LEFT BEHIND= physical death and departure of the spirit that preciously occupied within the physical bodies of those who were, are and will ALWAYS BE very near and dear to our hearts. This is the reasons that what your may once have termed as the esoteric and eccentric beliefs of the indigenous cultures as the true meaning of the appearance of the crows, ravens, buzzards to our visual eyes as meaning the death and rebirth of spirit. This is a visual reminder from GOD because he LOVES us and Forgives us of our sins, we should first love him, love ourselves and love each other. When you love someone, you will forgive them, as you forgive them, they will love and forgive us that we will be BLESSED with life ETERNAL LIFE=IMMORALITY. You SEE, the appearance of the raven, crow, and buzzards within your visual field reminds you of his PROMISE to U, to US because we are ONE, his chosen ONE"S. We are all a part of each other through LOVE, FORGIVENESS and MERCY. Due to our LOVE, FORGIVENESS and MERCY to each other, GOD has given us many BLESSINGS. They come to us in many ways, shapes, forms and fashions. These BLESSINGS come to us through the many SENSES that our physical bodies feel. Examples: seeing, hearing,touching,and tasting, etc. The BLESSINGS also come to us in ways that we can't see with the normal senses of hearing, touching and tasting. They come to us in spiritual senses as well. Spiritual is a term that represents, "that which we can't sense through the physical form. It is the invisible. Among these spiritual gifts are the senses of CLAIRAUDIENCE. Clairaudience is a term meaning, "clear-hearing". CLAIRVOYANCE is the term meaning, "clear vision and is the ability to see into the future. CLAIRSENTIENCE is the ability to SENSE that which can't be felt with with the normal 6 senses and the list goes on and on. Example: telekinesis, psychometry, keylontics, and BI-POLAR AFFECTIVE ORDER, yes I said it. It is not as a dis-order. Those who have this ORDER have dual abilities to be, think, act and react in no specific way. There is no such standardized order in which they think. Forget what you have been previously taught. There is no specific order in which to say or do things in specific ways. There is no specific order in which they follow...........BLESS MY HEART AND YOUR HEART, WE ARE ONE. Bi-Polar is a subject that I have MASTERED in and is a book with a title of it's on. But I KNOW by now you are taking the bait and running with it. There is NO RIGHT WAY OR NO WRONG WAY of LEARNING. All paths eventually lead you the TRUTH and the TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.

Siesta time! YIPPEE!!!

PS. Isn't LIFE and LEARNING so much FUN? I am having a BLAST. "ROCKET MAN" By SIR ELTON JOHN

Until we meet again! EAT, DRINK and be MERRY. BY GOD, the Father, SON, and the HOLY SPIRIT


Master Rhiannon Yellow Star

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  • Excellent post.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and gracious attention.

      You ARE BLESSED.  Now pass this same BLESSING on to everyone you come in contact with.  Together WE, the CHOSEN ONES can heal each other and the WORLD.

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