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Sign this petition! Pregnant woman in Sudan to be executed

27-year-old Meriam Yehya Ibrahim is heavily pregnant. When she appeared before the courtroom in Khartoum, Sudan’s capital city, on 15 May and refused to renounce her Christian religion, the judges sentenced to death by hanging for ‘apostasy’. She has also been sentenced to 100 lashes for being married to a Christian man.

Meriam has committed no crime. She is a prisoner of conscience and should be released immediately.

Heavily pregnant, imprisoned with her toddler
Now, Meriam is being held in detention with her 20-month-old son. She is expecting her second child next month. She needs medical care and the support of her family, but if her conditions don’t change she will give birth in prison.

Sudan won't hang Meriam while she is pregnant. The Criminal Code states that she must give birth first, and nurse her child for two years before her execution can go ahead. If Sudan does execute Meriam after this period, they will leave two young children motherless, as well as taking away Meriam's right to life.

No date for her execution has yet been announced.

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This behavior is horrible.

This is just confusing as to why the white house would post this when they don't even care what they do in countries that don't have atrocities. Office of the Press Secretary

Statement by NSC Spokesperson Caitlin Hayden on the Sentencing of Meriam Yahya Ibrahim Ishag in Sudan

Today in Sudan, Meriam Yahya Ibrahim Ishag was sentenced to be flogged for adultery and to be hanged to death for apostasy because she married a Christian man.  We strongly condemn this sentence and urge the Government of Sudan to meet its obligations under international human rights law.  We call on the Government of Sudan to respect Ms. Ishag’s right to freedom of religion, a universal human right enshrined in Sudan’s own 2005 Constitution as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. 

Since 1999, Sudan has been designated as a Country of Particular Concern for its ongoing, egregious, and systematic violations of religious freedom.  We continue to urge Sudan to fulfill its constitutional promise of religious freedom, and to respect the fundamental freedoms and universal human rights of all its people.

USA government is probably planning to start new war, or open new American base, and to "install the democracy" in Sudan. If it isn't so sad, it would be hilarious what excuses they use............

The only way we will reach the evolutionary goals of the divine will, is if 'WE THE PEOPLE' stand united as one. We are living in such a crucial time on this precious gem we call Earth.

I miss some information here. Is christianity illegal in Sudan now?

I just signed the petition leaving a message...When I read things like this it is kind of hard for me to imagine the brutality of such actions against women or any one who stands up for freedom...I admire her courage...I hope he is destitute as a president...He is not a leader...He is a murderer...

insane islamists should never have been allowed in western judeo christian countries countries



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