channeling-009.jpg?w=640Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness,

Allow yourselves to relax into the flow of energy and information you’re being given from the higher realms, and know that the entirety of the Company of Heaven is with you, watching and offering our assistance when and where we can.

You can attune to our energies slowly and steadily, and after connecting with us so many times, you’ll be able to bring us through with relative ease. We’re working to help our channels on earth connect with us in increasingly pure and direct ways, but we can only help you if you’re open and receptive to the greater energies and impressions we’re offering.

Allow yourselves to be as open to the voice of spirit as you can, for in doing so, you’ll strengthen the link between you and us – a link that, until now, has been weak. Many of you are already strengthening this link, and you’re making it easier for the aspiring channels who’ll emerge in the next few months and years of your time to strengthen their links as well.

We use the opportunity to speak to you for various purposes, one of which is to deliver the pure energy you’re integrating and radiating for the rest of humanity to benefit from.

Another reason we speak to you is to remind you that you’re infinitely divine souls who are capable of manifesting the miracles you’ve looked to the higher realms for, and if we can get this message out to any of you who struggle with the difficulty of the dense state of consciousness you’re incarnate in, then our main purpose for communicating with you, which is to help, will have been achieved.

The Spiritual Benefits of Exercise

We in the higher realms are doing as much as we can to help humanity become aware, and at a certain point, the responsibility lies in the awakening humanity to start doing what you can to raise the planetary vibration and build a new world.

You’re forever encouraged to pursue creative acts that you enjoy and that fill you with wholeness and elation, and you’re especially encouraged to do things that get you moving; that get you excited and put you in a higher, more enjoyable state of mind and heart.

We’ve encouraged exercise in the past, because it gets your physical bodies moving and opens you to the influence of spirit in a greater way. Exercise, along with doing things you enjoy that get your blood flowing, will open you up to spirit like never before and help you become increasingly sensitive instruments for the divine.

There are millions of light holders incarnate on dearest Gaia who are tasked with bringing the energies and impressions of the higher realms through in much greater and purer ways than you have thus far, and those of you who feel as if communicating with the higher realms or translating the energy you’re being given is your mission are encouraged to take the development and expansion of your abilities to new heights.

It might be hard for some developing channels to believe that they can constantly connect with us, but indeed, they can. Even if you’ve channeled a lengthy communication, a few short moments of rest will see you able to reconnect with us and strengthen the already strong connection you had before.

Connection in the higher realms is instantaneous, and in every moment, you can connect with us and reap the flowing rewards of such a connection. One of the problems many earthly souls have is that their physical and etheric bodies are too blocked up with negativity or toxins to be able to connect with us in a clear and pure way.

If you eat a big, unhealthy meal, for example, connecting with spirit or doing anything else that requires livelihood will be more difficult. Your channels will be muddied, and you higher connections will be much harder to find and act on.

We encourage eating light and giving your developing temples the proper nutrition they require to soar, and with exercise and the general livelihood that helps you enjoy your existence, you’ll quickly become sensitive receptors for the divine and your creative pursuits will reflect this sensitivity.

From our standpoint and that of many developing seekers, it makes little sense not to pursue the greater connections you’re making. You’re infinitely able to connect with the higher realms, but many of you act on this connection much more sparsely than you could be.

We don’t say this to condemn you, of course, because your experience is yours to live and it certainly doesn’t require the over-utilization of the gifts you’re beginning to realize you carry within, but at the same time, you could be connecting with us much more and expanding your already strong abilities.

As long as you keep yourselves in a clear and pure enough state to receive the teachings of the divine, you’ll connect with us relatively easily and this connection will feel wonderful to say the least. We enjoy connecting with all of you, and we’re happy to do what we can to help you awaken to the greater revelations and concepts we’ve been waiting for you to decode and understand.

How Open Do You Want to Be?

There are a plethora of insights and revelations for you to learn, and your reception of them depends entirely on how open you choose to be to them. Do you want to open up as far and wide as you can, or are you content with the bare minimum; with opening up slightly and enjoying the trickles of information and energy you receive?

You’ll benefit far more from pursuing and exploring your developing perception, and even though it’s easy to block yourselves from the influence of spirit, doing so will only make your reception of the divine more difficult and less rewarding.

The longer you’re immersed in a creative venture, such as writing or channeling, the purer the creative flow will be and the more energy you’ll be able to bring through.

After channeling us for so long, for example, the channel will have refined their abilities and become a much purer instrument for our expression. Like we’ve said before, with love and the intent to bring the energies and communications of the higher realms through, any connection one seeks to make will be made easily.

