Sunday Call  8/2/2020  (During July/August Advance in the Mountains)  (St. Germain, OWS, Shoshanna)

James & JoAnna McConnell






Saint Germain and One  Serves channeled by James McConnell

Shoshanna (Joanna’s Higher Self)


These messages were given during our Ancient Awakenings weekly Sunday conference call during our July/August Advance in the Mountains in Christopher Creek, AZ on August 2, 2020. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

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SAINT GERMAIN  (Channeled by James McConnell)


(Meditation by Saint Germain):


Now remaining in your protective tube of light, focus on your breathing.  Take several deep breaths.  Breathing in the breath of life.  Breathing in light, and exhaling out any tension, stress, negativity that will go out with the exhalation of your breath.  As you breathe in the light and exhale out the darkness.  Breathe in the light.  Exhale out the darkness. 


Just focus yourself now on getting centered, relaxed.  I am going to count down from 5.  With each descending number, just let yourself relax.  Focus a little bit deeper.  Just to let go.  Just to become centered:  5, 4, 3, going a little bit deeper, just letting go more and more, 2, and 1.  Nice and deeply relaxed.  Just focusing on my voice, now.   Focusing on your breathing. 


Now become aware of your chakra centers.  All your chakras all in perfect alignment from the bottom chakra all the way up to the eighth chakra.  All eight chakras in perfect alignment with their respective colors.  Starting from the bottom, red; orange; yellow; deep blue-green, forest green; high heart center magenta; fifth chakra at the throat area sky blue; sixth, third eye, purple; and the seventh, the crown chakra, gold, violet, or silver; and the eighth chakra, the soul-star chakra, pure white, brilliant pure intense white.  And all the colors, now, see the intensity of those colors increase, brilliant, bright.   And their respective spinning of the chakras as well:  clockwise, counterclockwise.  And if they are spinning somewhat slowly, just speed them up with your mind with your visualization, faster and faster. 


With all chakras in perfect alignment with their respective colors and spinning, also now become aware of the tri-fold flame within you, now, that has been re-activated in all of you.  The tri-fold flames:  gold, blue, pink, all of them together.  And see all of them, now, burning brightly as the tri-fold, as three flames, separate but connected. 


And all three flames, now, joining together and their respective colors becoming the Violet Flame.  And the Violet Flame beginning to expand and grow throughout your body, throughout your etheric body, your astral body.  And see it emcompassing your entire physical body as well, engulfing your physical body in flame, in violet flame.  Purging out all the negatives, all the old programming, all the points that lead to those triggers.  Let that go.  Let it purge itself out.  Burn it away.  And then see your Violet Flame now expanding and growing out past your physical body and connecting to the next one next to you to your right, and that one to your right the next to their right, and so on until we have one huge Violet Flame here in this room. 


And those of you who are on the call that are not physically present here, also be here now and be a part of this great Violet Flame that is spreading and growing here in this room, all of you now. 


There is power in numbers.  There is power in the energy that you all bring to this.  Add your energy to this Violet Flame.  You can see it growing and expanding out until it has expanded out, engulfing this entire building, here, and spreading out to the surrounding area, and spreading and spreading. 


And wherever is spreads, now, wherever it comes in contact, those that are contacted by it now have the Violet Flame being reawakened within them as well.  And they are touched by this Violet Flame.  And, just as it has done with you, it begins to purge out all the programming that is within them, all the negativity, all the fear.  Everything is being purged away.  All the negative emotions purged away, burned away, until it is gone.


Expanded past the entire area, here, into the surrounding areas, all the way down into the Phoenix Valley, and spreading out further and further to encompass the entire Phoenix Valley.  And then spreading out from there from city to city, and then state.  See the entire state of Arizona, now, becoming engulfed in the Violet Flame.  And then the surrounding states:  New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, California, and yes, down into Mexico as well, and then over to Texas, and up into Washington, Oregon, and so on and so on throughout all of the states.  Each state becoming engulfed in the Violet Flame.  Until this entire United States of America, America itself is completely engulfed now with the Violet Flame. 


And that is spread now into Mexico, in Central America, and down into South America, and then up into Canada.  So see the entire American continent, South America, Central, North America, Canada, all engulfed in the Violet Flame.  And then spreading, now, across the ocean in both directions.  Across the Atlantic Ocean, across the Pacific Ocean, and spreading, and spreading, until it spreads into Europe, and spreads into Asia.  And just continues to spread around.  And it will all come and meet back at the center, which began here in the Phoenix area in Arizona until it is all spread around the entire globe, including north into the Arctic, and south into the Antarctic. 


And pay particular attention to as the Violet Flame spreads over the Antarctic area and all of the secret bases that are there.  And they are now engulfed with the Violet Flame.  And whatever nefarious efforts are being still done there, whatever their programming continues to lead them to do, see that now becoming purged as well.  And on and on. 


And all the fear that surrounds the current crisis, this virus crisis, all of this is being purged out.  Where there was fear, there is now love returning, light returning, light returning to overcome and illuminate the darkness everywhere.  Because the dark cannot withstand the light.  The fear cannot withstand the love.  Love incarnate is coming over.  Love is taking over everywhere. 


And the Violet Flame continues to expand and grow until it has expanded around the entire globe.  And if you want to have proof of that, now simply rise up in your etheric body, just as you have learned to do.  Go out through your third eye, if you have not already, just simply exit through your third eye center, your astral body, your etheric, and go up, up, high into the sky, past the Earth’s atmosphere, and then look back down.  See your physical body laying or sitting down there, as well as the entire planet, now, engulfed in a Violet Flame. 


But now it continues to spread past the Earth as well, and spreads out into the solar system, into all of the planets of the solar system, to the moon, to Venus, to Mars, and on and on.  Until it is spread all the way to the sun of this solar system.  Until the entire solar system, now, is engulfed in the Violet Flame.  And wherever there are still negative pockets, pockets of darkness which still exists in various places, both on the surface, below the surface of the Earth, and above the surface of the Earth.  Those pockets of darkness are now engulfed in light and the Violet Flame, bringing love back, love incarnate back to the Earth to take over the Earth. 


It is time now for the Light to take control.  It is time for love to assume its rightful place once again here on this planet, within this planet and, again, above this planet.  Everywhere love spreading, Violet Flame spreading. 


And know that you, yourselves, were participating in this exercise now are a catalyst for bringing this love back.  For helping to enrich the planet with love once again.  And know that each and every one of you, and as a group even more powerful, have more power than you can possibly imagine.  You are powerful beyond measure.  You have the power to create an entire world if you but knew that you could do it.  You have the power to change a world as well. 


Just as Yeshua showed the power and how he changed an entire planet by being himself, by being true to himself, by being true to the Father within him, his Higher God Self, and all those that called down to him and guided him. 


So too are we all guiding you, bringing you further and further along so that you are prepared for all that is yet to come.  All that is yet to come that will release the entire planet, that will release all of the people of the planet that are ready, will release you back into the light, back into the freedom of the light. 


Now I want you to see how the changes are occurring, not only how they are occurring now as a result of darkness receding, but how it will be once darkness has fully receded, once darkness can no longer stand within the light at all.  When there is no darkness whatsoever.  Where there is only light, there is only the higher vibrational frequencies.  See the changes to the world. 


See how people react to this light, to these changes.  See how those that are asleep now are awakening everywhere.  See people becoming aware of all that is happening now, all that is occurring to bring vibration down.  But the people will not allow for vibration to come down.  People want higher vibration.  Even if they don’t know what vibration is.  They want it.  Because they remember it.  Deep within them, they remember the vibration of Higher Consciousness, and they long for it, just as all of you long for it. 


