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Human (a person) composed of body and spirit, and the human spirit placed in this body, so the premise is the soul, but the body is the way to deal with the physical world around us.Spirit consists of seven inner bodies starting from the physical body (our body), and ethereal body which is a field of energy surrounding the physical body, and the rest of the bodies vary in tenderness and transparency to the seventh body (the enlightenment body) which is the origin of the soul.The third is a planetary body (astral) is responsible for the feelings of the human person, and the fourth body is the body responsible for mental inspiration to the mind with ideas, and the fifth body (is the wisdom body), but the sixth body (is the body of will power).Associated with these inner bodies are the chakras which are placed in ethereal body that nurtures the body… and the number of chakras in the human is seven chakras, which is responsible for human nutrition with life energy "brana".The chakras associated with the inner bodies and each of them responsible for a particular command which is different from the other.The eyes are the body's physical insight and concrete material things only, but the third eye in the human body (located between the eyebrow and can be seen through the aura vision devices) which is responsible for the lucidity...We can see things non-material and non-sensory and proceed through to see universes because the body III (astral) is responsible for this chakra (third eye) and this body is responsible for starting the process of spiritual meditation.However the seventh body is responsible for (the greater insight visions) because it is a vision luminous body, as it is the soul and the highest levels of awareness and recognition, and through it we can be able to connect with the universe and the other worlds.., this body is linked to the crown chakra which is the seventh chakra (located above the head) responsible for the correlation with the universe and ascend the level of spiritual.The eyes are the tool which we see material things only through it, but through the third eye we can be able to see things that are not sensory (physical), while the third body (astral) is responsible for the terms of emotions to us.The heart chakra (located adjacency the heart) associated with the mental body IV (mental) which is responsible for true love and not a sense of emotional and is also responsible for spiritual inspiration, which in turn feeds into the idea of the mind.Try to understand you human that you are beautiful and spiritual creature positioned within the shell material (the body) so ascend in the level of your soul in order to be aware of your reality.Enlightened Master

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  • I wonder why 'devil' is tagged..

    Anyways, thanks for posting!

    'was a nice short read..
    • The devil is only a reflection of the darkness within us; he is the other side of the coin. He is born of the ignorance to the truth of ourselves and our creation. The devil sees the darkness within us and is able to infiltrate us through this darkness, for he gains strength from our evil and weakens from our awareness.
      They told the light,”Beware of the darkness!” The light replied, “I know no darkness; for wherever I go I light up my surroundings.”
      Thank you for your beautiful friendship.
  • What Is SOUL? Where is It, When Is It? How Is It? Why Is IT? And Who Is IT? And Is IT?
    • The soul is that pleasant being that resides within you; the soul is you, or have you thought that the physical body housing you is you? The body is just the cover that surrounds the soul; it is the body that had been formed in your mother’s womb so that you’d be placed in it.
      In reality you’re the soul, not the body. The body is the physical cover that allows you to adapt with the physical world around you.
      For behind the physical world there is another world; infinite, immaterial and unlimited that is the world of the souls. It is where you originate from.
      Not everything in the world is realized using the senses; therefore you must enhance your spiritual powers in order to learn more about yourself.
      Below is a simple image of the soul:
      A human being consists of body (Physical) and soul. The soul is divided into six consecutive bodies varying in density, they are:
      The vibration body (Energy field surrounding the human body- the Aura)
      The astral body (responsible for feelings)
      The mind body (responsible for the intellectual inspiration of the physical mind)
      The Wisdom body (when you reach it you become a wise person)
      The Willpower body (concerned with knowledge, willpower and connection with existence)
      The Light body (the body of the soul, it is made of light and is described by being pure and white, it is the main soul body and has minimum density, all the previous bodies become denser and denser down to the physical body which is the densest of all)
      These bodies could be seen by a true spiritual person who is advanced in the field of awareness and spiritual consciousness. This person could see them through his spirit eye, and sometimes through his physical eyes.
      The second body (vibration- aura) could be seen now by a special imaging system, where and picture produced by this system shows your image surrounded by an image of your aura. This aura differs in color from one person to the next depending this person's nature, interests, thinking patterns and psychological state.
      These bodies determine the level of awareness for a person, for each one is responsible for a certain aspect. The first body supports materialistic aspects while the second supports thinking patterns and acceptance of others'. The third body supports your feelings and the fourth supports your intuition and creativity. The fifth body gives you the support needed for you to become a wise man. The sixth body supports knowledge of the reasons behind existence and creation. The seventh allows you to link with everything around you because by now you have become a part of everything and everything is a part of you. You have become a person in harmony with everything. Then you become enlightened.
      This is a very wide subject and talking about it takes a lot of time because it has its own special sciences, this is a simplified picture to acquaint you to the path of enlightenment.
      I have written an article on "How does one become enlightened" and I have placed it in the articles section so please read it if you're interested in knowing more about the subject.
      I have enjoyed talking with you immensely and forgive me for not replying to you sooner due to my many responsibilities.
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