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This is a song I wrote, which I call ‘Searching’.

I consider myself a beginner musician, and I’m experimenting with writing and recording songs. I wrote (and performed) the lyrics and the guitar and bass parts, and the drumbeat I used from YouTube user Lumbeat can be found here:

The quality isn’t great, but I did my best with the equipment I have available.


The wicked souls they laugh oh as they plunder the earth
The masses blinded to their crimes, we set them free with our words
The revolutionaries of our time will spearhead the purge
Of prejudice and selfishness, rebuild the earth now we all urge
Everyone can take a stand, reclaim their deeper awareness
Now is not the time to slack off or to become careless
‘Cuz we are fighting for the truth, for justice and fairness
So come on board and don’t give up, in the long run we will win this

Everyone is searching for something they can’t seem to find
They want to be worthy, to prove themselves to their own kind
But the days of competition have reached their end
We are now in a new position, we have nothing more to defend
Nothing more to defend

Expand your heart and mind, in this new space you will climb
To new heights as you exit the rigid confines
Of a limited existence filled with pain, fear, and lies
Replace it with a new perspective on your life
It’s only difficult when we operate from fear
We fail to understand that what we need has always been here
The new world that we seek is not even close or near
We’ve had it all along without the eyes to see or the ears to hear

Everyone is searching for what they already own
Convinced that they are worthless, talents they fail to hone
Now let’s do away with this, let’s now find our true home
Connect with the intuition, knowledge and talent we show
Knowledge and talent we show

Let love awaken every mind and heart
For we can now all rise and come together
Each and every one of us, we can all play our part
As we join hands we will make it through any bad weather

So rise up earthly tribe, the powers can’t control our flow, we’ve arrived
On this world to bring society into the light
And as we do our work, the angels watching with a smirk
Because they know we have the power to make everything alright
Rise up everyone, our greatest work has just begun
And we can dethrone the elitists, they don’t see this, they don’t know our plan
They think that they’re infallible, but their new order’s malleable
The people are now cowards, we have power and together we will force their hand

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Couldn't agree more! Thanks for sharing this picture Feather. :)

A new foundation has been gifted to us as humanity. It is our obligation to summon up the courage to hold that love in truth there within a golden expression of the heart. Let LOVE in TRUTH be known.. let it be our experience as we rise as one; humanity, one and all! 

<3 :) Jacob 

might sound better as a melodic folk song-

Thanks for the suggestion, Pet Rock. :)

you're welcome

Nice work Wes! ...and excellent messages, as always.


Great message!



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"Wow! This is great! Thanks for posting this! Beautiful music!!"
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