Now please let yourselves begin to come back.  Come back toward your physical body.  Come back in.  Come in slowly.  Bring yourself back in fully.  Some of you were really out there, really experiencing the light, the feelings of the light.  Just come back in.  But bring that light back in with you.  Bring those feelings that you had where there is no darkness.  And if there is no darkness outside of yourself, there is certainly no darkness within you as well. 


First, you rid yourself of the darkness within you.  Then you begin to help others, just as you have been doing.  Come back now into a complete state of consciousness and circulation, fully revitalized and refreshed.




SAINT GERMAIN  (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am your Saint Germain, as if you did not know, with the Violet Flame! (Laughter)


And I am here certainly at this time to help to continue to assist you in moving through these trying times that you are in now.  And my goodness, you are in very trying times.  Times that are bringing you to the verge of tears often.  Times that are bringing you to the verge of needing to run away.  Times that are bringing you to the point where you just want to say, “Enough! I don’t want this anymore, I can’t take this anymore, I can’t take these lower vibrations anymore, I need to get out!  I need to be in the higher vibrations.” 


And then certainly when that happens, be in those higher vibrations!  Do whatever you need to do to find something that uplifts you, whatever it might be.  Whether it is walking outside and feeling the air, the beautiful crisp clean air.  Certainly where you are in this place now (speaking of our current location for our Advance).  Do that.  Or feel the love from your neighbor, and your neighbor’s neighbor, and everyone coming together, feel that! 


There will be times when you will feel these triggers of emotion.  There will be times when you will drop back down.  You have been doing that for years, now. 


Actually, you have been doing that for lifetimes:  up and down, up and down.  Because all along, each and every one of you have remembered deep within you the times when you were always in those higher vibrations.  You were always in the higher dimensions.  You were always connected to the Source within you.  You always knew that connection. 


But then you chose to be here.  You volunteered to come here and assist.  You volunteered to come here and be the Wayshowers, the ones that would go before, that would show the way to those that are coming up behind, and be the example, be the ideal, be the change that you want to see in the world.  You know all of this now.  You have heard this again and again from so many of us that have been assisting you, guiding you to remember who you are, to always know that. 


And then those times come again where you slip and you forget who you are.  You forget that the God Source is within each and every one of you, and that you are that God Source.  And you are even the universe itself!  You have never not been.  But you forget again, and again, and again.  But each time that you forget, there is that part of you that jumps in again, and says, ”No!  Remember, remember who I am!  I AM God, IAM the Universe!  I AM the Oneness, I AM the ONE!”  And when you know that, when you can say fully within you, “I AM the ONE,” then you are like Neo in “The Matrix” movie where you can stop the bullets, you can stop the attacks from outside.  You have the shield around you. 


And each and every one of you have that shield, you just forget it is there.  That shield is your merkaba!  That shield is your white light!  Your tube of white light, however you want to utilize the abilities that you have, the tools that you have been given.  You have all been given these tools.  And all of you can work with these in whatever way it requires. 


But here you are in these times, these times of the storm.  And the storm continues to rage around you.  And you continue to attempt to find the calm within that storm.  Because you are following the guidance we have given you as much as you can.  You are looking for that calm.  You are looking to be in the eye of the storm. 


But it is difficult for you now to be in the eye of the storm, because the storm is passing now.  It is now as if it has come, you have been in the eye, and it is moving through past you now, and you are no longer in the eye of the storm.  But you have to pretend that you were in that eye, even though it is going to continue to rage around you, even though it may appear to get more and more difficult because of this awakening, because of this great awakening that is happening. 


And it requires the darkness to begin to become aware of themselves within the light, and to recede from that light, and that is what they are doing now.  They are coming out of the shadows, attempting to reach out and to extinguish the light wherever they can.  But they cannot do it, and they know they cannot do it.  But they still try, and try, and try.  And you know about trying.  You know that you cannot ‘try.’  You must do it, or not do it.  And they continue though to try, and they will not be able to do it.  It is not possible for them anymore. 


Because the light is overwhelming, here.  Not only on this planet, but in this solar system, and in the galaxy.  It is pouring in, now.  The light is pouring in through the Galactic Central Sun, through your sun into this solar system, down to the Earth.  It is pouring in in waves and waves and waves.  And you have been feeling that energy.  Many of you have been feeling that energy. 


Just this day or this weekend you have been feeling that energy.  And it has pulled you down at various points, various times.  But you raised yourselves back up.  It is not how many times you get knocked down, it is how many times you pull yourself back up and go on and on and on.  


And even though there are those times when you say, “I am done!  I am not going to do this anymore, why did I volunteer for this?”  And those times when you say that, there are those whispers that come back in to you and say, “You did volunteer for this.  You are here for a great purpose.  You are here to bring the Earth out of the darkness, to help to rise higher and higher into the higher dimensions.”  And when you hear those whispers and you begin to remember and realize that once again, then, my friends, you are back in the Ascension process fully.  You are moving full through the transition. 


And everything, and I do mean everything, is opening up to you.  And you are coming close to the end.  To the end of these dark ages.  The Golden Age, the New Golden Age of Gaia that you are helping to create!  That you are purposefully being here to bring this forward.  This is what you are here to do and you are doing it.  And we are here applauding you. 


Even though you may not be applauding yourselves, we are standing here and we have our hands together and clapping, and raising our hands up high, and saying, “Halleluiah, Halleluiah, the light has returned to this planet!”  And those of the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors are helping to bring this light forward.  And the Boots on the Ground are assisting right along with the Alliance, right along with Q, right along with the president of this country, right along with the leaders of the other countries who are also coming out of it.  Many of them are coming out of the shadows as well.  


But unlike some of those that are coming out of the shadows, these leaders are coming forward and realizing they are the leaders of the country that they are assisting!  They are the world leaders!  And they must begin to set the example.  So the light is pouring into them as well.  The light is pouring into many of the countries throughout the world. 


This is how peace is coming to the planet.  The leaders are stepping forward.  Not all of them yet, but many of them, are stepping forward and are about to come forward with various announcements, as I have spoken of before, and other sources now have also come forward and spoken of.  They are ready to come forward with these announcements. 


And it is only a matter of vibration and frequency.  Consciousness raising a little bit more here and there.  For the fear to diminish here and there, and then everywhere. 


And those masks that you are all fighting against that are tending to lead to the control of the people, those masks are going to be coming off.  Because those who are attempting to hold control realize they cannot control the people.  They cannot do it anymore because the people are rising up as one and saying “No more!  We will not take this anymore!  We will not allow you to take away our freedom anymore!”  And the small percentage of people that are attempting to do that, and those overlords over them are realizing that the jig is up.  The game is over. 


I apologize for being quite so vehement in this, for being on what you might call a soap box, but it is time!  It is time for you to sign, re-sign that Declaration of Independence that says, “We the people.”  But not only of this country, but the entire planet, the entire solar system, the entire galaxy must be free once again


I shall release now to the One Who Serves, and to your beloved Shoshanna who will somewhat allow for some calmness to come back in.  I apologize if I may have, what The James is calling, ‘oh, you got on your high horse, here.’ 


But it was important that I do so.  Because it is hoped that many will read these words, and will listen to these words, and will say just once again, “No more!  Enough is enough!” 


If Prime Creator can say “enough is enough,” can not all of we say “enough is enough”?! 




ONE WHO SERVES  (Channeled by James McConnell)


Om, mani, padme, hum, hum, hum.   Greetings to you!  We are not even going to attempt to attempt to follow that one.  That is enough there, no?  We are going to move on strictly straight with questions if you have any.  We know you have been asking your questions over the weekend and, if there are none, that is okay too.


