Karma is unavoidable- but still is an essential condition to learn. According to High Spirits’ power, making Massive Earth’s souls salvation for a few or even billions souls to escape samsara (eternal cycle of birth, suffering, reincarnation) is not too hard. I repeat, it is not hard, if they want to. But lessons are needed, our Grand Master had made a wish and was accepted by our Father High Almighty God, that:” Everyone who reach the 4th level of Celestial Discipline and even still stucked with endless kind of karma in life, would be able to escape Samsara by their own force and awakened level of consciousness, and got assistance from Father God, Gods, Saints, Buddhas, Masters,… would break any karma, letting all practitioners back to high realm, our home! Moreover, people with lack of experience, due to low health condition, sickness,… but are kind, good character, good spirit,… will have exceptional pass-away tickets this time.
That is my statement. Just think about it, wait for it, you will see. All family’s souls of practitioners, if want to have the salvation of own souls, should use some salvation task as mentioned in lessons, then will see the result, etc. Omnipotent power of God will support with all force as your wish. But the most important Force, which must be mentioned, is your mind, your heart, your desire to help. When cultivating, if you imagine Celestial Spirit Northern stars into the Discipline’s Statue, practitioners when pass away, will come to High realms, back to Home. Use Celestial Ritual to fortify, heal and protect some places, which have been cursed, bad Dragon’s vents (bad layer of land that have a decisive influence on man’s fate),or have evil spirits, demons living within, sabotage human life,… , all is usable; use it where there was a lot of accidents, where human destroy nature, dragon’s vents, and being punished by dragon spirit, gods- all will be forgiven; use it to salvate for souls, spirits of anyone, including your relatives, grand family members,…, the sick one, or one having heavy karma following, … just image Celestial Ritual and pray to all Archangels – who also are Grand Northern Spirits of Salvation, and it’s even better if you’re truthfully sincere, wanting to help them…
I also warn to all souls who try to defame, to libel, be against Celestial Discipline, will have their punishment when they die or just in soul-only status, will be caught by Saints, Celestial Soldiers, Celestial Generals. This time God will use some special rules in order to let Humanity evolve, age of “no interfere” is over. Recently, some famous souls were punished, some cases those Souls were almost destroyed, but latter they got their second chance, to be re-educated and was forgiven all by Celestial Way‘s Three Courts and Celestial Head. The list consist of some: Osama Bin Laden, Johnson, Nixon, Nguyen Van Thieu, Deng Xiaoping, Mao Zedong, and few of Chinese Generals These are souls who against Humanity evolution. They even have billions of year in soul-age. It was a great pity for those souls, lived without understanding Universal rules. And next, these are souls have just became Lord of Galaxies, cluster of new-born Galaxies: Jade Buddha, Buddha Shakyamuni (He is in high realms, but his soul had reincarnated with Father God in Vietnam), many Vietnamese generals, newest one is Hugo Chavez. They will become future Gods. Every soul deserve well of Humanity, was and will have way‘s initiation, evolve and live in higher realms, undertake many importance positions in Universe after 2012. All images, vision, illusions of Jesus Christ, Buddha Shakyamuni,… will no more exist. Celestial Society Council will assign Earth’s Light societies, Galactic Council, senior planets for changing Earth’s status fast, prevent world war from happening.


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  • ..Lol Got Ur First Words...Then You Went Off On One.....Its Not Soo Complex......:).....xx...

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