Dear friends,
Thank you for your wholehearted response: we have received over 80 electronic applications which are currently being reviewed by our star friends. More applications are invited:
You are invited to visit human colonies in outer space. Currently there are 2 colonies on friendly extraterrestrial ships in our solar system and one colony on a remote planet housing are over 70 human volunteers. The ETs are primarily of friendly Yahyel and Erran races. These civilizations are of “service to others” type and committed to helping humans.
They are not landing yet because they are waiting for our collective invitation and this invitation is slow to come. So they started developing the contact by inviting us to their ships. When our celebrities and elected officials volunteer and visit the colonies, the contact will enter the mainstream consciousness. Our long-lasting quarantine will be over. We will start developing diplomatic relationships with our galactic friends. Yahyel and Errans are in friendly relationship and coordination with Ashtar command.
Errans are very similar to humans. Their planet Erra is in Taygeta system in Pleiades. Their technologies are wonderful. Their ships and towns are alive. They can speak vocally and telepathically. They speak human languages in the colony. Shorter Pleiadians could easily pass for tall humans. But most of their adults are about 8 feet. They look like beautiful tall humans.
Yahyel are also similar to humans, but they look more alien because they have some of Grey DNA, on average 50%. They are different from the Greys in many ways and are eager to help us. They communicate telepathically but can easily vocalize using technological means. Both Yahyel and Pleiadians are kind and enlightened. They truly want to help us. Yahyel have been selected and authorized by positive galactic civilizations to be the first to establish open official contact with us. Developing the contact off planet allows them to start the dialogue in a friendly unintrusive way.
They established the human colonies and invite volunteers to apply. After you apply electronically, the aliens do preliminary background check and select only about 20% of applicants for in-person interviews. If you are selected, you will be interviewed by friendly-looking and friendly-minded Pleiadians in your fully conscious awake state. The interviews are done via a spiritual projection and are vibrant uplifting spiritual experiences. You will be asked to choose time and place from where you wish to be beamed up. Your commitment will be verified and you may change your mind or adjust the timing at any time. If you go, you will be absent physically from the ground only for 5-10 minutes and this will allow you to spend 2 weeks at one of the colonies. The alien technologies allow such manipulations with time. Currently all volunteers at the colonies are taking turns, no one stays longer than 2 weeks, but some visit often. By Nov 5, 2013 over 190 volunteers have visited the colonies. The colonies are located in our reality and in our dimension, but the beaming up and down transportation uses transdimensional technology. It requires normal health and feels like going briefly through a void and feeling dizzy afterwards, at the extent similar to moderate alcohol dizziness. Upon the return, you will retain your memories and it is up to you whether you like to share your experiences.
The humans at the colonies are given to use some of alien gadgets, such as communicators and replicators. The quarters were designed by the Errans and Earthans to be spacey and comfortable.
Most needed at the colonies are people with telepathic talents since telepathy facilitates the contact. Families with talented children are welcome too. The questions about global issues are discussed in the colonies so people who are able to think globally, creatively and positively are also needed. You may outline your ideas in the application. The colonies will grow and multiply, so many volunteers with different skills will be needed. You may outline your ideas what colonies could do and how you could help.
You can write an application in a free form and any length. Contrary to common beliefs Errans and Yahyel cannot read minds of humans, so please spell out what you want to say. You can always write again and update your application. The review of the application starts few days after you submit it. You can provide your name, but you don’t have to.
The aliens don’t respond by email. If you haven’t been contacted, don’t worry, you may be contacted later.
To apply fill a web form at or send an email to
Join our discussion and watch our webinars at
See you in the sky!
The Ground Team
“Tell them Tekkrr would want them to apply.” Tekkrr, the Lyran

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