We are basking in the glory of Saint Germain, for he did get up there and out there, and said how it is, and how it needs to be.  And how those of you need to begin to fight.  Fight for your right, fight for your freedom.  Fight for who you are.  I said I wasn’t going to do this, but it is contagious, is it not?!


You are all going to go out there, and you are just going to go fighting for everything.  You are going to go up to people that are wearing their mask and say, ”hey, take those stupid things off.”  But we don’t encourage you to do that, just so you know.  Because we don’t want confrontation.  We know they are in fear, and that is okay.  They are going to come out of it on their own.  But you can certainly be the impetus. 


Just as when Saint Germain joined those who signed the Declaration of Independence, they were afraid.  They were not going to sign it.  He was the impetus.  He was the one at that time that stepped forward and said, “enough is enough!  We are not going to take this from the King of England anymore.  We are not going to be their slaves.  We are going to be free.  We are going to be a free country!”  He did that then.  He is doing it again now. 


Because this country, this Declaration of Independence which goes out into the entire world, we are not only speaking of this country.  We know there are others on this call that are from other areas of the world.  We want you to know you are all included in this too.  It is time for everyone to declare their independence.  It is time for everyone to declare their freedom.  And if you do that within yourself, and if you do that with each other, it will spread, and spread, and spread.  And the next thing you will know, you will walk into various stores and people will have taken those masks off.  And the stores will begin to take those pieces of tape off that say ‘six feet distance only.’  And people will be back on the beaches and laughing and yelling and crying, and going into the water, and stepping on the wet sand or the dry sand, it matters not where they are.  And they will be back in the churches and singing their hearts out to the God that is within each of them.  They will reach out and help each other.  Reach out and touch someone, people!  Do not be afraid to touch someone. 


Don’t be afraid of this virus.  Do not be afraid of it.  If you are afraid of it, you will attract it to you.  That is how it works.  And they knew this!  They knew this!  So spread fear, and it spreads the virus.  Take away the fear, and the virus is gone. 


And I am not only speaking of the virus in terms of this Corona virus, I am speaking of the virus of the people that are attempting to continue to control, the cabal, the dark forces, here.  The nefarious forces.  Whatever you want to call them.  They are losing control.  They have lost control almost entirely, here. 


Now we got back up on soapbox too, did we not? 


We ask Shoshanna--Shoshanna, would you like to jump up on the soapbox, here?


Shoshanna:   (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

We do not. 


OWS:   Very good.  Then we are ready for your questions, if you have any.  And Shoshanna will be there with her wonderful, wonderful perspectives that she brings into this.  Do you have any questions? 


Guest:   I have a question.  It’s kind of off the subject we’ve been on.  But you know that Ya de a la, and that old soul thing? 


OWS:   Yes.


Guest:   We’ve kind of had to come up with that ya de a la … by ourselves. 


OWS:   Yes.


Guest:   And I noticed Linda that has that chant is very similar.


OWS:   Correct.


Guest:   I’m wondering if maybe that kind of goes in that chant.


OWS:   You already know the answer, here.  You are just simply looking for confirmation.  She was given this for a reason.  It was purposeful.  Look what she does each time now before you begin these meditations, here.  She utilizes that chant because she was given the advice or the guidance to do so.  She was given it, and she spoke it out when it was given.  And that is wonderful. 


There are so many times we send little hints and nudges to various people, and they hear them, but they discount them, thinking, “oh, that’s just my imagination, I’m not going to say anything about that, because I don’t want to say anything that sounds stupid.”  You see? 


But this is not stupid.  This is the Mother Tongue you are speaking, and it is not the Mother Tongue of this land, of this planet, even.  It came from long before this planetary evolution.  You brought it here from far, far, far away.  You see? 


Guest:   Yes.


OWS:   So yes.  It is all about orchestration, is it not?


Guest:   Yes.


OWS:   Yes.  Shoshanna, do you wish to add here?


Shoshanna:   We wish to add. 


OWS:   Yes, please do.


Shoshanna:   May we offer other information, Dear Sister?


Guest:   Oh, yes, please.


Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, you did not come up with this by yourself.  You did not make it up.  If you recall, and you may recall that the channel that originally gave the Mother Tongue was recorded on a real-to-real tape and translated and given to the one known as Ed, and then given to the one known as James.  And you have all continued the tradition, you see.  And you have sent the vibration of the Mother Tongue out each time you say this.  So we are not surprised that the one, Linda, picked that up.  That within that vibration of the Mother Tongue, she heard the message as well, you see, and she could say it clearly.  And yes, the Mother Tongue, as botched up as it is, in your tongue (it is botched up somewhat), still resonates the truth.   Namaste.


OWS:   Very good.  Yes.  There are questions coming over your Zoom. 


Guest:   I have a question.


OWS:   Yes?


Guest:   In addition to listening to this channeling every Sunday, I also listen to another one known as Kryon, and he is talking about this interesting type of technology called a quantum lens. 


OWS:   We did not hear that.  A quantum ?


Guest:   Lens.


OWS:   Lens.  Yes.  Okay. 


Guest:   And it is known to be able to see gravity, and see different types of energies.  I am just wondering if you can instruct me where I can get more information on that.


OWS:   It is rather difficult to find information on your Google and things of this nature on those types of things, because those technologies have not yet quite been released.  They are available, they are coming, but they are not released to the public yet, so therefore it may be difficult to find information on this. 


But you have just said what is important, here.  What it is capable of doing, and so much more that this yet.  And this particular device or technology will lead to more technology being released, and more, and more, and more. 


And eventually you will come to the point where you will no longer even need technology as you understand it, because you will have moved through the transition entirely through your Ascension process, be fully ascended, and then not have need of those technology or devices, or anything of this nature.  


We, as Ascended Masters, do not need any technology whatsoever.  Nothing.  We do not need replicators.  We do not need any of that.  We are our own replicators.  We are our own med-beds, you see.  Whatever it is, we can do it within ourselves, just as you will be able to. 


But again, it is a transition that you will move through, and these technologies are going to be released.


Your President Trump knows everything about many of these technologies already.  Your Putin in Russia knows many of these technologies already. 


All of the various leaders, as Saint Germain gave, are filling with light more and more, now, and are what we would say coming over to the other side, very much so.  And they are working in tandem, beginning more and more to work in tandem together.  Because they realize that, again, they are the leaders of the people, and they realize if they want to stay as leaders, they are going to have to lead.  But they are going to have to lead into the light, not into the dark.   Okay?


Shoshanna:   We can share.


OWS:   Shoshanna?


Shoshanna:   Yes.  We can share, Dear Brother.  May we share?


Guest:   Of course, always.


Shoshanna:   Dear Brother, there is the one on your planet known as Emery Smith.  You may or may not be aware of that individual.  He has much information that you seek and it will broaden your understanding of that which you seek.   Namaste.


OWS:   Very good.  Wonderful.


Guest:   Thank you, thank you.


OWS:   Yes.  Emery Smith.  Would there be other questions, here?


Guest:   Yes, One Who Serves, and Shoshanna.  I have been thinking about once I start my philanthropic projects, something that bothers me is the whole way there is such an inequality of valuing people’s time.  Where one person is said to be only worth $10.00 an hour, and somebody else is said to be $350.00 an hour.  So I wonder if you can give me wisdoms from more advanced civilizations of a more enlightened way of while we still are compensating people for their time for work, what would be a wise way to approach this? 


