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It is said that the brain is made of billions of neurons wired in zillions of ways doing zillions of activities. But I am not billions of people. I am a single man doing only one thing at a time, not zillions of things. Where do this single guy come from in the midle of billions of things? I thought that the secret is COMMUNICATION. If each of many things happening in many places is perfectly communicated everywhere, then 'everywhere' will colapse into a single place called 'here'.

This isn't apparent because we have found ways of telecommunicating images, sounds and texts. We haven't telecommunicated smell, taste and touch. Once we do that, especially instantaneously, we will 'exist everywhere'. Motion will be unnecessary!

So we need not go to Andromeda or Andromedans to come here. We only need to find a way of communicating instantly and perfectly. Suppose I die and am burried, nothing from me ever need to leave my grave! Everywhere can easily be made everywhere through perfect communication.

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...Nice Roaring H....Hence Why Im A Telepathy Addict...:).....x.....

i still want to ride a motorcycle.


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