• Thanks to all who participated in my discussion.  In conclusion, I would like to share a Gaia Consciousness message....

    "I am transforming the energy of despair into hope and from hope into a realization of positive manifestation. I erase the illusion that has kept this world in bondage so to see the true energies of positive manifestation that are in front of us at these moments."


  • Oh boy.... smiles... yes I  just thought you may feel the same about the snakes as you do about the snails!  Interesting though you don't have non-governmental snakes in your country.  Maybe I should move there...ha ha

  • Hi Crystal, As I read your story, I felt my own life was being told, somehow I had a twin or something. I am at the very point of where you are but maybe just one step further and it is a step I never thought I would get to. I know you stated with all the loving, giving things we put out there to people and family and friends, why is it that we get nothing back. I have been to trauma therapy counseling, counselors in general, spiritual retreats, contacted channels, etc. What I have found in my discoveries is that I sincerely really did cause this in my life, how you might ask, because this is what I asked how, what do you mean I caused this, I am a loving, giving person, people are just takers and never givers, I didn't cause this, I didn't deserve this and cried and got angry at even just this very thought until one day after I had calmed down, I realized "OMG" I did cause this! How, by not taking care of me!!!! I gave my all from the deepest recesses of my heart all the time, never asking for riches, fame, etc. because just seeing someone happy made me happy inside but over the years an emptiness and dark abyss set in and through all the searching I did I found out why. I always felt the need to be such a nurturer and a fixer and a giver and expected others to be just like me but they never were and there lies in expectations. Also, when it came to me I never gave me those same things. I always looked to others for my answers to try and fill my heart with no avail, actually I found myself getting taken advantage of, used for my ideas and someone would steal them from me and claim them as their own never giving credit where credit was due, abused emotionally, taken for granted, verbally attacked with harsh cruel words, disrespected, unloved in an alcoholic relationship and I found myself so sad, desperate, alone, afraid, feeling crazy at times, suicidal at times, even though I had family, children, brothers, sisters, friends, etc. No one could ever fill that void in me and I just eventually was really ready to give up and check out of this world. I have lost my parents, a brother, two sisters and felt sadness just consume me. In my last ditch efforts I finally contacted a channel who channeled the Ascended Masters and the Master who came through was Voltra; the cosmic psychotherapist as they call him, and through counseling and listening to him my answers came. This is where I really found out that I was the creator of my world and my heart. It hasn't been easy learning my truths, but I am working on my issues. I found I never set boundaries with people, my heart was an open door to be stomped on and I never protected it. I always felt I had to allow all people into my life, but learned I do not and can actually eliminate people from my life especially the vampires who sucked me emotionally dry; I just love them from a far and pray for them, but do not let them actually partake in my life. In doing this I have lost friends who I thought were my friends but weren't, lost family members, etc. But when I look back and take ownership of my life once more I could see when everything started to go awry in my life. It hasn't been easy, at times I still feel like I am going crazy because loving yourself is I find one of the hardest things to do, forgiving is even harder, but I am on the path anyway and will keep walking the path and hopefully one day will feel my heart alive again, and life beautiful again. I am learning compassionate detachment (not getting so emotionally involved in others lives to where I take on their negative and sad energies), I let their issues be there issues and try not to make them mine anymore; it takes an effort but it is gradually getting better. I am really trying to let go of resistance to change and trying to accept really "Letting Go and Letting God" and believing in the divine plan. I know what love feels like in my heart I have been in that place in my life where I used to love the world infinitely and everyone infinitely and I will someday get that feeling back. I just have to learn to protect my heart, be me, and be very conscious of all my actions, words, thoughts to get there. Prayer and meditation has sustained me and got me through a lot and I believe my God and Angels are there if I only let my guard down and let them in. Letting go and letting God is hard when over time you build up such a wall and won't let anyone in anymore because you are tired of being hurt, but slowly my wall is coming down and I am believing in myself again. Changing my negative thoughts about myself and loving who I am is my goal, I used to be this way but got lost, but I will be found again, as well as you will be. I don't know if this helped or not, this is where my journey has led me. I am up in years now, but hopefully my years left I will finally have patience with myself, love myself, forgive all who have wronged me and forgive myself and find some real sense of peace in my later years. Many blessings to you in finding your path, I will keep you in my prayers.