OWS:   First of all, simply being aware of what you are asking, what you are saying, here, is a beginning, here, to begin to move to that level of equality, that everyone has a sovereign right, everyone on the planet has this right to being themselves, having the freedom to be themselves, having the sovereign right to be themselves.  And all you can do at this point is just what you are doing, to little by little here and there, everywhere you can, help to spread the light, help to share, help to bring awareness to the people around you.  And it will begin to take care of itself.  Because your new quantum financial system is certainly in the works.  It cannot yet be released here because it is not yet time, or rather the frequency is not quite right yet, but it is coming.  And that in itself will greatly take you through the transition where everyone on the planet will become equal.  There will not be a $5.00 per hour or $10.00 per hour person, or $300.00 per hour.  And you did not even say the tops—there are ones that make one million dollars per hour, you see?  That will no longer be. 


But it must be a transition.  It cannot be overnight.  You cannot all of a sudden give everyone on the planet $100,000.00 and now everyone is equal.  That would not work under your present circumstances.  Under your present fiat financial system, that could never work. 


So therefore, your revaluation, your global currency reset cannot happen as long as you are still within this fiat financial system.  You must be moved over, we will say, into the quantum financial system which, by the way, comes from the Galactics.  They are bringing this system to you to bring you through the transition.  That is what it is all about, you see? 


And then when the quantum financial system is introduced, and the fiat system is no more, then you will have what you might call the re-val and global currency reset, and all of these things.  But that will also be in reference or relation to The Event, to the Solar Flash, as well, you see? 


There must be something that triggers the Great Awakening even further.  This virus, the fear surrounding the virus and everything, is a trigger to help the Great Awakening.  But a greater trigger is coming to do that.  Okay?  Shoshanna?


Shoshanna:   Yes.  We can share on this.  We have a shorter answer.  May we share with you?


Guest:   Yes, please.


Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, as we understand your inquiry, you are embarking upon being a philanthropic leader.  Is this correct? 


Guest:   Yes.


Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, because of that leadership, you will receive the wisdom necessary to lead others.  You must allow the wisdom, and the wisdom that you will receive will show you in the moment how to do it, you see.  It is not about compensation.  It is not about one’s value over another.  It is about the leadership you will provide in that.  Does this make sense to you, Dear Sister? 


Guest:   Yes it does. 


Shoshanna:   Namaste.


OWS:   Very good.  Are there other questions, here?


Oh, and by the way, just so you know, your vibrations here in this room have increased tremendously from before you began this session.  Just so you know that.  We are very pleased to be here in your presence.  And we are here even more than you might think. 


If you were able, some of you are able to do this if you wish, you could really open your third eye and see myself superimposed upon this James and Shoshanna superimposed upon JoAnna as well.  We are here, very much present here at this time.


Would there be other questions, here?


Guest:   Yes, One Who Serves and Shoshanna, Dear Ones.  There are a couple questions I have.  When I look in the sky, I will see swatches of pink and green, like a chartreuse, and sometimes like a Raphael kind of green, and I wonder if those are  our meeting of key individuals in the sky, or something else?


OWS:   Not so much individuals in the sky, as we find it, but you are certainly getting glimpses into the dimensions that are overcoming, we will say, this lower dimension.  As the dimensions begin to bleed through more and more, those that have eyes to see will begin to see this.  The new colors within the sky.  And actually, many of you are already seeing.  When you look at the sunsets these days:  aren’t they often even more beautiful than they have been?  Certainly since this entire vibration of consciousness that came as a result of this virus--but we are just going to come right out and say it:  this virus scam that came out. 


It is happening that more and more people are awakening as a result of this.  And also your skies have been much, much clearer because there are less planes flying, there is much activity in your skies from your chem-trails, all of this.  So it is allowing for the Earth to regenerate herself.  And the skies, of course, are part of the Earth.  So it is allowing Gaia to come back to her full level of consciousness, here.  Okay?  Shoshanna?


Shoshanna:   We can share on this.  Dear Sister, who do you think you see? 


Guest:   I thought maybe they were angels and archangels. 


Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, there are creators behind the colors.  Just as Gaia has created the sky, there are creators that create the colors for you to see.  What is the commonality here (that is the wrong word), what is the crux here is that your vibration must be high enough to match the vibration that are creating the colors.  Do you see this?


Guest:   Mmhmm.


Shoshanna:   So you are vibrating at a level where those creators, that created the colors to show you, are vibrating at that level with you, you see.  So it is a oneness with them.   Namaste.


Guest:   Could I ask one more quick one, do you have time for that?


OWS:   Yes.


Guest:   Okay.  So speaking of vibrating, literally when I am doing meditations or outside doing my bringing in the sun or even here, my body is vibrating, my head starts going back and forth, sometimes it goes up and down.  And it feels like it has a mind of its own.  I could stop it.  Every time I go, I say, well let me stop.  But when I go to stop it, it feels like it is uncomfortable to stop it.  So I am wondering what this experience is, if it is the Kundalini rising, or what is it.  Can you say anything about that?


OWS:   Shoshanna, do you wish to share?


Shoshanna:   We wish to share.  May we share?


Guest:   Yes.


Shoshanna:   In your meditation, in your response, your physical response, does this create fear for you? 


Guest:   Not in the least.


Shoshanna:   Well, why do you wish to stop it?


Guest:   Oh, I just thought maybe I was making it up.  I just checked, did I make that up, or is it its own thing?  Is it me that’s doing it, or s it doing it doing itself?  It seems like it is doing itself.  I just check in on it because I am a little insecure, I guess (laughs).


Shoshanna:   You are vibrating because you are meditating and you are raising your vibration.  And your physical body is responding.  It is very simple.   Namaste.


Guest:   Thank you.


OWS:   Yes.  And in no way, shape, or form do you want to stop it.  You want to allow it.  If it feels right, allow it.  Okay?


Guest:   Okay, thank you so much for your guidance. 


OWS:   Yes.  So are there other questions, here?


Guest:   I have a comment.  Hello. 


OWS:    Yes?


Guest:   I hear, and we hear about the events, and there’s a Great Awakening.  And I have an idea maybe of what they are going to wake of.  But I wanted to ask you:  what are the people going to be awake to?  I know of the great Light works and awakes, but probably with my brain, they know how the Great Light does that.  But what are these people going to awake of and know when they wake up?


OWS:   Are you saying what is the catalyst to help them awaken? 


Guest:   Maybe.  But mainly I want to know what they people are going to start realizing, are waking up to, when they have been asleep.


OWS:   Yes.  They are going to realize or awaken to the truth.  To the truth that has been held back for so, so, so long.  And that is the awakening that is occurring, here.  The truth is coming forward in many different respects from many different sources, from many different avenues of expression.  The truth is coming. 


You hear the truth of the various atrocities that the cabal, the Illuminati, all of these have been committing for so long, which has been so held back into the shadows and kept from the people.  But that is coming out into your mainstream, is it not? 

The chemicals they receive from the babies, and things of this nature.  All these horrible things that you are hearing about.  This is truth.  This is helping the Great Awakening.  Because people are realizing that they have been duped.  And when they realize they have been duped, the awakening happens more, and more, and more. 


Guest:   I understand that (excuse me).  But is in detail?  Like it comes in their mind, it’s saying, ‘well, I’ve been deceived about freedom…’


Shoshanna:   We wish to share.


OWS & Guest:  Yes, please do.


Shoshanna:   We wish to share, Dear Sister.  May we share our perspective on this?


Guest:   Please do.


Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, the being that awakens, awakens to their sovereignty, to their power, and to their divinity.  They will know they are one with their Source, and one with you, you see.


Guest:   Wonderful.


Shoshanna:   And in that process, they do not think it, they feel it.  It is within their heart.  The codes within their heart awaken, you see.  So it is not a thing that they think, it is a thing that they will feel.   Namaste.


