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First of all consider where you are and what you are doing. If you feel your purpose is ONLY developing your self, this message is also for you. You are probably trapped in the phenomenic world.

Yep this happens specially when there is no particular spiritual intention besides to focus your self in a mere personal growth, just being bounded to the "faith".

The truth is you have the chance to work on the dimension were you exist now (in front of a cell-phone, probably), or trying to sore where your ego takes you.

Instead the more you invest your intentions and energy to the macro-cosmo, the more you'll get closer to your true being.

Accept the h*** thing. Accept where you are. Facing your personal issues as well as the issues of the dimension you are placed.

That mean you have the choice to serve the humanity here and now! Use your hands, use the tools you have now, reach what is acquirable! Meditate and live in the knowledge. These two are also important.

(That is your purpose, basically)

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Every body is full of knowledge; some knowledge, some ignorance.

But the true knowledge lies on the godly deeds.  Are the true sons of God those who knows the deeds of the father alone? Nope. The sons of God are those who knows and work as God.

Take for example what appears on several spiritual texts; two persons, one knows a lot of the path but is lost, on the other hand is one that is not even prominent in any particular tradition but is illuminated.

What is the difference among these two? 

Not much, one is selfish the other one is the real thing.

Ignorance obscures the spirit, but ego is worst.

Are you an ostrich? Amid a stampede the ostrich hide his head in the ground. 

What are you waiting to help those in need?  Gain powers you don't control at this stage?  Do you have any intention to act at all?

Look at the news!  Look through your window!

Why don't you get out of your protective shell in behave of the needy?

The stampede comes, nothing is left? Because we are helpless?


It's because YOU do care.

ostriches dont bury their heads in the sand, EVER.  it is a myth, just like bull hating red, and bats being blind, complete myths

Thanks for the clarification. I just used that myth as a metaphor:

One, may be i can quote "Transformers Dark of the Moon".

Remember the old guy on the wheel chair? He said: in the future people will ask us (about machines enslaving humans) what we did, and we will say we just stood by and watched...

Was i clear? What is your posture on this?

yes i understood your metaphors in your first comment.  the quote actually was used by david icke earlier and likely by mmany others before him. 

it is supposed to be more like, in the furutre our children will ask us what we did to stop the enslavement of humanity.  What will you tell your children?

and i havent seen that film so no i dont know the old guy in the wheelchair.

my "posture" on this is people need to do whatever they feel best doing, as long as it isnt hurting others.


This is were Humans with two sides of the brain dive into religions, cults, movements, and beliefs head long into deeper sleep, but yet say I’m awake.

Spirit will never take on human traits, or 3D thinking. But humans can take on singular treats of spirit, but never achieve becoming a spirit.

Spirit can become into human awareness.  Humans can not become spirit, the trick of the EGO --‘AI’-- into spirit.

Spirit doesn’t have two sides of the brain or anything in two parts spirit is singular, zero point if you will. 

People and religions try there best to make spirit dualistic, not going to happen -- and that’s where all religions go south for the winter and never come back.

Human didn’t come into spirit, spirit occupies human, not the other way around like religions try to accomplish and wind up with two out comes good and evil. 

Spirit has no human treat of good or evil dualistic thinking or living.

You can not put Human into spirit, but spirit can be injected into human for the purpose of awareness.

We can think till the end of time how spirit should be, but spirit is with out humans spirit.  This traveler comes and go’s as it pleases, as TREE, as ANIMAL, as LIFE, as ROCK, as any thing it pleases,  none of witch can become spirit.  Spirit is the occupier never the other way around like ego and human thinking are trying to take over spirit and become dualistically resurrected.

Trying to turn humans into spirit --- butter fly trying to turn into caterpillar.  And all the war’s and killing are over this belief that humans can reverse duality into singularity.

Having one eye, singular in spirit can be achieved for short periods of time before duality erases the chalk board of though that presented it to you.

You can divide spirit into a dualistic meaning that the two sided mind can under stand.  But if the mind can achieve singularity in meditation, sleep, or obe, then it may sync with spirit. 

That’s when people report the sensation of total bliss, beyond dualistic words and idea’s 3D stinking thinking.

You cant be come spirit --- you are spirit with 3D baggage galore.  Silencing 3D and sync with who your are. Spirit. 

Oh noble, stop somethin thats good. Its in the:

   The Four Immeasurable Thoughts     May all sentient beings have happiness     and the causes of happiness;May all sentient beings be free from suffering     and the causes of suffering;May all sentient beings never be separated from     the happiness that knows no suffering;May all sentient beings live in equanimity,     free from attachment and aversion., Chenrezig tibetan buddist centre of Philadelphia
Beneth that theres the four noble truths and the eight fold path.
Hey, dear brother, how are you?

Since we are conditioned to a material dimension eaven the ascending strugle is an efect of the ego. As much as we grow as much worms grow on us. The good thing is to not let them enter to higher dimensions along with us.

Your center (guardian spirit or call it angel(s) ) are allways inthe face of God creator. They know our true nature.

Meaning when the both of us follow our true divine purpose they are not against but in common. We recognize each other.

There time to act not. You pointed that method. Read the 4 inmesurables, please, apreciate helping others in this dimension as the best thig we can do here and now.

If your neighbor has a flat tire wont you help him? Or any situation! We pray and we help that is boun together.

Right now might not the time to fight. But that will eventually happend.

Pd. I like your translation.


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