To start off this discussion i am with the Galactic Federation all the way and i am thankful for commander ashtars fleet defending earth from the Reptilians and other Malevolent forces out in Orion and elsewhere. What i got to ask is.

1. How will people believe that the GFOL is benevolent when the Religious community dismisses them as demons or evil forces(When they are anything but).

2. Are the Reptilians defeated as I've heard of a million year war against them(Basically fight between Good and Bad Note:Star Wars reference).

3. How are the GFOL going to Officially announce to the World their purposes and goals for humanity, and what they have done for us in the past to protect humanity?

4. How will people be able to tell when a ship in orbit or in the sky is a GFOL starship or a deceptive reptilian ship(Quite frankly i think that the UFO phenomena that is most seen are Zeta 1 greys or Reptilian ships but feel free to correct me if i'm wrong).

5. How will the Government kick the Illuminati and Reptilians out of power when they have no idea they even exist in their own government.

6. How will the next few years leading up to contact be like?

These questions have been itching away at me for quite some time and it'd be nice if someone can shed some answers to them. Thank you for reading and Thank you for answering if you do so.

Peace and Abundance to all.

Nick Wilson

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  • 1. Lightworkers have been put in place through incarnation and readied through extensive life training to assist the religious (and non-religious) in understanding what is going to happen. In many cases it will be people from their own ranks who stand up and tell them there is nothing to fear, and help them understand. Many souls have dedicated themselves to this goal and have spent multiple lifetimes in preparation.

    2. I have no proof, but from the visions I have been shown, I believe that most of the reptilians are now working for the light.

    3. They are going to use a combination of media, the internet and extensive telepathic contact. The telepathic contact is already underway.

    4. Not sure there is a way to tell the ships apart. But I can tell you that beings of the light are telepathic and you will KNOW when it is them.

    5. The government knows. Maybe not at the lower levels, but the higher levels know.

    6. Increasing sightings. Increasing telepathic contact. Increasing acceptance of the idea of ETs and other worldly life.

    When it finally happens it will be almost anticlimactic.

    • Most might see uniting with the very reptilians that were massacring humans on mars is a bad move. I see that the GFOL has already annouced themselves through channelers and in some media but i don't quite see how the message will get to all 7 billion of us humans. I am a starseed myself i know this will all happen and it will be beneficial for us but i am curious on how it will happen.

  • Great questions nick , I learned a lot from them . Sorry no idea what the answers are however my guess is that the situation is in constant flux and enlightenment might just happen one day soon
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