Guest:   And they feel there is a special love that they haven’t been feeling, and then they know that they have to come from their heart.  Is that what you are saying?


Shoshanna:   Yes.  That is very well put.   Namaste.


Guest:   Okay, thank you.  Thank you.


OWS:   Yes.  The Great Awakening is a heart opening.  Yes.


Guest:   Yes.


OWS:   Any further questions?


By the way, you said, “if you have the time, One Who Serves.”  Time is not an issue for us.  It is only for this one we are speaking through.  He is the one that has the time issue.


Guest:   I have a question.


OWS:   Yes?


Guest:   I am definitely having the third eye opening.  It has been getting better and better.  I have been seeing energy for a long time.  But my question is this:  my clairaudience has been opening for it seems like years now, slowly, slowly.  And I can almost hear what sounds to be like talking, but I can’t make out words; can you guys speak up? (laughs).    Do you have any hints for me to get this a little bit clearer, any hints for me?


OWS:   When you said you can’t make out words, what do you mean?  Do you mean the thoughts that are coming to you?


Guest:   It almost sounds like mice, or talking, but I can’t make out the words.  Like I’m actually hearing a sound.


OWS:   Like gibberish?


Guest:   Yes! 


OWS:  Then that it an indication that your mind is rather cluttered at times, and you need to declutter your mind.  You need to become as the James uses, ‘the blank slate’ more often.  Let your mind go free.   Hold please, please do not interrupt, we cannot then get out the fullness here. 


Allow for the process to come through.  If you are hearing the gibberish as you are saying, shut off your mind.  Shut off the clutter in your mind and it will become clearer to you. 


Then, as it becomes a little bit clearer, then the process is, is this my thoughts only, and do I need to pay attention to this, or is this just my imagination or my thoughts?  And if you have that, then those doubts will keep you from receiving the guidance that is coming to you.  So the more that you can let go of the clutter in your mind, free your mind up, and then believe what is coming to you, it will become stronger and stronger and stronger. 


That’s what every single one that moves into this type of channeling experience has to go through in the beginning.  “Am I getting these thoughts from outside of myself, from within myself?  Is this my own crazy thoughts and imagination coming through? 


All of them have to go through this, and move through it.  This one we speak through now included also.  So, okay? Shanti—not shanti, Shoshanna?


Shoshanna:   We can be called Shanti, that is okay.  (Group laughter)


Dear Sister, may we offer our perspective, here?


Guest:   Sure.  I think he misunderstood what I was saying, but I’m not hearing thoughts, I’m hearing it from outside.  It sounds like it’s from outside, not in my head.


Shoshanna:   Yes.


Guest:   Does that make sense?


Shoshanna:   Yes. 


Guest:   Okay.  Go ahead.


Shoshanna:   May we ask what do you wish to hear?


Guest:   It sounds like somebody is trying to speak to me.  And I just can’t get the words.  It sounds like someone’s far, far away.


Shoshanna:   Yes.  That is accurate.  And that which One Who Serves has given is accurate, that you must clear your mind. 


But we will give you another tool.  When this occurs, Dear Sister, do not try to listen, but try to hear the impression.  So as this dimensional being is speaking to you, or we find that there are many trying to speak to you, that if your mind is clear, the impressions of what they are conveying will become clear to you in your brain, in your mind.  At this point, you must write down what you thought you heard.  Do you understand this? 


Guest:   Yes, 100%.  Thank you very much.


Shoshanna:   Namaste.


OWS:   We also add here that it is very indicative, as you are speaking here of exactly the difficulty you are having.  Because you asked a question, and then you are getting the answer as we are giving your answer, Shoshanna is giving your answer, but, and this not to come down on you, or anything of this nature, but just for you to look at this as a potential, here.  That you ask a question, and then you keep talking.  You do not be quiet.  You do not wait for the answer, whatever it is.  Ask the question.  And we are not speaking of just as you are doing with us here, but wherever you are, if you are wondering about something, and this information begins to come to you, don’t question it, don’t continue to talk within your mind.  Just allow it to come through and then, as Shoshanna has given, write it down.  But take it in at a deeper level.  Okay?


Guest:   Yep.  Thank you.


OWS:   Very good.  Yes.  Are there any other questions?  We are coming close.  The James is saying, “okay, come on now, wrap this up.”


Guest:   I just have a comment. 


OWS:   Please, we take the one here first, and then the one on the call.


Shoshanna:   One moment, Dear One.


Guest:   Okay.


First Guest:   Alright.  Ever since we have been walking into this room, I have been these beautiful colors.  The other guest reminded me of it when she said it, like seeing pinks and blues that cover this whole building.  My thought was that this place was anointed-like, you know, before we got here for our well-being attained.  It may be the Ascended Masters, and I guess it’s kind of a question too.  Anointing took place, because my third eye sees it.  It’s not seeing it now.  But at times the whole place is pink, and blue, all different colors, like little flowers, and whatever.  So is it true that maybe they anointed the building before our meeting? 


OWS:   It is not so much anointed, but you are very much protected, here.  You have raised the vibration the many times that you have come here.  And each time, yes, there are others that come and somewhat bring the vibration down again into various types of all they do is party, or something of this nature.  Which is okay too, but it is not about rising vibration.  You are here each time to raise vibration.  And you do so. 


And yes, we do somewhat help to prepare it before you get here.  But it is largely you. 


But also understand that we do not completely keep you protected, because you must have those various incidences that come up to trigger and test you.  Not for us to test you, but for you to test yourselves so that you can move through these various times where you do drop back down into a lower vibration, and then you need to bring yourself right back up again.  Okay? 


It is almost as if you fall down.  In the past, you feel down and you laid there, and you laid there, and you laid there, and you laid there.  And you did not get right back up.  And then over a period of time, you fall down, you lay there, you lay there, then you get up.  And again later on, a little bit later, and we are speaking of even years here, you fall down, you lay there, but you get right back up. 


And then, this time, you fall down, and you get right back up.  There is no laying down anymore, you see?  That is what is happening now with all of you.  You are coming out of it much, much quicker.  Because your vibrations are higher, and you are able to take those vibrations within you.  That is very important.  


You are acclimating to the vibrations, such as Sananda has said many times.  And this acclimation of the vibrations is so important for you.  Because it is helping to prepare you for the next phases of your missions.  Okay?  Shoshanna?


Shoshanna:   We will share on this.  May we share?


Guest:   Yes.


Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, we will say why you are seeing these colors.  This color pink, as you know, is the color of love.  And this color that you see, blue, is the color of healing.  It is the color of water.  It is the color of the sky.  It is the color of peace.  So what you are seeing is what all is participating in here, you see.   Namaste.


Guest:   I have one more.


Shoshanna:   Do you wish to allow that, One Who Serves?  Or do you wish to go to the phone?


OWS:   Just listen.


Guest:   I was trying to go after the other sister, as she reminded me of this one as well.  For I don’t know how long, in my third eye I see lots and lots of faces and visions.  At times when I am ready to sleep, they are there coming in my face.  Well, I figured out how to control that.  And I did it by saying, “White Light; I just want to see white light.”  And it makes them all go away.  Not that I want them to be gone all the time, but at times when I don’t want them there.  Because I love seeing through my third eye.  But when I don’t want to see it, I say “white light.”  But ever since the comment for the other sister, I think that’s what she was saying.  That’s all I have.


OWS:   Very good.  Then we had one more question on your Zoom, or phone, or whatever it might be.  We take that, and then we are going to need to release here.  This one’s body is burning up right now.  Yes?


