Well why don't we look after planet earth instead of some doing a lot of harm to planet earth 

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  • “Kalki is described in the Puranas as the avatar who rejuvenates existence by ending the darkest and destructive period to remove adharma and ushering in the Satya Yuga, while riding a white horse with a fiery sword.[2] The description and details of Kalki are different among various Puranas. Kalki is also found in Buddhist texts, for example the Kalachakra-Tantra of Tibetan Buddhism.[5][6][7]”

    The avatar Krishna Kalki is a destroyer of the dark. Possibly first Ray energy. He fights his way through the dark to get to the Truth. Not just for himself but for all of humanity.

    If anyone wants to break through the darkness, whether internally or externally, they will find out they have to use their light sword carefully.

    So if you want nature to florish, it’s not a good idea to nuke another country. It’s better to embody and serve the energies and lifestyle you would like to see on this planet.

    In short: feed the pigeons more love 🤗 💕 🕊
  • Banging the drum for war, in one forum, than you ask us the question: "Well why don't we look after planet earth instead of some doing a lot of harm to planet earth..?"

    One moment you want humanity punished by nuclear war, than you want just a normal ("other ways") destruction of NATO countries and now you ask us why we don't look after this planet.....

    You seem to have mood swings and seek that we all share in your insanity....

    I'll point this out to you, to assist you upon your self-reflection...and self-analysis......Ask yourself some questions about your motives, for posting on ACC.....

    Moreover, where are your actual written thoughts...and essays on such matters....?? You always place a link to the Daily Mail and make very little else, in these forums...Where are your thoughts and ideas, apart from a snappy title and one line sentence intro....?? You do this on all your forums and it seems you don't want to, or can't, actually write a full commentary as to your own views...Forget what the Daily Mail thinks......I don't visit ACC to read the Daily Mail.....I visit it to share my wisdom and knowledge and read similar, of fellow members...
    • If you don’t like my forum post then nobody is forcing you to read or comment ..in future look elsewhere as I don’t need your stupid comments …look elsewhere ..post your own forum posts and I see no point in commenting on your post ..goodby no need for you to comment anymore look elsewhere
      • I only comment truth ....And have commented favourably sometimes and also, unfavourably, on other forums of yours...Noting that I'm often the ONLY CONTRIBUTOR...As most think you totally insane and irredeemable...I try to aid you, so that you can THINK CLEARLY and intuit facts without the hive mindset, offered you, by MSM links...You always provide a media link to MSM articles.....Very sad that you are taken in, by and large...🤨

        Also sad that you have no creative spark of your own......No writing skill of note. Thus your propensity for sensationalism....You seek to invoke fear, in the main...Not within this particular forum, but many recent and parallel forums, of yours...Normally about nuclear wars and how you feel that they are necessary for the world...Then you about turn, on a dime and lecture us about the need for peaceful war, now without nuclear weapons....Then your brain flips again, and you are chiding us to be vegan or vegetarian....BY MANDATE.....Next forum is all about cuddly bunnies, or similar sentiments.....And as ever, you say next to nothing about your own experiences and lamely provide a link to another's...Normally some MS media outlet...I often see Daily Mail linked by you.....🤨

        Sometimes others contribute on your forums and normally rubbish you....I try to aid you, as a member who is obviously suffering mental issues, as you appear to be...
        And I sometimes observe other members running figurative rings around you, in their logical skills....Yet, like most low IQ people, you still can't understand that you have been outflanked...You simply assume that all are like you, in thought processes, when in truth I see a vast range of mental acumen on ACC, ranging from brilliant intellect, to complete numbskull..

        Moreover, your use of the written language, could be improved....I know several members who are not English, but use written English in a way that far outpaces your's....And you live in London I believe...?? Surprising...🤨
This reply was deleted.

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