tumblr_m1i9xg2bvm1qc7d5ho1_500.jpg?w=640Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Enjoy the beautiful mornings, days, and evenings you’re blessed with, precious seekers.

Understand that your existence is perfect the way it is, and appreciate all of the divine beauties that exist before you. You’re growing into a much purer state of consciousness than your current, but the things you have the potential to perceive right on your earth are every bit as heavenly and harmonious as the things you haven’t yet perceived.

In fact, as many of you are beginning to learn, the most beautiful things around you are emanations of the higher realms.

Whenever something particularly beautiful, such as Gaia’s nature, awes and amazes you, you can recognize that it’s a facet of the divine realms of consciousness you’re reentering. You too are an emanation of the divine, and it’s important to understand this if you want to restore your greater perception of yourselves.

One of the things we want every seeker who reads our communications to take away from them is the fact that they’re beautiful, divine beings.

We want you to empower yourselves with an understanding of your divinity and the things you’re on the earth to do, and we want for you to feel comfortable opening up to your greater abilities and doing everything required to build your new society.

Creativity: The Way of the New World

Creativity will be the way of the new world you’re creating, and everything you’ve ever thought yourselves unable to do will be done. You’ll completely transcend your limited perception of yourselves, and you’ll understand that you truly are capable of being and doing anything.

Recognizing your divinity will open you up to the fact that not only you, but everyone around you is on your planet at this moment in your illusory concept of time to make a change.

Everyone around you is meant to be involved in the restoration of your planet and the raising of your collective vibration, and those who aren’t ready to be a part of this glorious and momentous occasion might choose to leave the third-dimensional earth for destinations that, to them, are more comfortable and sustainable.

A lot of souls will choose to depart for further experiences on other lower-dimensional worlds, but most of you who are on the earth to introduce positive change have planned to stay for as long as the mission takes.

An aspect of the mission of many of you is connecting with us in the higher realms, and like we’ve said before, we have a lot of advice and guidance to offer the awakening humanity. We have a lot to teach you and help you understand, and one of the biggest items on our agenda will be to help humanity understand the negative impact you’ve made on your environment.

This impact is obvious to a growing number of souls on your world, but too many earthy souls are still unaware and/or uncaring about the damage humanity has and continues to do. Your earthly cabal is responsible for a lot of this damage, and humanity’s general complacency has caused the rest.

We say this in this manner because you have the potential to arise and change the manner in which finite fossil fuels are taken from your earth’s ground, where they’re meant to reside, and used to make finite power sources that keep your elite rich and the rest of humanity paying bills, and you can stop every other form of pollution that has and continues to hold your planet and its people back.

When your society is powered by free energy, you’ll have no need for electricity in the form you currently use it, and needless to say, you won’t pay bills like you do now.

Nobody will have to work to pay for finite things that don’t last or satisfy, and instead, you’ll all be encouraged to work hard doing things that you enjoy and that are intended to help all of humanity in your construction of your utopian society.

Your new society is being built in this very moment, and you only need to open your eyes to everything that’s being done in favor of humanity’s development to see it. So much is happening on your planet at present, and much of it is happening behind the scenes.

Truth is Falling Through the Cracks

Your mainstream media can’t keep being used to hide the truth forever, and already, truthful and positive stories are falling through the cracks and making their way to humanity’s televisions. You’re already seeing a lot of positive changes in many parts of your world, but in others, the old paradigm seems to continue raging on.

As we have in the past, we’ll reiterate that everything that’s happening is necessary for humanity’s individual and collective growth, and the chaos you’re currently experiencing is intended to clear the bulk of collective negativity that has and continues to clog your minds and stop you from developing your greater perception.

When the rest of this energy is cleared away, which’ll take quite a bit more effort on the part of the awakening humanity and the Company of Heaven, a general lightness will pervade your collective consciousness. We can envision negativity and roughness practically fading from your minds and hearts, and in their place will be an overwhelming desire to be at peace and change your planet in a positive way.

We ask you to imagine positive change being passionately yet peacefully made. Imagine what it’ll be like when everyone on your planet works actively to build a new world that’ll be ruled in a far different manner than your current, and imagine what it’ll be like to do this work with the Company of Heaven by your side.

We won’t do this work for you, but we’ll offer our assistance and the higher-dimensional technologies that’ll completely transform life on your planet.

We don’t intend to talk about the future you’re entering as if you should enamor yourselves so much with it that you don’t enjoy or appreciate this moment of now, and if you constantly look to the future, you’ll miss out on the greatest opportunities you have to raise your vibration and find the earthly heaven you seek.

While a lot will be done to change the manner in which your planet functions, the greatest changes you can make are intended to be made in this very moment. We obviously exist outside of your concept of time and don’t perceive it the same way you do, but we intend to say that this moment offers the greatest opportunities for growth, learning, and enjoyment.

You can enjoy ourselves and your existence, but to do so, it’s essential that you enjoy and appreciate this moment of now instead of looking to any time in your future for liberation or sovereignty. Liberation lives within, waiting to be reclaimed, and toiling in a dull or darkened perception can take you away from it.

Freedom is one of your sacred rights, and it’s essential that you constantly liberate yourselves from the oppressive mental shackles that’ve kept you chained to lower-dimensionality. Looking to an undetermined point in the future is one of the ways you can mentally enslave yourselves, and we encourage you to exit the limited perceptual boxes so many souls have trapped themselves in.

Freedom is Yours For the Taking

You don’t have to remain trapped, and you don’t have to convince yourselves your existence is somehow ‘less’ than the existence you’d like to have. Your existence is already heavenly, but if you convince yourselves otherwise, you’ll trap yourselves in the idea that you have to experience something better before you can be at peace.

Of course, we don’t perceive the negativity that you do on earth, and we’ll admit that our perception of darkness is more skewered than yours.

From our perspective, however, your perception of darkness has muddied your understanding that your reality is and has always been heavenly, and we hope to do anything we can to help humanity realize this so you can reclaim the freedom and empowerment that have always been yours for the taking.

You don’t need to let the pain and darkness of your lower-dimensional existence convince you that it isn’t heavenly, but if you do, the creation of your reality will naturally follow suit and you’ll find yourselves in difficult and limited circumstances.

Opening up to the divine and understanding that everything is alright is recommended, because in doing so, you liberate yourselves from the idea that your reality isn’t free. It’s far freer than most of you realize, and recognizing this is essential to reclaiming your freedom and enjoying your existence instead of simply putting up with it.

You aren’t meant to tolerate your earthly existence – you’re meant to enjoy it and soar like you would’ve never expected. You’re meant to enjoy and appreciate all of your lower and higher-dimensional experiences, and we’ll make our final expressions for this communication with continual encouragement for you to do just that.

Get out there and start enjoying your lives, and when your physical reality loses its luster, go within and discover what spirit has to offer. Your physical reality can only offer so much, whereas the spiritual reality you’re coming to discover within will offer every bit of liberation and clarity you seek.

You’re just beginning to attune to the greater energies and impressions you’re being given from the realms beyond, and opening up to these impressions is the first step to discovering your inner realms and flowing like never before with a solid understanding of your divinity and the immense importance of your earthy presence.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

I’m a 21 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

I can also be found at Conscious Oneness, The Golden Age of Gaia, Lightworkers.org, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness), and Twitter.

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