Hello all. I joined this forum some time ago, but for the most part I have been silent. I think the time has come for me to speak up.

I am a Galactic Incarnate. A member of the Galactic Community who chose to come here and live on this planet and assist in these final days of the old and the birth of a new world. I also chose to keep many of my memories and have known all of my life why I am here. Like many of you, I remember bits and pieces of many of my past lives and some of my life as a member of the Galactic Community.

I know that there are many here who are also incarnates, and I respect that and am so very happy to read your posts. I can tell that a lot of people here have retained memories and have also chosen to remember their nightly contact with the Galactics. It isn't easy to speak up about these topics.

Many of you may not realize it, but you have been in contact with the Galactics nightly for most of your lives, and especially in the last couple of years.

About two plus years ago my friends in the organization you think of as the Galactic Federation of Light contacted me and brought me up to speed. I have been talking to them nightly since then.

They are wonderful people. There is no reason to fear them. They are family, and they are here to help.

Things are going on in the background that most of us are not aware of.  I can't tell you about many of these things, because I simply don't know. But I can tell you that many of you are involved and are taking an active role in what is happening.

A lot of you began having strange, oddly realistic dreams about two years ago. In part that was your initial introduction to the Galactic Federation of Light. Many of you were put through a series of tests to determine character flaws or things that needed to be adjusted. How you handle anger and frustration for instance. For about a year your dreams were EXTREMELY realistic, colorful and filled with people. At that time you were actually aboard one of the ships participating in nightly classes with others in a "holographic classroom." Adjustments were made to your spirits and personalities by telepathic counselors. This was only done if you agreed to the adjustments.

After about a year or so, your dreams changed to less realistic dreams, it is at this point that you began to participate in the construction of the new human subconscious. The new human subconscious is a necessary part of what we are to become. 

At about this point your dreams may have been oddly empty and filled with an odd white blankness. This was the matrix of the subconscious forming. After a time your dreams were more colorful and you began to interact with others in the matrix. 

As time goes on and we all continue to contribute to the human subconscious, your dreams will continue to change and become more realistic. Some of you may even be able to access this subconscious while awake. Others may notice that they are able to contact people while in a sleep or dream state. This means that you are becoming more aware of your abilities and are beginning to use them.

Already this new subconscious is beginning to work throughout humanity and even the animal kingdom. For those of you who listen and watch, you will notice that there are changes to what the average American is willing to consider truth and in the conduct of animals. They are doing things that are kind of out of character. Did anyone else watch the video of the bird skiing or the one of the moose saving a small animal that had fallen into it's water tank?

Things like this will continue to increase.

We are all here to watch this happen, and I for one am in awe of what is happen in the world today. Watch the Keshe foundation, watch Iran, watch the skies.

I love reading everyone's posts and am glad to have found this place.

See you in your dreams.


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  • That is interesting I have noticed my dreams changing. I have been in dreams with someone who is always showing me something the last dream I remember I was taken to Peru but before I got there I was taken to a waiting spot like something like the train station in matrix. As of late I feel like a lot of them are processing dreams. I feel like the push is happening and I feel like it is my responsibility to raise my vIbrations as high as possible to start emitting light. I feel that awakened illuminating indigos cannot be mistaken and we can start shifting reality.
  • Are your dreams of buildings recent? If so, then you are seeing exactly what I am talking about, the creation of a human subconscious that is being created. In many of the dream experiences that I have been having, building is a common theme. We are all involved in this new creation.

  • Love&Light.. yes! things are getting interesting :)..

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