We the people, are first and foremost HUMANS BEINGS.  If we are more then that, it remains to been seen.  We will remain humans until further notified. If you think, believe or feel that you are something different then it could be possible that you are attempting to make yourself better then others.  Some people choose a life of sports, other soldiers, politics, preist, motorcycle gangs, business people, drug lords and many have no other choice but to be bumbs on the street.  So you consider yourself a starseed or starchild?  This does not make you any better then the next person in line to give up the ghost and ascend into some other unknown dimension. Come down off your high horse and face the fact that no one really knows knowing, it's all theories, hopes, dreams, illusions, fantasty, ghost in the brain, manipulation and mind control. 

Live in the moment and be in the now,

for that is all that you really have and can call your own!


CoMdr * LightSpeed *

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  • ..just wait 2,3 years more.

  • I feel fine, the weather here in Florida is wonderful, my computer works great, and 11-11-11 went well for me, no problems, just another good day as my life progresses in a positive direction. I didn't notice anything different than any other day. Old injuries to my right arm that were bothering me a few months ago have cleared up completely with physical therapy and nutritional and body building supplementation. I'd like to get up on the ships and have my right elbow and some other joints regenerated to original pre injury condition.

    I had sets of xrays taken this summer, with doctor's medical reports, that are saved on film and disk that can be used for before and after pictures to show the efficacy of ET medical technology.

    • A great thread here. It has really shown the gap existing between ILLusion

      on one hand, and BElief in creation by a Divine Source, called by whatever

      name we choose to call it. For me, the result of the crying out from both sides

      of the issue, is serving to bring about resolution to this probably oldest question

      here on this planet since consciousness started asking questions. I BElieve

      we don't have long till the questioning is over.

      Will I am

  • I think it is written in Obidiah, verse 2, exactly what Mr.Lightspeed is trying to say.

    “Look! Small is what I have made you among the nations. You are despised very much. 3 The presumptuousness of your heart is what has deceived you, you who are residing in the retreats of the crag, the height where he dwells, saying in his heart, ‘Who will bring me down to [the] earth?’ 4 If you should make your position high like the eagle, or if among the stars there were a placing of your nest, down from there I would bring you,” is the utterance of Jehovah."


    It's all down in Black and White.


    We should strive to figure out our selves, because we have been a part of illusion for far too long.


    It doesn't matter what we think we do, only what we actually do. Actions will always outweigh intent and feeling, so be Love, as the verb.

    • Hey Eric, Yeah I think that really does sum everything up in a nutshell, and the rest is up to us. What we do in life will show. What we think about isn't a crime so much, but our actions always speak louder then words do. It is funny how many criminals out there, don't apply to what you had said at the bottom.

      You can use all of the magic in the world, to hide the things u do in life, but at some point it catches up with you. You can't always use the metaphysical side of things when it comes to actions in the 3D. Today we have so much out there, that will be able to catch the ones doing crime. 

      Thanks for sharing that 

      Bless the Nite,


  • Hey Sylvain, TV is just TV these days. What we are living in is reality though, and those we come in contact with. I'm glad that isn't your world though, reversing those that are on top of there game. That is harsh, and harsh punishments. You know that the ones who are TV, are mainly acting all of the time, and trying to show there creativity on there, so that most will watch there shows. The news coverage, is mostly real.

    All of the shows you watch though, that is just them acting mainly.

    In the News Paper you will get good coverage of what is happening in your local area, and that is real. There are many out there that are trying to be little those who are at the top of there game, and that is just sad

    Thanks for sharing

    Bless the Nite,


  • lmao~!  yes indeed a very good message Commander.  If 11/11/11 does indeed have any real meaning, its that the world came together in common focus for a greater hope. There may be other happenings surrounding it, though those events will be revieled later. Its is my hope as Starseeds, knowing that we are all Spiritual creatures in human form, looking to push the envelope individually, so we as a species can evolve. It is my greatest hope that I can achieve a greatness that far surpasses current popular expectations. Do I feel that I am greater than anyone else? At the momment, nope. I have no fears that one day I will be. 

    • Hey Axiom, Can't forget that today was also Veterans Day. I think that was the most behind today, being that we had no mail, and no banks open. LoL. 

      Bless the Nite,


  • I know for myself knowing that I was an indigo helped me know why I am why I am and how to care for myself, and why I have had so many problems, and why I have not fit into society. Sure my ego grabbed at the label as I owned it and learned about it, but I don't see that any differently as someone who comes out as gay for the first time and they take on the label of lesbian, or someone taking on the label of something else, sure it gets old after awhile like an old jacket that you can take off cause you have worn it, and there is no longer a need for it......

    • Hey Ten Tiny, Same here. Indigo, and learning to live with the title of it. It is always nice to learn about where come from as a Soul, and how we are growing as a Soul. Sure none of us are going to be the same, but never hurts learning about these things.

      Sometimes with Labels, it's almost like a helping tool that gives us reasons to look deeper inside of ourselves, to know about our root history, ancestry background exct.

      You know without labels, we would be somewhat lost as well in this world, wondering where we fit in, and when we hear something that is familiar with us, of course we we are going to want to dig more for info.

      I like what you had to say, when you had said it is no different then calling yourself gay, or anything else that is out there in the world. Goth, Punk, Emo, exct we all run differently in this world.

      Thanks for sharing that

      Bless the Nite,


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