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Shamanism changing our reality and healing thru dimensional travel, and quantum physics

We can all change our reality,,its not easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is, we can travel to other dimensions, we can connect with spirits that become allies and healers, we can manifest change instantly, we can even be in more than one dimension at once.

U dont need any new age ships,ets, or high tech light chamber. u just need a body a soul and a heart, shamanism is the oldest form of spirituality and healing on earth, we need to really rediscover our abilities as interdimensional reality shifting healers. We can connect with nature and the power of animals to heal and facilitate change on earth.

Anyone can use these techniques, although some shaman are chosen from birth, in their 20s they are usually struck down, by the guiding spirits, often in the form of a sudden illness, u basically die and accept the shaman training, ur a different prson after, its like an extreme cleanse.

Much love and healing to all

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Thanks kat, love the pic,,my journey has been intense, yet very rewarding. I have came to realisation that i was chosen from birth to be trained as a shaman. I was actually struck down by my guiding spirits in my 20s, it was sudden, with no logical explanation, there i was fighting for my life, it was a very transformational experience, like a rebirth of sorts. I have had 3 near death experiences in my life, this is common for a born shaman, i think we die and return as a way of experiencing dimensional travel that works within our old paradigms or belief systems. Dying is one of the only ways to visit dimensions if u havent accepted the concepts of dimensions or shamanism at that point in your life. Shaman develope a close relationship with death himself. Being chosen sometimes seems a curse, its a daunting life to live sometimes, however its a very real and rewarding path that is well worth the effort.


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