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"Spring Equinox" UFO Craft Deploying Orange Orbs Over Bawsey Woods, UK

Stephen Cook: This clip was posted into the Golden Age of Gaia Discussion Group  by Peter. For me, the best bit is around the 11:30-12:30 minute mark.


Here’s what the original YouTube poster TheJSB007 has to say:


“Well it’s the Spring Equinox once again, and once again we get to see another extraordinary display of a what seems to be a craft hovering above Bawsey Woods that was stationary and continued throughout the evening into the early hour.


Deploying Orange Orb’s into the dense wood lands, I drove over there but as I knew, the activity had stopped, drove back home again and noticed the UFO craft was still stationary above where all the activity was going on.


These were not anything conventional or military exercises, what you see here is the real thing of ET origin. Enjoy!”


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Really cute Feather :) I have seen videos of them morphing into a plane.

I saw this on another site. Amazing, sent it to people I know. Looks like they are building something, wonder what they are doing?  Everyone who doubts ufo's should see this. Thanks for posting it.



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