Guest:  I was wondering if you could give us any more information on this greater trigger that you mentioned.


OWS:   We would love to be able to do that, but you know that we are not able to give you too much more information other than that, other than a hint, here, that there is something that is coming.  Saint Germain has spoken of it, other sources have spoken of this. 


It is not only one trigger, as you are saying, or one announcement, there are several that are on their way, here.  But we cannot say what it is, because it is not yet fully determined both what it will be, or when it will be, or the sequence of how it will come about. 


You see, if the world leaders are indeed coming together, and they are, then it is a process that is occurring to help to raise the consciousness across the planet.  So your world leaders are working with this, your Alliance is working with together with those world leaders, the Galactics are assisting here as part of working with the Alliance, we the Ascended Masters are working together with the Alliance. 


So everything is coming together as part of this great orchestration, again to continue to assist you as the Wayshowers, the ones who are moving forward into the First Wave of Ascension, being prepared for that.  So that you can then show the way to those after, to come after you and show them how it is done, why it is done, all of this. 


So again, it is very difficult.  And actually, we are not allowed to in any way, shape, oi form to spoil the various surprises that are coming. 


What if we had told you back in the end of your last year, here, “oh, you have a virus coming.”  What if we had told you that?  What if we had said that was a trigger that was coming to help the Great Awakening?  But you are all going to have to deal with this virus coming.  Would that have helped you?  No, you would have run off in fear.  “Oh, my God, there’s a virus coming, spread the word!  Tell everybody!”  You see?  You see now why we cannot do that? 


Guests:   Yes.


OWS:   Yes.  Very Good.  Shoshanna, do you have anything to add?


Shoshanna:   We wish to share.  We wish to share with this one.  May we share?


Guest:   Please do.  Yes, thank you.


Shoshanna:  Dear Sister, we are going to acknowledge you.  We are going to tell you that we see you, and that you have worked to acknowledge your own power, to acknowledge your own sovereignty and divinity, more than you ever have in these past few months.  This is what we find in your record, and we wish to acknowledge you for that.  Regardless of what is to come, your work is to continue to know who you are.   Namaste.


Guest:   Thank you.


OWS:   Very good.  And Shoshanna, do you have parting message, here?


Shoshanna:   We never do.


OWS:   Very good.  Then we will just simply say we will be back with you again this evening.  We have much planned, here.  Again, we have not given much information to The James as to how this will happen, what he will be asked to do, or anything of this nature yet.  But it will come.  And it will come because it is in the moment. 


We attempt to follow the guidance that we give you as much as we possibly can, and that is to always be in the moment.  Okay? 


Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.


* * * * * * * * 



Sunday Call  20.08.09   (St. Germain, OWS)

James & JoAnna McConnell



(Comments by St. Germain during meditation)


(The Wave)

…This is THE wave.  This is the tsunami of love.  The Event.  Which brings The Great Changeover which follows The Great Awakening which you are in now.  See this wave now spreading out across the planet as a tsunami spread.  But unlike a regular tsunami, there is no end to this one till it has spread across the entire planet in every direction.  Every direction, now, it spreads, engulfing everything in its wake with higher consciousness, higher vibrations, love.  Continue to see this wave spreading all across the planet, engulfing all life forms, whether human, animal, plant, or mineral, raising consciousness as the Earth, as Gaia herself is raising consciousness, is moving into those higher dimensional frequencies.  See the entire planet, all life on the planet also moving with her.  And see light everywhere. 


Many will be able to see the light.  Some will only be able to feel it.   Feel the experience.  Feel the bliss that comes from it.  Some will see colors.  Some will see it as energy, certainly feel it as energy. 


Nothing like you have ever felt before.  And, of course, see all the resultant changes that come as a result of this, how man changes, man or his/her fellow man.  There is no more inhumanity, but is now just humanity sharing love, spreading love, feeling joy, spreading joy.  All that was of darkness: fear, anger, hate, jealousy, judgment, all of those have been washed away with the tsunami of love.  Nothing is left.  Light, love, oneness, pure joy, togetherness. 


Now begin to find yourself moving back toward your physical body.  Back down. 


(The Violet Flame)

Become particularly aware of your Violet Flame.  Now, that is a shield that you can bring up any time you want.  A shield to hold off any negativity of any kind to shield yourself from.  Keep yourself in that neutral state as much as absolutely possible. 


Let the Violet Flame be one of the tools that you can use to remain neutral.  Know that all the old programming is being washed away and burned away.  The more that you know that and realize that, the more you will be able to move on with your life, remaining higher in those higher vibrations, higher frequencies, moving through your Ascension process into those higher dimensions. …




SAINT GERMAIN  (Channeled by James McConnell)


I am Saint Germain. 


I come again at this time to continue to bring you along, to help you along, to continue to guide you, as well as the many other guides that you have that are helping you do to so, to move through this Ascension process.  Because, my friends, you are right in the midst of this Ascension, now. 


All the things that are seemingly negative that are happening around you are actually all part of the orchestration, the great orchestration, which is bringing the Great Awakening now.  You, each one, have to know that you are a strong part of this Great Awakening. 


Yes, there is an Alliance.  Yes, the Galactics are here, and part of the Alliance.  There are many, many that are helping in assisting. 


But those of you, which we like to call the ‘Boots on the Ground,’ those of you are the ones that have to go out day after day and be a part of this illusion, but not be the illusion yourself.  Just be in it, but not of it.  To continue to live your life to the best that you possibly can.  To hold that neutral state as much as you possibly can. 


And it is up to you, now that you are the awakened ones, it is up to you to assist wherever you can to help others awaken.  Be the beacon for them, so that they now can find the light, just as you have.  You can be the beacon that calls all the ships to you if you wish to do that.  You can be the Warrior with Michael’s Sword of Truth, and spread that truth wherever you can. 


You speak about the masks and the social distancing, and all of these things that are being used to control the people.  And those of you know that it is nothing more than that.  It is a control tactic that they have used again and again in many different ways.  This is just one more way. 


But they are coming to the end of their tactics.  They have extended their playbook as far as they can at this point.  And every time that they bring out what they think is a new play to bring out upon the population, those of the Alliance are ready to take what they put out there and be able to turn it around against them.  That is what it is all about in the higher vibrational frequencies and in the higher dimensions.


Whenever there is any kind of an attack on those of the Galactic ships, they do not attack back.  They simply take what is sent to them and reflect it back onto the ones it came from. 


That is what you are doing now.  That is what the Alliance is doing now.  Taking what is being given and reflecting it back.  And whenever you have the opportunity to assist one that is on the verge of awakening.  It can be your responsibility to assist in that process if you so desire to do so.  There is no judgment.  No one is telling you you have to do that. 


But it is time for all of you to move from that worker state to the warrior state.  That is what this group is about.  That is why you have all been brought together.  You haven’t been brought together to sit on your couches and watch the world go by around you.  That is not what you are here for.  You are here to help the awakening process.  You’re here to help bring the independence back to the people of this planet.  That is your goal.  That is your mission that you volunteered to come here for. 


But now that you are in the midst of it, some of you are saying you don’t want to do this anymore.  You’ve become tired.  You’ve become disillusioned at times.  But now is the time to pull yourself up and reach even higher to your Higher Self. 


Reach higher than you’ve ever gone before and say along with Prime Creator:  “Enough is enough!  And we are not going to stand by and allow our freedoms to be taken away!”  And as you do that, as you declare your independence within you--as you say “No more!”--that reverberates out  to all around you, even though they may not at a conscious level know it, it is reaching out to all, and more and more are awakening in this way.   But it takes all of you to help this awakening process. 


