Some infos about "Earth"!

In this document, when we speak of time, we are talking about a calculated linear time. We do this for you to understand what we mean. If you want you can try to calculate it with all those timeloops and the different dimensions "we" were in the past. Maybe we'll create a chart for this later.

What happened in the past?

We'll start at the very beginning of this creation. This current creation is not the Prime Creation. There is an older creation called Prime Creation that is 94 angel generations old. This one is a young creation. It is about 8 angel generations old. One angel generation is approximately perceived earthly years in comparison. This creation was founded by the one you know as Archangel Michael. In the beginning of this creation there were 3 complete angelgroups (incl. the prime, the odigos and all the soulparts an angel consists of), the Creator, the Source and 4 universes (in the spiritual world many call these universes 'dimensions'). The other two angels were Archangel Cassiel and Archangel Sadana. "Our" current universe is one of the four oldest universes of this creation..

What is the job of those above?

This information is now very important for basic human understanding. For many people, this may turn your world and beliefs upside down.

The prime angels' job is creating energies and souls. They send the energies to the Creator and the souls to the Source. Be aware that 'Creator' and 'the Source' are two different things. These terms have often been interchanged in ancient and contemporary spiritual writings, or meant to represent the same thing. They are not the same thing.

The Creator is the administrator of the energies and also the referee in the creation. The Creator is the one who takes care that the rules won't be broken. Creators consist of different energies than angels, so that they are energetically neutral, as opposed to the angels, who are divided in masculine and feminine energies. Creators form the energies, which they receive from the prime angels to create whatever is needed at a time. For example, to build a new universe: Each prime angel from the light side has a dedicated creator part for doing his/her job as a team.

The Source consists of energies similar to the creators' energies. The Source is the administrator of the souls. If a soul goes back to the Source, the Source heals the soul. It is similar to a sanatorium.

What was new in this creation?

This creation started as an experiment. It's purpose was to provide the souls with some more help in their evolution by giving them a bit of dark influence. This creation was made by Michael and Cassiel. Both have been protoi (guardians) of it until the end of the 8th generation. So if you want to call someone father and mother of this creation, this is Michael and Cassiel. Since we recently got this creation back to the light side, Michael and Cassiel could finally get back to being protoi of this creation again. The role of the dark influence was taken by Archangel Sadana (a female angel better known on earth as the male Satan). This role was unique and had nothing to do with the "dark" we know nowadays on earth.

This creation was going very well at the beginning and the experiment seemed to be a sucess. A further innovation compared to the Prime Creation was the introduction of foreign karma. The "darks" were doing a good job helping other souls in their development. They were teachers and consultants to them. We only call them "darks" because they consisted of other energies than we do. Not all of their energies were different than ours, only a few of them. These were forming the anti-poles to some of our energies. The original idea was a tiny dark influence on the new souls to help them grow faster than in the Prime Creation. As far as we know from the evolution on earth, this system worked quite well, so Sadana had to take two more prime angels to help her out with their dark/different energies. These were Archangel Lucifer and his wife Archangel Cher (better known on earth under the mask 'devil').

But something happened after some angel generations and the experiment failed. The accumulated foreign karma (not their own) fell off on Sadana, Lucifer and Cher and they couldn't "carry" it. They became ill, but they could not get out of their roles, because they were fixed to it by the defining laws and rules of this creation. So after the 8th generation the Protoi angels decided to end this experiment and to heal them and the whole creation as well.

The first attempt for the healing was the Mu-Mission (Lemuria). This failed.

The second attempt was the Mission we know today best as Atlantis. This mission started about 36,000 years ago. The mission failed about 26,000 years ago. The mission was betrayed. As result of this, Sadana became crazy. She made a trap out of what we know as our Milky-Way galaxy, by removing four complete polarity levels (PL) in the astral existence level. And the earth was pulled down from PL11 to PL4, which is in the lowest existence level.

We are not living on earth!

The light side decided to create a mirror earth to equalize the loss of the four polarity levels, that are responsible for emotional matters (hope etc.) and even for the 9th human body, the crystalline one. We call this earth Merth. The light side made a synchronization mechanism between Merth and the original earth (that we call Orth). Merth is in PL11 (where a planet like earth belongs). At PL11 the higher forces from the light side had direct access and influence, so they could heal the bodies on this level. And through the synchronization, the healing and good influence from Merth got to Orth too. This mechanism is known as 'manifestation'.

In a time we know as the year zero (check our document "Timeloops on Earth" to get an impression what really happened along the timelines) when the number of truly ill "darks" had permeated and infested exponentially across the entire earth, we tried for one last time to heal the "darks" in cooperation and in good will. We offered them healing, but they answered with a protracted attack against the light side. That was the fierce battle of Alexandria, when Jesus (the prime creator part that belongs to Arkangel Michael) was forced to fight for the first time in his/its existence. Jesus at the cross, as stated in the "fake-book of the books" is only a symbol for losing the innocence. Jesus is and was Michael's prime creator part. Jesus has been much longer with Michael than this creation has existed. After that huge battle in astral Alexandria the Protoi angels decided to put an end to this situation and do whatever needs to be done, but always according to the rules.

About 1,300 Years ago this plan has also been sabotaged. Sadana found out what was going on and she decided to change this creation once again. At first she made an angel trap out of the earth (between 26,000 and 1,300 years ago), but then she changed ít into a place to kill the primes. To achieve this she incarnated mankind to a place known as dark-earth in a destroyed dark-copy universe. Then she pulled Merth down to PL4 too. She installed many weapons to kill the primes slowly and she incarnated mankind back to Merth, instead of Orth. She added many weapons to control humankind's projected level of evolution, slowing it to a crawl pace.

So right now mankind is living on Merth not on Orth (original earth)! This planet that we see and feel is not the original earth.

What is the 11.11 portal?

We don't know what the spiritual people really mean by this. But on 11.11.2012 we finished the installation of the portal from Merth, directly to Orth!

It has just been created by the prime creator part Aphrodite and Archangel Rhea. And a lot of lightworkers helped on the Merth side. Thx for this.

What is "The Event"?

The Event is the return of all mankind to Orth! The return home!

It is time now for the lightworkers to wake up. You need to prepare Merth and mankind for the switch to Orth! You need to realize that most of you are still flying "inside" astral Merth. That's right, INSIDE IT!!! If you want to help with "The Event" you have to wake up now! This is your job.

Many of you will get new bodies connected now. These bodies will be on levels higher than PL6, that is important to be able to leave Merth. Only bodies higher than PL6 can leave Merth. You will also get more abilities and sharpened abilities that had been manipulated for reduction of skills by the 'darks'. USE THEM! Use them to wake up and to awaken others to your real home - The original Earth!

Many have fought for these on your behalf and that of mankind. Many have perished in these battles. So try to wake up now!

Leave the Disneyland in the higher levels which the darks built for you! Become aware that waking up and having higher skills are not the same thing!

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