The 21st century is featuring many people coming out and claiming that they were abducted by extraterrestrials. And they are not just the mainstream media version of illiterate rural people who live in trailer homes or who fish and hunt for their food. They include people involved in politics and science. I just interviewed a scientist who not only claimed that she was abducted, but also that her developing fetus was taken away from her during her pregnancy. We have a current Ayatollah in Iran who claimed to have seen a UFO space ship up close when he was young. And we also have a C.E.O. of Lockheed Aerospace Corporation who claimed in his memoirs (before he died) that his design for the spy jet known as the Blackbird (considered one of the best spy jets ever designed) was based on a UFO space ship he and his wife saw off the coast of California. But the subject of abduction is a controversial one; people claiming abduction by extraterrestrials have had their lives, career, and their reputations ruined when trying to talk about their abduction (and this is usually done by a mainstream media who is still trying to convince you that what Jussie Smollett did was good, that Trump is a Russian agent (still), and that Oswald did kill Kennedy (still)). We will look at four horoscopes of famous ET abductees. While Phil Schneider was not technically abducted, he did claim to be wounded by one of them with some sort of laser weapon in a firefight in Dulce, New Mexico in August of 1979. I promise this will be one of my most interesting astrology postings, even if one is not into astrology.


The planetoid Chiron (known as "the wounded healer") is VERY PROMINENT in charts of people who not only have been abducted by extraterrestrials, but who are curious about ET's and their technology. Note that ET enthusiasts Carl Sagan and Stanton Friedman (who have PhD's in astrophysics and physics (respectively)) both have their natal Chiron placements Conjunct the royal Persian star of Aldebaran (a.k.a. "Archangel Michael," "Watcher of the East," defines high honors and popularity). We will test this Chiron extraterrestrial relationship with famous cases involving abduction by extraterrestrials.

Betty Hill

The UFO abduction of Betty Hill (and her husband Barney) by gray aliens remains one of the most celebrated stories of abductions by extraterrestrials. What is so interesting about the horoscope of Betty Hill is that Chiron is very close to the Descendant ("the area of open enemies"), and is involved with a hard Square with Pluto near the Midheaven. And she reportedly resisted against her ET abductors on three occasions; this defines this natal Square placement rather well (and of which also involves two personal points (MC and Dsc) in this Square as well). The description is below:


Below is the claimed time of abduction (outer wheel) placed on top of Hill's natal chart. Transiting Pluto rules "crisis; transformation," and is forming a Quincunx ("tension") with Hill's natal Chiron.


Below is the 90 degree dial analysis. We place the natal position of Hill's Chiron on the dial of when the abduction took place, and look for midpoint trees relative to it. Saturn/Uranus not only represents "shocking separation from others," but it can define "science." Hades has a lot to do with "secrets" and "medicine," and combined with Chiron ("ET's") makes this midpoint (Chiron/Hades) defined as "ET's involved in secretive or medically related" activities."


And below is Betty Hill's description of what happened:


And on top below is Betty Hill's famous drawing (done under hypnosis) of the star system displayed to her when she asked one of the ET's "where are you from?" The drawing below Hill's sketch is the confirmation of the drawing to represent the Zeta Reticuli star system, done by Marjorie Fish.


Betty Andreasson Luca

Betty Andreasson Luca was a devout Christian and a mother of seven children. She claimed abduction in 1967 while watching television with her children. What is so interesting with her chart is that it strongly suggests a crisis or hindrance upon her Christian faith with her ET encounter; she reportedly thought the gray aliens were angels but eventually realized they were not. And she also claimed that the ET's took her to another planet where she claims to have seen "a huge eagle-like bird wrapped in blinding light." For a 2-hour interview with Betty Andreasson Luca, click Luca also claimed that she had a religious experience while with the ET's, but she also claimed that her Christian faith was challenged in a big way as a result of the experience. This is well represented by the T-Square of Saturn-Chiron-Neptune below.


And below is the transit of the abduction (outer wheel) applied to the natal chart (inner wheel). Similar to Betty Hill, transiting Pluto is applying a hard aspect (Square) to natal Chiron. Also note that transiting Chiron ("ET's") is forming a Square to Luca's natal North Node ("connections with others").


