How to Clear + Setting up a Protection Grid in your Space

This Video was Created by: Rion @ Unite the Collective

Unite the Collective

Use your Conscious Will to CLEAR!

For Protection: Cristic Shield Up x4  (12th Dimensional Shield)

Master Commands Each time when Clearing: 

Envision a Golden Hoolah Hoop around you spinning clockwise - and say:

Anchor x4

Clear x4 

Adjust x4

Align x4

Clear x4 



Watch the video to get the full transmission :)


Just want to say thanks again to Rion for creating all of his phenomenal videos regarding clearing, activating, and so much more!  

I think getting into a daily ritual or regimen is going to help me greatly - and I think it will help others as well.  There is a very deep and intense transformation happening now, and this information so great to have. :-)

In Loving Intent Always <3


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  • I gotta download this so I can try it, I have a hard time focusing on one thing for even 30 secs.

  • Hey there delilah!! Thank you for posting this video...clearning and protection (managing of energy) of space is very can lower your vibrations to be running and to be effected by the energies of another....which can make being sensitive hard and sometimes painful.....great video!!

    • Thanks tinyturtles :)  

      We are in need of self activation on many levels right now - it's easy enough to get caught up in different 3-D things going on - and for the most part can be a distraction, but developing ourselves internally is our key to becoming Galactic BE-ings :)

      Glad you enjoyed it :)  <3

      • Totally Delilah7777!!

        Love and light to you!!

  • Most definitely Aly, good energy there, and the information is amazing :)...

  • 8114028497?profile=original


    ♥ PEACE ♥


    ~ NAMASTE ~

  • If there was a love button on this I would punch it. lol. I'm doing a lot of inner work myself and this would definitely be a good aid during the day. Thank you!!


  • Right on Andy ~

    It's been really apparent to me how important this information is right now, and developing our inner "self".  Taking things to the next level so to speak :)  

    I am so thankful to have found it :)

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