PLEASE sign the following petition for Indonesia Government and United Nations to pressure them to stop the burning of crops that cause deadly haze around the world.  Save our Earth atmosphere and let our next generation have a better breathing environment :-


Why this is important

HAZE is the bringer of hell, causing minor and major health issues around the word. The cause of haze can be from natural lighting, fire, etc but most haze were caused by illegal burning of crops around the world especially from Indonesia's farmers.

Haze can cause brealthing related problems like asthma, etc and also cause headaches, stomachaches, etc. Worst of all, the total dealth from lung's cancer is on the risk rapidly. If you choose to ignore this petition, your children and loves one will suffer eventually. And thinking that you are on the other side of the planet, it will not affect your health - you have to reconsider this naive thinking cause the haze will flow from one continent to another. The haze will bring with it together the nano dusk particles that will block your nose and worst your blood vessels. This blockage can cause heart malfunction or related heart issues. And the haze will reduce life qualities by causing headaches, stomaches, and all brealthing related problems.

We only have one Earth and if you are part of Earth, PLEASE take a little of your time to sign this petition and stop this haze causing silly actions. PLEASE share this on your facebook and twitter and get as many to sign this petition for the sake of Mother Earth and Humanity.


May the LOVE be with you always.

Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Player.

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  • I knew it, beloved Feather Winger.  When the masters were emphasising the unity of ONENESS among us and yet I don't see this in us, this is the most disheartening truth.  I had the same experience when I was at and many had their own belief and not aligning with each other - there is no unity among the lightworkers.  So, how can we come together to change this world?  No wonder the dark cabal is laughing at us - such naive thinking lightworkers posed no threats to them at all.  We are being ignored totally cause we choose to ignore ourselves - ignorance is fatality.

    • This is a noble gesture...but unless it is enforced, the illegal burning of crops will not be halted...I think you will find that corruption has a part to play, that illegal activities are ignored by police, for back hander payment...making a petition less effective...


      However, a good gesture...BUT do not expect unity between lightworkers to mean marching in step on all issues and in all beliefs...that would be impossible, for disperate rays....

      Spirit relishes diversity and the unity it speaks of is the unity of diverse elements, each expressing themselves, but working co-operatively...Uniformity is not what spirit seeks. But on a discussion you will always see viewpoints that run contrary to the intentions of the author..


      No need to be disheartened by the apparent disunity here....Oneness means much more than people agreeing on everything...

      • Thanks beloved Feather Winger, the silent revolution is all behind the closed doors but the slow progress is haunting.  Many lightworkers are in dire situation now (financially, health and even basis daily needs, etc).  So, this dragging really caused much depress than hope in the messages.  But anyway, I hope this will pick up fast and quick as promised.


        Thanks beloved Drekx Omega, you speaks great words and knowledge.  I knew I wouldn't get much supports here or anywhere else but at least I get it started rather than keep complaining and no one listen here in Singapore. At least I tried. Thanks so much for your view point of unity - surely my new knowing.  Namaste

  • Thanks beloved and beautiful Feather Winger, your action speak louder than word and your action reflected that you are a truly light warrior in you.  Thanks you so much for the love and light. 

  • Beloved Feather Winger, so you know the deadly impact of the haze (when someone else is still ignorance about this true fact).  They used chemical to burn their crops (not just fire) and this chemical they used will create cancer and lung problems.  As I said above, this haze and nano particles is not going to simply disappear, it weill travel from continent to continent and affect everyone's health on Earth.  PLEASE sign the petition since you already know the fact BUT I didn't sign any signature - only mine - ONE and ONLY.  Gees, this is sad.  Lightworkers keep saying they want to change the world and save the world AND yet when it comes to this small and easy job - THEY CAN'T EVEN DO IT - WHAT A SHAME!!!

  • maybe they are burning Monsanto crops,thats always good......................

    • .................and to blame human illnesses on only air on this planet is very uneducated guess. More people in our world die from animal diet than the rest combined, like cars, poisoned waters and air, drug abuse, gun violence , and etc.

      • I am not guessing, beloved Assiya.  If you do not want to sign this petition, by all mean - that is your choice and nobody is forcing you BUT please don't do self-assumption that I am guessing human illnesses is only caused by air.  I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY people called themselves lightworkers and when we need supports in doing the light work, they just keep coming up with many excuses and not doing the work (signing the petition -it only take a few minutes of your times AND it is not going to kill you) - where is the unity of ONENESS we had been emphasising?  I am so disappointed with the lightworker community.  Maybe, I should leave the community permanently for good.

This reply was deleted.

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