Below is the 90 degree dial interpretation. It is highly probable that Luca may have not only been part of an ET examination, but the ET's may have also introduced Luca to other phenomena to challenge her religious beliefs. This is well represented by the tree of Chiron/Hades and Pluto/Poseidon.


And below is a brief summary of what was claimed to have happened with the Luca abduction. The description of space travel to other worlds is excluded.



Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov is an elected president of the Russian Federation Kalmykia. He is also a chess master and former president of the World Chess Federation. He claimed abduction by aliens on September 18, 1997, from his apartment "sometime near noon." He claimed the extraterrestrials wore yellow space suits and looked very human-like. There was no examination, but he claimed the ET's took him for a ride in their space ship and talked with him about events taking place on Earth and events in his life. His aides verified his time of absence; Kirsan claims that the ET's were interested in him due to his chess playing. Kirsan believes that extraterrestrials brought the game of chess to Earth, and these ET's who abducted him were probably interested in him due to his chess playing.


Below is where it gets fascinating. Kirsan claims that most of the space travel with the ET's involved communication (and all telepathic), and mostly "social talk." This is well represented by transiting Chiron Opposition Venus ("friendship"), and transiting Mercury ("communications") on top of the natal Pluto Opposition Chiron placement.


Below is the 90 degree dial of Kirsan's abduction with his natal Chiron placement on top of it. I remember from a Uranian astrology lecture a long time ago that the formula for apartment houses or a neighborhood community was Moon/Cupido. I tried this on the 90 degree dial below, and wow.... it corresponds with our old friend Chiron/Hades AGAIN for a midpoint tree planetary picture description.


Finally, below is the story of Kirsan's claim of ET abduction per Fox News.


Phil Schneider

Phil Schneider's life and the "Dulce Wars of 1979" are probably the most controversial topics discussed in UFO and extraterrestrial discussion groups. Schneider claimed that in August of 1979 (and no exact date given) he was involved with a firefight involving tall gray aliens. Schneider claimed to have shot one of them dead, but then received some sort of "laser blast" from one of the tall grays that "opened me up like a fish" (and he showed off the scar to an audience in the following video). For those of you who want "cut to the chase" and hear what Phil Schneider had to say (along with the physical scars) regarding the controversial Dulce War of August of 1979, click for the 1 hour 12 minute description by Phil Schneider. Per chart below, the yod to natal Chiron by natal Eris ("military connections") with Moon/North Node ("employees; connections with the public") really stands out as "military involvement with extraterrestrials" on Schneider's horoscope below. The general description of the chart is also provided.


The exact date of the firefight between Schneider and the tall gray aliens is unknown; Schneider stated August of 1979 (and nothing else). Hence, I selected August 15, 1979, 12 noon. This is risky because transits of fast moving planets and luminaries cannot be considered for purposes of chart interpretation. But I lucked out.... Sedna (which takes 11,400 years to revolve around the Sun) is in Opposition with Schneider's natal Chiron for August of 1979. Sedna is a "Neptune on steroids" that rules "victims; major disappointments; deception by others; abandoned by others." And Schneider faced a major disappointment with others; he claimed he would be one of three people to survive the firefight with the tall gray aliens. He also claimed that the green beret who saved his life was killed.


Looking at the 90 degree dial below, the midpoint tree of Eris ("military connections") with North Node/Chiron ("connections with ET's") is questionable due to the relative fast speed of the North Node. But the midpoint tree of Hades/Vulcanus ("murder; horrific acts") and Hades/Eris ("secretive military units") works very well since these two midpoints are very slow moving (and hence accurate for the entire month of August).


And below is Phil Schneider's description of the firefight at Dulce, New Mexico with the tall gray aliens.


Below is a map of the claimed D.U.M.B.S. (Deep Underground Military Bases) claimed by Schneider to exist in the U.S. I've been told that the humming sound heard by Taos, New Mexico residents in their bathrooms (in Taos, New Mexico) is "mother Gaia singing." UFO writer and lecturer Dr. Steven Greer claims that this humming is actually high speed underground trains moving from one D.U.M.B.S. location to another underneath the residents of Taos.


Finally, below is where Phil Schneider claimed the firefight took place between some green berets and himself with some tall gray aliens. The description of the underground base is below; level 6 was referred to as "nightmare alley." There are also reports of reptilian ET's eating human remains of failed experiments on level 7.


Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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