Laura : Hello SaLuSa, here is a question from one of our readers:
“I seem to be more emotionally sensitive lately.
Heartfelt music, a powerful news story, and/or bearing witness to an act of
love carried out in some social situation, seems to immediately bring me to
tears. Is this a part of the changing energies we are receiving? Or is this a
symptom of 3D stress? I was listening to a news story about the family deceased organ donors meeting the recipients of the donors and the healing that
takes place in the process…..I couldn’t help myself, I just broke out into
tears. It felt great but I had to wonder if this was normal……because for
me, this is not normal. It seems to be happening more often lately.”
SaLuSa: What
is going on for you is a reconnection to your feeling centre. This is a normal
process, and a wonderful sign. It is a sign that you are opening up your heart
to the world around you. Your emotional intelligence is opening up, as we are
moving higher in the vibrational level. This is indeed wonderful news. There is
much pain accumulated in your body cells, in your dormant memory cells. This
energy needs to be awakening, and released. Your tears are contributing to opening
up your chakras, it is sacred work you are doing dear one. You are beginning to
see the world for what it is, you are beginning to understand the bigger
picture. You are beginning to feel compassion for your loved ones, for Mother
Earth, and most importantly for yourself.
Allow your tears to flow freely, without fear or shame;
because it is part of your awakening process, it is part of becoming a Galactic
Human Being. It is part of your own Ascension process. Energy blockages are
common in your Earthly bodies, and translate into physical body tensions.
Sensation with Mother Earth, connection with your body, direct sensation of
your physical tensions will contribute to release these energy blockages from your
body. By listening to your body, and your thoughts, you are in fact connecting
with your higher self. You are by passing your head centre, which is always self-absorbed
in imagination, in the past and in making future plans. This part of you never
remains quiet and still, it must be acknowledged as a part of yourself. However,
this part has taken over your true self, and this is the case for most of the
Western World and Developed Countries.

The best way to quiet this artificially implanted device,
which was implanted thousands of generations ago, into your ancestors psyche, is
to do morning, evening meditations, to listen to your higher self throughout
the day, by connecting to your body. It is also very important to keep doing
physical work, in moderation of course, which will contribute to relax this
device and calm it down, by preventing from staying into negative damaging
imagination. What is meant by this term is when the imagination contributes to
creating and attracting negative events, due to anticipated fear, and uneasy emotions.
It also means that this part of your brain, by never finding peace, contributes
to preventing you from living in the here and now moment.
The Here and Now moment is present every time you are
present into your life, dear ones. Every time you are present into your body,
and can remain into the back of your head, which is connected to your spine. When
you can remain there, even for a few seconds, you can have a real look at the
world around you, and at the same time you are having a real look inside of
you. You are receiving an accurate picture of what being a Galactic Human Being
is. When you can remain anchored there, if only for a few seconds, there is no
need for words, there is no need for fear. You have knowledge of the past, of
the present and of the future at once. You can see others and yourself such as
you really are, without even a shadow of a judgement. You are at complete
peace, in complete balance, and connected to your heart also. This is why you
cry, my friend.
you SaLuSa. I believe you would also like to give us a short update?
Yes, indeed. Your world, as well as your Being is going through tremendous
transformations. As a consequence, you are being excessively tired and short
tempered when this happens. It is important to make as many breaks as required
when you are working, and to try to relax. Sleep well, and do not be ashamed of
doing so. The caterpillar also performs its transformation into butterfly
during its sleep period. You are this caterpillar now; you need to rest in
order for the transformation to take place.
With your new bodies, your energy will know no limit. You
will literally be able to fly into any place of your Galaxy by thought alone.
You will be able to transport across the time and space continuum with the
power of your thought. Such will be the reality of your world. You must be all
noticing the slight improvements on your psychic abilities. Your ability for
communion with your higher self has quadrupled for the best part. It must be
very obvious to those of you who are most sensitive to these types of impressions.
Imagine dear friends, what it will be like to know what those around you are
feeling and thinking just by receiving their feelings and thoughts by telepathy.
Imagine what it will be like to know what a person has been doing since last
time you have seen her or him, just in the space of a split second, just by
looking at them. As you are travelling across the higher dimensions, you will
be able to hear and feel others by thought alone, no matter how far you are
from this person.
Many of our lightworkers are already living this reality.
Many of you have these abilities because they have already ascended, but know that
they have a duty to perform here still. Many more of you will ascend with the
coming energies of 11.11.11. Most of you will chose to remain within Earth’s
realm, in order to lift the vibrations from their human form. Not all of you
realize that you have already ascended, and there is no need for you to worry
about this. You just know, deep down, if you have already ascended or not. In
fact, Mother Earth will need all your higher energy in order to help her make
it through the dimension veil. This is why, some of you can see us now,
communicate with us, and give our messages of love and comfort to those who
appreciate the support at this time.
Know dear friends that your dedication to your task and
your love is highly appreciated in the higher realms. We see your beacons of
light from our spaceships, and admire your greatly. We are aware of the
difficult times many of you are going through, as money issues, and
insecurities are building up. You have been entrusted with this mission from
the Higher Spiritual Hierarchy because we knew you would never allow yourselves
to fail. You have decided to carry out your mission on Earth, fully knowing the
conditions, the risks, and the meaning of Earth’s Ascension. You would have
never been allowed to incarnate into your current life, without the assurance
of trust you carry within you from above. We know your pure heart and dedication
to the light. We know how much this mission means to all of you also. We know
that nothing will make you give up at this stage.
We recommend that you relax now, and take it easy, as
your mission is nearing its final aim. Take the time for a few conscious breaths,
feel the air penetrating your lungs, feel the air feeding your being, your
thoughts and feed you. Take the time to ponder on the remaining part of your
mission and to feel your self in this reality, contributing to bridging our
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and am very pleased to be by
your side for assistance. Do not hesitate to call upon us, when you need us. We
will assist as much as allowed at this stage. We do not have the right to
interfere with your life plan at this stage, but we are allowed to help you
from now on, whenever you require our help.
Thank you

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