Many will not awaken on their own, even though you may have heard that they will.  Many will not.  Many need that impetus.  Many need something to give them a nudge, just as we have been giving you nudges, guiding you along here and there, wherever it is possible to do so.  That is what is for you as well, to give those nudges. 


For as we have been telling you, you are going to be us.  You are in preparation to become those Ascended Masters, and to then be able to reach back and assist others in also their Ascension process. 


Be in the First Wave.  And if you are ones that are to be in the First Wave, you have to show the ideal.  You are the Wayshowers.  You are preparing the way.  It is up to you to be the way so that others can follow after you. 


Just as Yeshua said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life (or the light),” that is what you are, each and every one of you.  You are all Christs becoming, all taking on the Christ Consciousness. 


And the Christ Consciousness calls for change, calls for adaptation to move along, to move into and through this Changeover, through this transition that is occurring right now.  You are in the midst of the transition, in the midst of your Ascension. 


Now it is time to pull yourselves together more than ever and realize that this is your mission, to reach out and help one another to awaken just as you have.


I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now with peace and love.   And that the Violet Flame continues to work within you to purge out everything that is of the old paradigm, as well as the Violet Flame reaching out to many, many others throughout the planet to purge all the old iniquities, all the old paradigm, the old programming so that life here on this planet can be born again new into the New Golden Age of Gaia. 




ONE WHO SERVES  (Channeled by James McConnell)


Om, mani, padme, hum;  om, mani, padme, hum;  om, mani, padme, hum, hum, hum.   Greetings to you!  One Who Serves here. 


You can unmute your phones now.  We are ready for your questions if you have them.  Are there any questions from those of you out there in what we used to call ‘phone-land.’  We called it ‘Zoom’ over the weekend here, but now it is ‘phone.’  Do you have questions, here? 


Guest:   I have a question, One Who Serves.   


OWS:   Yes?


Guest:   I was wondering, are the banking systems collapsing soon, and should we be investing in things like gold, silver, property to keep ourselves safe? 


OWS:   We did not hear the first part of that.  What is collapsing?


Guest:   The banking system, the financial system.


OWS:   Yes.  Your fiat financial system, is that collapsing?  Is that what you are asking?


Guest:   Yes.


OWS:   We can tell you that it is in the process, certainly, of doing so. 


Your president, President Trump, is very much aware of the system, has been a part of that system for a very long time, but he also knows of the new system, the new quantum financial system that is going to be introduced. And he knows that he has a part in playing in that introduction, here. 


It is in process of not falling apart, because that would be catastrophic to your population around the entire planet, here.  So it is something that must happen along the way, we will say.  Little by little in the beginning, but gaining momentum, until the point where it can be completely overhauled, and the new financial system be introduced--seamlessly.  That is what they are looking for.  That is what your Alliance is looking for, is to bring this this process through the transition seamlessly.  Okay? 


Guest:   Beautiful.  So, investing in gold, silver, and property, would that be a good idea at this point?


OWS:   We are not in the process or the habit of suggesting to you in that type of terminology, what you should or should not do. 


But we can tell you that whatever feels right to you, if it feels right, then go with it.  You have your Higher Self that you are connected to.  Simply ask your Higher Self and you will be guided in the proper manner, whether it is to invest in these various things that you are asking, or something of another nature, here, we will say.  Okay? 


Guest:   Very good.  Thank you so much.


OWS:   Yes. 


Guest:   I have a question, can you hear me?


OWS:   Yes.  We hear you.


Guest:   I just wonder if you can verify a website that I’ve found that says that 5G towers have been refitted to broadcast 432 hertz to make 5G safe and actually good for our bodies.


OWS:   There is a process that is occurring right now where those that are of the Light are working on this system, working on this particular technology to make it a safe process, here.  So they are very aware of the ramifications of it either way.  In other words, technology can always be used either for the negative toward the darkness, or toward the positive and the Light.  It matters not.  It is just simply the consciousness behind that is directing these particular technologies. 


So the Alliance is in the process of taking this technology, which is a wonderful technology which can take it into the New Golden Age and be able to do it safely.  Your president is also very much aware of this, as well as many other world leaders are also, that they are working toward bringing this technology forward in a safe manner. 


Of course, there are always those that are of your dark forces, your cabal, all of this, that are attempting to utilize this for their plan of depopulation. 


So it depends here on which ones go through first, we will say here.  But the orchestration that is occurring is leading it toward the forces of Light being able to utilize this technology in a safe manner.  Okay?


Guest:   Okay.  I was just looking at a website that says it was ‘conspiracy theorists,’ so I wasn’t quite sure if I could ‘own’ it or not.  Thank you.


OWS:   Yes.  Many are saying everything that is of the Light is ‘conspiracy theory.’ 


Guest:   Right.


OWS:   Think about that.  Everything.  If it is of the Light, it is ‘conspiracy theory.’  If it is of the dark, it is ‘the plan that needs to be worked out, and everybody needs to follow,’ such as your vaccines, and your ID system, and your masking, and control, and all of these things.  Okay?


Guest:   Okay.  Thank you.


OWS:   Yes.  Any other questions here?  We must say, we miss our Shoshanna, here!  WE miss Shoshanna and her wonderful other perspectives that she can bring in here. 


Guest:   Yes, we miss Shoshanna, but we also love you, One Who Serves!   Um, I wanted to ask a question about a comment, a statement that President Trump made a few days ago about we may not see much of him for a while.  And then it looks like he retreated to Air Force One.   And I don’t know if he is going to be spending a lot of time on Air Force One for protection for security, and it’s getting down to the wire.  Can you speak about that cryptic comment he made about Air Force One, we won’t see much of him, and what’s going on currently?


OWS:   You have said it in your wording, there, you are ‘coming down to the wire.’  And that is important here, because that is exactly what is occurring, here.  He is potentially removing himself for safety purposes.  He is very much protected, so there is no concern of that at this point.  But he is removing himself because of various things that are about to be disclosed and being brought about in various ways, here.  We will not say exactly what they are, or when.  Because, again, we do not know exactly.  Because everything can change.  But it is a process right now that is coming forward, and it must be that he remove himself from this to allow for these things to come through, here.  Okay? 


Guest:   So he needs to spend time up in the air away from the White House for safety and protection?


OWS:   We are not so much going to say up in the air, but that could be.  It just depends.  He is just simply being advised to remove himself for a period of time, here. 


Guest:   Beautiful.  That’s really great news.  Thank you so much, One Who Serves.


OWS:   Yes.  Would there be any other questions, here?


Guest:   Greetings, One Who Serves.  I would like to inquire about the event that happened in Beirut.  It was obviously a large number injured souls, and I wanted to know if this was orchestrated by the cabal somehow, or whether it was truly an accident.  Thank you. 


OWS:   Are you talking about the bombing in Beirut?  Is this what you are saying?


Guest:   Indeed.


OWS:   Yes.  What we can tell you is it is certainly that of your cabal.  We would not put it that way—not your cabal.  It is not your cabal. 


But it is those ones that are attempting to wreak havoc wherever they can to take attention away from many things that are in the process of being brought forward.  And every time they can take attention away from that, they are able to postpone the inevitable just a little bit longer each time. 


And that is their plan.  That is their playbook they always will do:  draw attention away.  Like your magicians are able to do to do one thing with one hand, and then something else is going on in the other hand to take distraction, or bring distraction to you. 


This is what they are attempting to do, as well as working to hold the Ascension back, hold the vibrations down.  Any time they can spread fear, that is attempting and can, actually, hold vibrations down.  