We speak of connecting with the higher realms as if it’s so simple because it really can be. We want to encourage those of you who see channeling or being creative in general as a difficult venture that requires too much of you to understand that in reality, no seeking or striving is involved.

All you have to do is open up to what’s already naturally there, and if for some of you, mental gibberish seems to be the only thing there, you can channel your way through it and reach the pure connection you want to reach.

You have the ability, but if you keep yourselves from acting on it, you’ll never see what could’ve been if you’d pursued it. Connecting with the higher realms will offer invaluable energy and insight into your lives and experiences, and the higher self will provide very important and direct advice that pertains to your personal paths.

We have so much to help you feel and remember, and we have so much to tell you about the future you’re entering and creating. If we could outline everything about this future through our scribe, we absolutely would, but instead, we (and you) will have to be content with what we’re able to communicate while our communication is less direct.

We’re able to speak to humanity clearly, but our connection isn’t as direct as it’ll be when you’re back in a higher state of consciousness, communicating with us face-to-face. When you are, you’ll find that communication is constantly telepathic – energies, impressions, and signals are sent back and forth to convey things that take a lot of your earthly words to convey.

A single higher-dimensional impression can translate into an entire book’s worth of earthly information, and we hope you understand when we say that telepathic communication is very complex and very, very real in the realms beyond.

Communication isn’t the only thing that’s telepathic. You’ll be able to create entire realities and planes of existence with your connected minds and hearts, and the creation will be instantaneous. You’ll instantly create things out of your sheer love for creating, which’ll grow far more than it has thus far.

Your ability to pick up on the divine will be purer than it’s ever been, and your resulting work to help others become aware will be very, very potent.

The Prophesized Ascension

Like we’ve said in the past, some of you will probably decide to incarnate on other lower-dimensional planets to help their civilizations find enlightenment and ascend, and practically any planet you could incarnate on after the earth’s ascension is complete will be easier than the planet you’re currently on.

The earth has been a hub for extreme darkness for millennia of your earthly time, and ever since Atlantis and Lemuria were submerged, darkness has temporarily ruled and the minds and hearts of humanity have been blocked from the influence of spirit.

You’re opening your minds and hearts back up now, and in doing so, you’ll achieve the ascension that was prophesized in Atlantis and came very close to happening before the destruction took place. Even though war and chaos are rife on your planet, more so than in Atlantis in some senses, the Company of Heaven is here to help you ensure you don’t go down the same negative road you did in Atlantis.

You have the assistance of billions of star beings, angels, archangels, and various other unnamable species and civilizations who are bent on helping humanity see the light and ascend this time around instead of descending into the darkness that’s already been experienced.

We’re confident that many of you are ready to leave behind those devastating experiences, as well as the memories and soul-level imprints that came with them, and to do so, you’ll have to be able to transcend the energies those experiences left lingering in you and move beyond the influence of energetic parasites who’ll drain your greater energy and vitality in a heartbeat if you let them.

Even many incarnate lightworkers and starseeds still deal with a lot of unsurfaced pain and trauma related to Atlantis and various past lives that were rooted in darkness, and you’re each undergoing a process of transmutation, release, and refinement as you continue opening up to spirit and clearing the energies that don’t resonate with the realms you’re growing toward.

We certainly aren’t the first souls to encourage you to release your latent, inner wounds, and plenty of scribes for the Company of Heaven have picked up on this important reminder.

Clearing the dross that’s clogged your individual and collective consciousness is essential to connecting with spirit in a pure way and ascending when the time is right, and we’ll make our final expressions for this communication with love and appreciation for the efforts of those of you who diligently connect with the higher realms every day.

You’re finding the purity of your connections strengthen with each attempt you make to connect, and it’s well-known on your planet that practice makes perfect. This is a well-known fact in the higher realms as well, and practicing your greater abilities will obviously help you hone and refine them so you can use them to help others find a higher state of consciousness.

Re-finding the higher realms is one of the main purposes of your existence on the earth, and soon enough, your entire planet will be awake and aware of everything that needs done before your society can enjoy the higher vibration that waits for you all.

We excitedly await this time for many reasons, one of which is that we’ll be by your side, helping you construct the utopian society of your dreams. You’re already starting to construct this society, and your efforts are earning you the title of heroes in the realms beyond.

Your existence on the earth and the work you’re each doing is celebrated more than you expect, and we love and appreciate you far, far more than finite earthly words can express. Keep on keeping on, dearest awakening starlights, and always remember that the divine is instantaneously accessible – you just have to believe it is.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

(Permission is given to spread this post far and wide, as long as the following bio is included.)

I’m a 21 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

I can also be found at Conscious Oneness, The Golden Age of Gaia,, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness), and Twitter.

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