
81. The Ugadi of the year Parthiva, i.e. 09.04.2005, is the starting day of the Final Judgement sessions and “Avasya manubhoktavyam kritamkarma subhaasubham”.
Besides Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy another four saints have too written Kaalajnanam. They are 1) Sri Eswari Maha Devi, too in Jeeva Samadhi, grand-daughter of Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy; Kandimallayapalle (is also held in great esteem and is credited with many miracles. Her own Kaalajnanam and poems are also well known) 2) Sri Sanaari Visweswara Swamy, Palakonda of Srikakulam District, (is mentioned in Kaalajnanam of Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy as incarnation of Lord Siva, who later, shown his third eye, with many miracles like transmuting metals into Gold, to Chennai people about 150 years ago. He authored a book ‘Sanaari Visweswara Samvadamu’ that contains Mantra, Tantra, yantra, remedies for curses of planets, etc., and Kaalajnanam, Alchemy and Ayurveda), 3) Sri Sarabheswara Swamy, Udayagiri, 4) Sri Swarna Amara Lingeswara Swamy, Muppavaram, Prakasam District, all belong to Andhra Pradesh State of India. Out of the five, Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy’s and Sri Eswari Mahadevi Maatha’s Kaalajnanam (prophecies) are available and well known to the people of Andhra Pradesh. And the rest are accessible to a few. They were written in Telugu and Sanskrit languages. Sri Sanaari Visweswara Swamy and Sri Amara Lingeswara Swamy are in Srisailam, Sri Sarabheswara Swamy in Udayagiri, and give darshan to the believers

I like this one : Millions of horses will come from the caves of Yaganti, to serve the Army of Lord Kalki, a holy place in Andhra Pradesh State of India.



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