But, there is so much that is coming into this planet in terms of the waves of energy that have been coming in, that it is more and more difficult for them to achieve their purpose of holding the vibrations down.  They can almost not do it very much anymore. 


Even though it appears as your population is in fear, and all of this, many are not so much in fear, they are just doing what they think they need to do, what they have always been taught to do:  to follow the laws, or what they think are the laws, here, even though they are not.  So, that is all we can say on this at this point.  Okay?


Guest:   Thank you very much. 


OWS:   Yes.  Any further question, here? 


Guest:   I have a question. 


OWS:   Yes?


Guest:   Is it true that the cabal, or the dark forces, use the Violet Flame for their own uses, and then is it supposed to use, like, pink instead of purple, or violet for the flame? 


OWS:   They are aware of this tool, we will say, here, but are not able to utilize it.  It is not for them.  It is not for the lower vibrations.  It is only for higher vibrations. 


And this is why the Violet Flame has been re-introduced to mankind, here, because the vibrations have increased enough over the years to be allowed to bring this through again because of the great power within this.  You at this point are not even yet aware of the great power that is within the Violet Flame.  You see it as a visualization and hear what it can be used for, but you have yet no idea of the full power behind this, and the ‘magik’ with a ‘k’ that can come from this.  Okay? 


Guest:   Yes.  Thank you.


OWS:   Yes.  Any other further questions?


Guest:   Yes.  This is Lillia.  I do have a question.  I understand that those who have the opportunity to ascend in the First Wave will be able to regenerate their body.  I am wondering what is going to happen to our relatives when they see us back in our new regenerated body, are they going to go through some kind of dimension where they are not going to acknowledge, or it is not going to be such a shock to them to see that difference when, you know, our nephews that are much younger, are almost the same age as us for those who decide to be younger? 


OWS:   What we can tell you is this is an entirely new paradigm that is being introduced, here.  And if you go through the First Wave and have your Ascension, you are the Wayshowers, as has been said many times.  You are showing the way to those who are coming after you.  And when you are able to rejuvenate your body in terms of being your light body at that point, and show that to people such as your loved ones, and all of this, that will be an impetus for them to begin to awaken as well if they have not already, you see? 


Guest:  Okay.


OWS:   So do not be concerned about the age factor, in terms about how someone looks, whether it is your nephew, your niece, your grandmother, or whatever it is.  If all are at the same basic age level appearance-wise, that will become the new norm eventually. 


Guest:   Thank you very much.  Thank you.   Namaste.


OWS:   Would there be another question?


Guest:   I have a quick question. 


OWS:   Yes. 


Guest:   As far as being the First Wave, is the plan that, I guess, December 21st, the Winter Solstice, is that wave of energy what is going to create the First Wave?  Can you tell us that?


OWS:   We are going to say it is a very strong impetus.  It will have a great impact on that.  As we have said many times, you are already in the Ascension process.  In order for that First Wave to develop, or for those of you to be in that First Wave of Ascension, it will take a great impact or impetus to propel you in that respect, and that is what The Event is for, here. 


Guest:   And that is considered ‘The Event,’ then?


OWS:   The First Wave of Ascension?  No.  The Event will lead to that First Wave of Ascension. 


Guest:  Oh, okay.  Got it.  Thanks.


OWS:   Yes.  Any further question, here, before we turn to your e-mail question?


Guest:   I have a question. 


OWS:   Yes?


Guest:   Hi One Who Serves.  Thank you.   Are we receiving more Galactic star family coming down lower into our atmosphere, not only for support, but at that time where more is maybe needed, or asked to come a little bit lower?  Because I have been seeing new ones as well.  I did ask.  I was curious about that for quite a long time if they would be coming, more would be coming.  Finally I asked not too long ago and the answer was ‘yes.’  And more have come.  Quite a bit more.  And I have been seeing new ships, different ones.  Really exciting.  So, what do you see?


OWS:   We think you have already answered your own question, here.  Absolutely 100%, there are more that are coming because your vibrations, your collective vibrations, are increasing.  And as your collective vibrations increase, those from other dimensions, those from higher levels of consciousness can be here, then, more fully, here, with you.  And again, it is always for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear.  And you, particularly, have that vision that occurs to you, not all the time, but here and there, we will say, glimpses you are getting.  And this is because of the higher vibration both within you and the collective you as well.  Okay?


Guest:   Yes.  Thank you.  Very good.


OWS:   Yes.  We need to release channel.  But we will take your e-mail question, and then we will release.


Guest:   Yes, thank you, One Who Serves.  Perhaps the two questions can be woven into one.  This person is asking of the Galactic exposure, will it be happening by the end of 2020, and then is the gathering going to happen a few years after?  Thank you.


OWS:   Very good.  There, again, is that ‘time thing’ that many of you are wondering about.  Is The Event going to happen at the end of this year?  Is disclosure, Galactic disclosure, going to happen at the end of this year?  And our answer is always going to be the same:  we cannot tell you directly when this will be, because it is not dependent on time, it is dependent on vibration, vibrational frequencies increasing.  And as these vibrational frequencies continue to increase, the probability and possibility of The Event occurring becomes stronger and stronger. 


Now we can tell you at this point right now that you are in, in this very moment, you are getting very close to the potential of The Event occurring at the end of this year, just as you have been told by several sources, now.  Now that can certainly change. 


Just as there were many things that were going to occur that were going to propel you toward the New Golden Age in your 2001.  Some things were going to occur there, but there was a dark influence that happened, your 911, as you know it.  And that changed much there at that time. 


But the Alliance has learned a great deal since then of how to work to overcome the various plans of the nefarious ones, the dark forces, here, and they are doing everything they can to make sure that they learned from that situation, and that it shall never happen again. 


So the Galactic disclosure is coming very close.  We can say that to you at this moment now.  But it is already in process, if you think about this.  Many of you are seeing ships.  Many of you are taking pictures of ships, videos of ships.  When we say you, we are not talking about you in this group, we are talking about the you, the collective you across the entire planet.  It is happening more, and more, and more now.  Similar to back in the 1940’s and 1950’s when there were many, many sightings.  But then they were backed off because of your cabal and everything interfering with these showings, these sightings, and all of this, and attempting to turn it around to their favor so that they could block everything. 


Remember, this is all about their attempt to block Ascension.  That is what this all is.   All of it:  the mask, the six-foot distance, or the social distancing, rather.  Everything that is occurring is all about that: your chem-trails, all of these things are about blocking the sun, holding Ascension off, bringing fear up so that vibrations remain lower, and all of this. 


But as we say, the Alliance is aware of their playbook.  They have the ability now to see somewhat into the future and are able to see what the cabal is going to do before they do it.  And this has helped tremendously to continue to stay one or even two or three steps ahead of them at all times, here, now. 


So that is why you have not had any major catastrophes, even though this one that occurred in your Lebanon, even though that appears to be a major catastrophe, it is not what it could have been, or what they had intended, not only for this area, but for many other areas as well.  That has all been curtailed, all has been stopped, here, as we find it. 


So everything is exactly as it needs to be, and continues to be orchestrated, and they cannot stop what is coming.  You have heard this from several different sources.  They can no longer stop what is coming.  Ascension is going to go on just as it was planned, here, all along.  Disclosure is going to happen whether it is at the end of this year, or into the next year, or whenever.  It is all going to come about, here.  Okay? 


We need to release channel, here, now.  And we just want to say to all of you:  we appreciate everything that you have brought to this group to continue to bring this forward, to continue to take the advice, the guidance that we give you along the way and utilize it in various ways.  Maybe not all at once, but little by little, you are getting it.  And that is very important:  that you get it.  Okay? 


Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one


Channeled by James McConnell

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