    • Loveradiates, Thank you for sharing your experience here in my discussion. I do feel it helps one to see others experiences and how they maybe overcoming various things in ones life so as to move forward in growth and ascension, for sure.

      I would like to ask you please...In your experience of sensitivities have you also sensed the energies of those on the planet that are feeling this same way you have felt or Mother Earth herself?

      Thank you for your blessings and prayers, same to you also.

      • Yes I am a sensitive and I have taken everything to heart and that is why my heart is so numb right now, I did not protect it and everything gets overwhelming when you take on so much energy that isn't your own. Yes I feel the whole worlds energies, the abandoned, the lost children, the homeless, the elderly who are alone and sick, those caught up in war, those who become victims to injustice, the pollution we have done to mother earth, etc. In fact I feel this energy so much, many nights I am very restless and won't sleep due to worry over things I cannot control and sometimes actually make myself sick and I cry a lot for all, I really had to learn to accept the things I cannot control and let go and let God. My husband always states that it is my gift because I am always so caring and compassionate, but I had a hard time seeing it that way until now. It is hard to deflect all the sadness, but I have totally stopped watching the news, will only watch upbeat TV shows, give when I can to organizations that help the less fortunate and pray, pray, pray all the time for the world and the universe, but now I have started including myself which I never did before. My daughter is a sensitive also, but I am preparing her to protect herself so she does not end up so exhausted like I have become. She has learned Reiki and performs it on a friend and in exchange her friend performs it on her so this helps with her energy field. I myself have learned Qi Gong energy healing, just the basics at this moment but it is my desire to fulfill this desire further in my future. I also tell myself positive affirmations daily and invoke my angels, guides, Jesus, and anyone else to step in anytime to assist me on my ascension path. I allow them to step into my free will, I realize for once I need to ask for help and not always think I have to do things alone.

        • Yeah, that's what I thought, there are So Many here on the planet at this time that feel things as you have described and especially what has been done to the planet which is a huge sadness for all.

          It sounds like you have evolved in a good way to finally realize the importance of self as well. Perhaps collectively we can dissolve the worldwide sadness together. Smiles.

          Thank you for sharing. 8116288857?profile=original8116288665?profile=original

  • Awh, that pic is so cute!

  • "In ones innocent love was bitten by a poisonous snake and became very ill, in the garden in sadness one learns to crush the head of the snake with the heel of the foot which is quite effective so one may remain within the garden in Silence. No hissing going on." 

    Thanks for the comment.

    Ps... My apologies to Luke regarding the crushing of the snake. ; )

  • Hi Luke,

    Don't forget that the best way to sleep easily, is to free the mind of all thoughts and associated concerns...That does take practice though, especially for chronic insomniacs, but will offer benefits, if it can be mastered effectively...Try to make that a habit when your head hits the pillow... ;-) Clear all thoughts and doze off.....zzzzzz..!!


    Also, there are definitely eastern religious people who believe that one may re-incarnate into an animal, insect, or similar small creature, if one has been "bad" to them in life...

    However I have it on good authority that not a single human being is able to "come back" as an animal, or snail, etc...The luminance of the souls of incarnated human beings are greater than those of the other kingdoms (mineral, plant & animal,) so it would be a counterproductive and an involutionary (not evolutionary) spiritual lesson, even if it were permitted under the law of return...


    Even if someone stepped on a snail deliberately, they would never re-incarnate as one, to suffer a similarly brutal and excrutiating fate...

    Cheers mate..... and keep smiling   :-) Drekx

    Perhaps I will reincarnate as a snail myself in some future lifetime ... and maybe my karma for that lifetime will be to end up on the underside of someones sole ... ?

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  • Sadness by mathurin156

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